Can I Send A Publix Gift Card Via Email?

Can I Send A Publix Gift Card Via Email?

Can I Send A Publix Gift Card Via Email?

Yes. Sending a Publix gift card via email is effortless in most instances. You’ll need to follow the instructions below to send the gift card by email. Search for your shopping card number on the Publix website. Enter your gift card code on this line. Provide your email address or phone number, then click SEND.

The link you come across will take you to the online history of your order. You’ll find the transaction details in this area.

The gift card might take a few moments to attempt delivery because it is not instant.

Please note that if you want to send gift cards by email, these are not instant. These take several hours to deliver.

You can call the Publix Customer Service Center if you have difficulty sending a gift card via email. Because this is not instant, you may have to wait a few hours for your gift card to arrive.

This is not an instant service. The card will show as Pending for several hours before it will deliver.

Note that the Publix website does not require an $ amount; you can send any amount of money with the gift card.

Other grocery stores, such as Kroger and WalMart, limit gift cards to specific amounts, such as $25 or $50.

Now you can send gift cards to yourself via email:

Can I Use My Publix Gift Card On Instacart?

No. Currently, Instacart does not accept Publix gift cards as payment.

You can use any other mode of payment, such as a credit card or PayPal, for your order, and Instacart will still charge you for the order with the discount pricing, just like the Publix promotion.

Instacart is the first grocery delivery service to deliver all your favorite foods from multiple stores, including Whole Foods Market, Costco, Petco, Safeway, and more.

Instacart shoppers typically purchase items at various stores on one trip.

The goal of Instacart is to save time for people who are too busy or don’t have a car by delivering groceries in as little as an hour.

Instacart does not currently have plans to accept Publix gift cards soon, focusing on other payment options for their customers.

How Do I Add A Gift Card To My Instacart Account At Publix?

Adding a gift card to your Instacart account at Publix is easy.

To add a gift card to your account:

  • Swipe right on the cart and select “Add Gift Card.”
  • Select the type of card you’d like to add (e.g., Amazon Digital)
  • Enter the retailer, product name, amount, and expiration date of the card you’re adding.

If you need to add the billing info for the gift card, select that option and enter your details. You’ll still need to enter a credit card for the charges if your balance runs low.

(Only enter the 3 or 4 digit CVV code if required.)

When you’re done entering all your gift card info, select “Add Gift Card.

If you have any remaining balance on your gift card, they will apply it to your order, and you will see a notification at the top of your screen that they have applied your balance.

You will, for sure, see it before you complete your order.

Does Instacart Accept Store Gift Cards?

No. Instacart does not accept store gift cards. Instacart only accepts food and groceries purchased online or at Instacart-accepted stores. Sometimes things happen, though.

If you arrive at the store with an Instacart gift card you’re trying to use, here are some helpful tips on how to use your gift card:

1) You cannot use your Instacart gift card for any items in-store, even if the items total less than $5 (or Euro).

2) If you have more than one gift card and purchase more than $5 worth of groceries, Instacart will automatically deduct your total gift cards first.

You cannot use the rest of your cards that day.

3) If you accidentally spend money on an item in-store, you’ll get a charge for it, anyway. Use a credit card or purchase online and pick up your order at the store. Instacart will take care of it from here.

4) If you forget to add an item to your shopping cart before arriving at the store, you can scan your Instacart receipt (or download the Instacart App) to add items from your order.

5) If you possess more than one gift card and lose or damage an Instacart gift card, visit our website to swap it out for a new one online.

Is There A Way To Add A Grocery Store Gift Card To Instacart?

Yes. You can add a grocery store gift card to Instacart in a couple of ways. The first way is just by uploading your gift card. This is the easiest method and works for most stores.

You’ll receive payment instantly as you place your order, and the amount they’ll charge you will depend on the amount of money on your gift card.

The second way is to go into the Instacart application through your phone or desktop, then select “Gift Card” under “Profile Settings.”

It’ll take you to the page to enter your card number and other details.

Once added, you just set up an order, see if it’s accepted, and then hit “Pay” on your phone/computer.

You will immediately get a charge of the total value of your gift card, and then you’ll get paid within 2-3 days of checkout, depending on how many orders you place.

Do Publix Gift Cards Work At Greenwise?

No. Publix gift cards will not work at GreenWise. They do not accept any other grocery store’s gift cards here, but they gladly take debit or credit cards, cash, checks, and credit.

All that said, the best way to use your gift cards is to save them for when you have a big bill that comes up in the future. You can use them anytime with no fees on your Publix card.

The stores may also take coupons for refund or exchange over the phone. There is no fee to call the toll-free number, but you will need to pay for the product with a credit card.

