Can I Use My Hannaford Rewards On Hannaford To Go?

Can I Use My Hannaford Rewards On Hannaford To Go?

Can I Use My Hannaford Rewards On Hannaford To Go?

Hannaford is a grocery store chain in the United States that you can find in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

The store sells a variety of foods like fresh meat, produce – especially berries – dairy products, baked goods, and seafood.

In addition, Hannaford stores have a wide variety of deli and bakery items.

Yes.You can purchase your groceries online through the mobile App or the desktop website and add your Hannaford rewards card before checkout. You can also use your rewards to pay for items in-store, including fuel and grocery purchases.

You never have to carry a wallet again and save the pounds of weight you would typically carry with cash, cards, receipts, and change.

To receive points for your Hannaford Rewards Card, you must first link your card to the site or mobile App, available on Android and iOS devices.

Once your card links to the website or App, you will instantly earn points on every grocery purchase with no restrictions.

Here are some other benefits:

  • You can use rewards in the future to purchase items online or by phone using a carrier-approved credit card.
  • You can use reward dollars to buy fuel in-store and online.
  • Any reward points earned through purchases automatically transfer to your My Hannaford Rewards Card after 24 hours.

How Do I Use My Hannaford Rewards?

You can use your Hannaford rewards for a grocery purchase of your own, or you can use it for a donation to the United Way. The company’s website also has a complete list of all the ways to use your rewards card.

Hannaford offers its customers and rewards program members plenty of ways to save money on their grocery bills, but did you know they have an even bigger goal?

The company donates hundreds of millions annually to local charities.

Each time you use a Hannaford rewards card, you’re doing your part to help the local community.

When people combine their financial efforts and donate their food purchases to the United Way, they’re helping their neighbors, friends, and even strangers.

The best way you can donate is using your Hannaford rewards card. When using this card to buy groceries, they donate a percentage of your purchase as financial support.

That money goes directly to local food banks, homeless shelters, and crisis centers.

You can also support the United Way through the Hannaford rewards program by contributing points you earn through their online game.

If you want to get involved, the first step is to set up an account on their website.

You can start earning points when you add the cards to your account, but you should read through their rules before starting, as there are some restrictions.

For example, Hannaford rewards members cannot earn rewards points at Hannaford stores outside of New England.

How Do You Use Coupons On The Hannaford App?

Hannaford’s App is a must-have for any frugal shopper who doesn’t want to miss out on the latest coupons.

Examine this post to learn how to use the App and save money at the Hannafords website.

Whether you need fresh produce, dairy products, fresh baked goods, or something more, Hannaford has you covered with grocery shopping that makes sense.

You can always find a coupon for your favorite grocery items in the App. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download or launch the Hannaford App Tap “Hello” at the bottom of the screen, then tap “Hannaford Offers” on the  screen.
  2. Shop online at Hannaford website with your account information. To add your account, tap “+ Add Account” and provide us with an email address and password on the following screen.
  3. Search for items that are part of a current deal. Tap “Get Offer”, then locate the item you want to buy.
  4. View your latest Hannaford Offers. Tap “View Offers” enter your email and click “view offers.” You can also visit to see all your offers.
  5. Find coupons and discounts on the App Tap “Hannaford Offers” then scan the barcode on a product you want to buy by entering it into the barcode scanner.
  6. Pay for your items using your Hannaford MasterCard® or Visa® debit card. After scanning the barcode at checkout, tap “Continue” to buy your items using your credit card or debit card.

Do Hannaford Rewards Expire?

Yes. Rewards expire after 90 days. To continue earning points, you need to have a Hannaford card with a unique nine-digit number or be the primary cardholder on a joint account.

So do not worry if you haven’t stopped in to grab groceries lately and your points have expired. You can get more out of your rewards by going to the store.

The only exception is for loyalty members who are visiting from out of state, as these will last for six months past the date of purchase .

So long as that member continues to make purchases at Hannaford during their visit and does not opt-out of the program.

TIP: If you visit a local Hannaford store, bring your rewards card or mobile App to show the cashier how much points/cash you want to spend.

You’re welcome to use your cards or mobile App to pay for online purchases.

To check whether your rewards have expired, go to Hannaford Rewards Home Page and enter your nine-digit number and four-digit password. You can also locate this on your receipt.

If you would like to receive emails about special offers and promotions, you can click on the link before logging in or clicking the “Yes” option under the email address field in your account profile.

