Can I Do Grubhub Without A Block?(Yes! Complete Guide)

Do Grubhub Without A Block

Can I Do Grubhub Without A Block?

Grocery shopping can be a hassle. With people’s hectic schedules today, it’s hard to find time to pick up groceries for dinner.

But with Grubhub, you can order your food and have it delivered right to your door.

Grubhub has partnered with many restaurants in your area, so they can deliver whatever you want whenever you want it.

So if you were planning on ordering pizza tonight but forgot one ingredient, no problem.

You can download the App and order from any restaurant that offers delivery service through Grubhub. It’s as easy as 123.

Can I Do Grubhub Without A Block?

Yes. Depending on the courier company (Grubhub/UberEats) you are working with, the customer may have a separate pickup location for their convenience.

Grubhub has some customers who will drop off at their house/business after picking up the order from a restaurant.

Some restaurants use this to crowd control to reduce the number of people coming in and out by setting aside an area for drivers to wait until they get called upon.

This is not true for all restaurants taking part in Grubhub or UberEats, so please review your specific courier company documentation on how they handle pickups.

Some places that do deliveries through Grubhub also offer takeout service if you are interested in stopping by to pick up an order before bringing it back.

This may be best for those who opt not to participate in scheduled blocks or do not have a specific location allocated for drop-offs/pickups.

Does Grubhub Penalize You For Dropping Blocks?

Yes. If you form a habit of dropping blocks after three days, Grubhub will penalize you to the tune of -$3.50 per block after your fourth drop-off.

If you are good at keeping your blocks for over four days, then this may not affect you much, but I’ve seen many people receive penalties for dropping blocks within three days.

Grubhub has a built-in algorithm that lowers your star rating every time you drop a block.

That means that if you average four stars during your first week or two.

Once they dock points for dropping blocks, it’s possible to end up with fewer stars overall even though everything was technically “perfect.”

It doesn’t take much to lose points when there are no points awarded for doing things correctly.

So what should you do? Well, I think you should fulfil all your blocks. But if the math doesn’t work out for you to make a block and still put food on the table – drop it.

Why Am I Not Getting Offers On Grubhub?

You might not get offers on Grubhub because your do not disturb feature is on.

To enable:

Tap the three dots visible in the upper right corner > Settings > Do not disturb (make sure you’re on Grubhub) > Turn your do not disturb feature off.

The “Do Not Disturb” element allows you to turn off all notifications during a period that you specify. This means that calls and texts will not get through, so use them wisely.

How do I change my notification settings? Open the App and tap on the menu icon in the top left corner.

Tap Settings and then select your notification settings for Calls, Messages, and Emails.

What happens when I turn my notifications on/off? When you receive a phone call, text message, or notification from Grubhub while you have your notifications turned off.

The App will show a red badge with an exclamation point. To turn on your notifications again so that you can see the call, text, or notification details, tap on the red badge.

You’ll be able to receive all calls and texts without opening the App. How do I turn on my notifications?

Open up your Grubhub account by tapping open in your App Store/Google Play Store > Tap on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner;

Then > Settings > Do not disturb (make sure you’re on Grubhub) > Turn your do not disturb feature off.

Does Grubhub Have Guaranteed Pay?

Yes. The guarantee give you more stability and assured earnings each week. It’s a widespread thing in the food delivery business to have guaranteed pay.

However, how much you will get for your guaranteed hours depend on many things like:

-Which city are you working in?

-What’s the average waiting time on Grubhub?

-When did you start working on Grubhub? If it was just some days ago, there probably aren’t any hourly guarantees available at the moment.

But if you’ve been working already for a few weeks, this might be different.

-How many orders were there today/this past hour/on your shift? The more orders come in through Grubhub during your working hours;

The more significant are chances to get closer or reach $15 per hour. Also, the number of orders has a significant impact on how much you will get for your guaranteed hours.

For example, if you work during lunchtime and only get ten orders in 1 hour, it might not be enough to reach $15 per hour.

That’s why it’s essential to know several things about Grubhub payment policy:

1) The minimum amount you can get from an order is $0.70 + tips from the customer

3) If there are no orders during your shift, then that won’t cut into your pay because there is no minimum guarantee for any shift that a driver has previously accepted

4) In some cities, drivers receive guarantees ranging from $2-$10 before tips. But the average minimum payment is $5 per hour.

Does Grubhub Pay For Gas?

No. Grubhub does not pay for gas at all. Grubhub pays an hourly wage and nothing more, so you must provide your car and gas to do this job.

Often, Grubhub will hire you as a “Delivery Partner,” and they’ll provide a cell phone to use for deliveries.

This is an Android-powered phone that runs a custom version of Google Maps called “GrubMap.”

There are no Apps available to download on this phone, so you cannot play any games or anything like that during your shift. The only thing you can do is navigate with the GPS.

Sometimes there’s also a second phone provided for backup in case the first one breaks or vanishes.

You either get paid hourly or by delivery (not sure if there’s a way to choose), but 9/10 times it’ll be by the hour and not per delivery.

Payment is as little as $6/hour and as much as $16/hour. It all depends on the shift and how many deliveries you get.

Can Grubhub Deactivate You For A Low Acceptance Rate?

Yes. Grubhub recently started sending emails to their drivers saying they are having trouble with their acceptance rate. They are giving  a warning before deactivation.

Still, if your acceptance rate drops below 80%, then Grubhub will remove you from their system indefinitely.

Although I think you can reapply manually after six months have passed.