If you have to return an item without a receipt, they can check your purchase history and verify it that way. No questions asked.

Once the associate verifies the purchase and enters all information, they can either refund the product or give you a store credit for the item amount (without sales tax) with no receipt.

Suppose you forget or cannot find the email. In that case, the associate can check their computer screen to see if they can verify that purchase information and manually enter all the information.

The associate will either refund the purchase or give you a store credit for the item amount (without sales tax) and will no longer accept returns on the item or online order.

If you do not have a receipt or are returning an item that you purchased online, you must go to customer service and ask for a manager to assist in the return.

If they cannot verify your purchase information, they may still give you information from your bill.

There is no time frame to return items without a receipt.

Can You Use Greenwise Rewards At Publix?

Yes. You can redeem your GreenWise rewards from participating retailers at Publix. Once you have completed an offer, you’ll receive a “reward” as a string of letters and numbers, which you enter at checkout.

To find out about all offers on GreenWise Rewards, visit

For example, if you have completed a shopping trip at Safeway and had earned a reward of “MDVN05”, that would give you an item in the form: “MDVN05 (11)”.

The eleven represents the number of items on your shopping trip. As long as it is one or more digits, Publix will accept it for redeeming your earned rewards.

One would read the example above as:

There were three Safeway items, two sale items, and one dog food purchase; $35 in GreenWise rewards were the earnings.

A more complex example:

The earnings were four sale items, five dog-food purchases, and two bags of groceries, totalling $43.50 in GreenWise rewards. The reward earned would be “MDVN05(15)”.

A simple example:

There were purchases of two items, one bag of groceries, and a $1 in GreenWise reward was the earnings. The reward earned would be “MDVN05 (1)”.

How To Send Gift Cards On A Mobile Phone

Search for your shopping card number on the Publix website.

  • Enter your gift card code on this line
  • Provide your email address or phone number, then click “SEND.”
  • Answer the security question to deliver gift cards via text message as a one-time offer.

The Publix gift card will deliver as a SCANNABLE GIFT CARD that you can then EMAIL TO YOURSELF.

Please note: One can only purchase the $25, $50, and $100 gift cards with cash or credit/debit card at the store.

If you choose to buy them at the store, they will print on a receipt that you take to the cashier. They do not print as a digital or email certificate.

Does Publix Cash Personal Checks?

Yes. Publix does personal cash checks for a fee of $2 per check. The Publix cashier will ask for your driver’s license and the bank info you wrote on the back of your check to verify that it is a valid account.

Publix’s personal checks policy is strict compared to many other retailers who offer cashback for personal checks without making customers pay extra fees.

Unlike other retailers, Publix charges customers an extra $2 per check as an additional fee for their service of cashing them out. Is it worth it?

This $2 fee is the only downside of an otherwise excellent Publix policy. Cashing out your check at Publix is cheap, easy, and fast.

You’ll get a small amount of cash within minutes instead of having to wait for days or weeks for the check to clear, then deposited into your bank account.

Publix offers a convenient solution for people who need money immediately and don’t want to wait around.

Some retailers charge even higher fees for cashing out personal checks. CVS and Rite Aid both charge $4 for this service. Staples charges $3 per check.

On the flip side, stores like Walmart, Kmart, and Lowe’s don’t charge any fees at all for cashing out personal checks.

This is an excellent reason to shop at these stores if you need to cash a check.

Another thing worth mentioning is the maximum amount you can cash out with a personal check at Publix.

Most other retailers have a lower limit–CVS, for example, only allows customers to cash out $100 per day.

The Publix cashier has the skills to ask politely and professionally of customers to keep their checks small.

So even if you are trying to cash out a check for $1,000, you won’t have any issues with the clerk.

Last, Publix cashiers will ask you to fill out the Personal Check Book form. They’ll ask you to provide your first name and last name, date of birth, and social security number.

They’ll also want to know about the bank they issued from your check and the amount of money in it.

One can use this information for checks with a high value to protect customers from fraud.

If you are writing a check on an account that contains less than $500, Publix may require you to fill out an ID Theft Affidavit.


Instacart takes the hassle out of shopping and allows customers to order grocery items from their nearest Publix store.

The company offers same-day delivery for orders picked by 10:00 am.

Instacart works with a team of personal shoppers who pick grocery items from the Publix store and deliver them to customers promptly.

Customers can add items to their virtual carts by browsing through the website’s online supermarket or by creating a list on their mobile devices.

Users can shop across different aisles and add items to their carts by scanning barcodes. If you are new to Instacart, sign up to receive a $5 gift card.

New users also get another $5 off when they invite their friends.


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