The current situation is where many of us are spending too much time doing deliveries and taking way too long because customers are rejecting us left, right, and center.

Some examples are not being at home when Grubhub arrives, not having your food ready when they get there, or even just saying no to us.

You might think this is fine, but I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy doing a job where they rejected 30% + of your deliveries.

This should not be acceptable because it means that Grubhub is forcing its drivers to spend more time on the road;

Rather than taking orders from customers and making money for themselves.

By keeping drivers out longer, they make more delivery hours, provide better coverage over the city, and justify paying us less while maintaining a profit margin.

If Grubhub wanted happier drivers driving less/standing around waiting for orders.

They would raise rates by at least 50 cents per order paid (25 cents increase on 6$ delivery) or lower the min order amount to 4-5$.

Is It Better To Schedule Blocks With Grubhub?

Yes. It helps you in two ways. First, it makes sure that your blocks are correct or will get released when you need them instead of releasing them too soon.

Second, it helps you get your orders out faster because Grubhub have fewer service calls after the meal rush is over for the day, which ultimately means getting more done.

You can also track how many students ordered through Grubhub, so you don’t do things like double up on chicken nuggets.

Some benefits of having Grubhub are not taking time away from other duties.

You have to take food orders and be consistent about ordering every day, so they know what kind of product to order.

Grubhub is an excellent service for restaurants because it helps to distribute orders evenly throughout the day.

While all your food gets prepped in advance when Grubhub is not working, they typically receive about half the number of orders that they do when Grubhub is working, so it can help them out.

Some reasons to consider signing up with grub hub are things like paying less money per order saving on labor costs (especially if you’re ordering for multiple locations);

And convenience for your customers (less waiting time). Sometimes you end up doing one large delivery instead of several small ones – so your campus gets deliveries faster overall.

Who Pays More, Doordash Or Grubhub?

The best way to save some money on groceries is by cutting out the middleman.

If you don’t already know, DoorDash and Grubhub are both services that deliver food from local restaurants straight to your doorstep.

While they have similar prices for specific items, some people find one service is cheaper than the other, depending on where they live and which restaurant they order from.

A quick look at the two shows us how expensive you can compare DoorDash to Grubhub’s same-day food delivery. Here’s a breakdown of what I found during my research:

  • DoorDash Grubhub Price $5.00 $3.65 Cheeseburger
  • $4.40 $3.34 Caesar Salad
  • $5.50 $4.29 Burger with Cheese
  • $6.00 $4.80 Sandwich with Veggies & Dip
  • $8.25 $6.44 Variety Pack (2 Sandwiches, 1 Burger, 2 Salads)$15

Door Dash does not allow you to order a variety pack at all. 

Grubhub allows you to mix and match unique items from the “Sandwiches” section of their menu for this price.

Grubhub does not allow you to order by-the-item like that (which is often the cheapest way to order).

Average Difference in Price $1.24 $2.19

The above  shows that DoorDash is more expensive than Grubhub.

However, when you look at the menus of each service, they both have similar prices on most items with certain restaurants (for example, McDonald’s).

The actual difference lies in the unique items at different restaurants.

For instance, if you order fries from Burger King with DoorDash instead of Grubhub, it costs about $3+ extra bucks.

There are even some cases where splitting an order between the two Apps would be cheaper than ordering one item through one service alone.

Does Grubhub Guarantee Pay?

Yes. You get paid a minimum of 120% of the standard pickup location minimum wage.

Unlike Uber, where the agreement is to pay their workers as independent contractors, Grubhub guarantees its drivers a minimum wage.

Grubhub/Seamless’s official policy on pay is this: “payment varies depending on demand in your area at the time of delivery.

Pickup or dine in orders typically provide higher payment compared to delivery.”

The consensus from most drivers I’ve talked to seems to be around $4 per order, with a minimum guarantee of $10-$12 an hour (before expenses).

GrubHub Workers’ Official Rights and Responsibilities Agreement states:

“You will receive a guaranteed payment for all completed deliveries if applicable local, state, or federal laws require GrubHub to remit payment directly to you.

At a minimum, you will receive 120% of the applicable minimum wage for each completed delivery.”

For more information about the hourly rate in your area, Grubhub suggests contacting the following groups (or doing your research):

“Employment agencies like Manpower or Adecco” and also “Your local chamber of commerce.”

Do Grubhub Drivers Get Paid Hourly?

No. GrubHub drivers are independent contractors, NOT employees. They make more than minimum wage (tip-based), and they get the opportunity to turn down orders.

Believe me, if you can’t make money with them, then no one can.

Most of my previous jobs were straightforward – $7 an hour, 40 hours a week, no tips allowed.

It was terrible because I had to deal with many rude customers that would yell at me. After all, their order wasn’t correct, or they didn’t like me for whatever reason.

This job is way better than any other job out there.

Are Doordash And Grubhub The Same Company?

No. they boast ownership by different companies with zero connections to each other. Well, “DoorDash and Grubhub operate within the same industry.”

That means that they are both in the restaurant delivery services industry.

They do have many differences in their business modeling, but being so close to each other in this one aspect is enough for them to be competitors.


I want to help you get the most out of your Grubhub experience. If you’ve been struggling with any of these issues, I can give you some solutions.

The first thing that might go wrong is if your blocks are incorrectly scheduled–there isn’t a block system for Grubhub;

So it’s not possible to drop them, and they won’t penalize you for canceling one or more orders.

You may also need to increase your acceptance rate by using our tips on how to accept offers faster and getting better at finding good pickups in areas where customers order from often.


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