Can You Use A Hannaford Gift Card On Alcohol?

No. You cannot use Hannaford gift cards on alcohol. Hannaford has a policy that makes it illegal to redeem a Hannaford gift card for anything considered illegal, such as adult beverages.

They will also refuse the gift card if the total cost of the items exceeds the value of the standard one-hundred-dollar Hannaford gift card.

With all these restrictions, it’s clear that this is not an item to use on alcohol or food items.

Luckily, there are other means you can use your Hannaford gift card to buy gifts and food items you’d like at a store near you.

Can I Use My Hannaford Rewards On Hannaford To Go?

You can also use your Hannaford gift card to pay for past purchases at Hannaford stores. You can also use the value on your card for a future purchase.

If you’d like to buy some items soon and don’t have enough money on the card, you can put it on a “hold” and pay for your upcoming purchase when you have enough to cover it.

You can use Hannaford gift cards at the following stores. These include:

  • Hannaford Supermarket
  • Hannaford Brothers Supermarket
  • Price Chopper Supermarkets (in New England and New York)
  • Market 32 (in Florida)
  • Lucky supermarkets (California and Hawaii)

So, now, if you’re still trying to figure out if you can use a Hannaford gift card on alcohol or not, then you know they do not allow it.

Does Hannaford Have Digital Coupons?

Yes, Hannaford has digital coupons. Visit for all the latest offers from the store. They usually include a variety of savings on everything from fresh produce to baked goods and dairy products.

Utilizing digital coupons is one easy way to get money back during your grocery shopping trip or save on non-grocery items like toothpaste, shampoo, or paper products at Hannaford.

So, ensure to check out that website, and if you have a Hannaford delivery address, click and track for free for the latest savings on your digital coupon shopping trip.

Can I Use My Hannaford Rewards On Hannaford To Go?

Note: You will not see these offers on their mobile App. They are only available on the website.

Does Hannaford Accept Samsung Pay?

Yes, Hannaford accepts Samsung pay. To use Samsung Pay with your credit or debit card, you need a compatible phone and an eligible card.

Simply download and install the App, add your payment information, and set up fingerprint verification for purchase security.

If you want to use your Samsung phone as a payment device, please check out Samsung Pay FAQ.

All our stores accept Samsung pay. Visit their stores and ask team members for more information.

Please note that the added layers of security through biometric verification may reduce the performance of shopping cart functionality with specific devices or when there are only a few users in the store.

Does Hannaford Give Employee Discounts?

No. Hannaford does not provide any discounts to its employees. The company is fully committed to the customer, but that only applies to those outside the company.

Hannaford is like any other supermarket; heavy in prices and light on discounts. You’re paying a hefty price for your groceries more than anywhere else outside of employee discounts.

The other supermarkets with employee discount programs are Kroger, Whole Foods, Publix, and Wegmans (no relation).

Within the United States, these are the most prominent players in supermarket chains.

Walgreens and Rite Aid also have employee programs available to those who work for them. If a company is giving discounts, it needs to speak up about it.

It’s not likely that Hannaford will start advertising that it has an employee discount program because of the loss of business from this decision (not so much losing consumers but losing dedicated employees).

How Do I Edit My Hannaford To-Go Order?

When you go to the Hannaford website and place your order, you can “edit your order.” If you don’t understand how you can do this, Hannaford has put together a helpful list of instructions.

  1. Go to the “edit your order” option at
  2. Check the left-hand side of the page; beside the “Add to Cart” button, click on the green “+” sign.
  3. Select how many products you add and put in their desired quantity (1 bag = 1 order, ten bags = ten orders).

Having entered everything you want to add to your order and chosen your items, click “Continue.” They will then ask you to pay for everything that you have chosen.

  1. You will then receive an email from Hannaford explaining where you should drop off your order.

The email will also tell you how many of each item you ordered and how much it will cost. You must go to this specific address with your information (name, phone number, address, and account).

  1. Once you have arrived at the drop-off location, you will bring your order to your desired check station.

You will receive a ticket number, and once you have all your orders together, you will scan it. The cashier will then enter this number on the till and pay for what is in each bag.

  1. Hannaford will email you the total owed to your account (exact amount).

Can I Use A Hannaford Gift Card On Instacart?

Yes, You can. With your Hannaford gift card codes, you can use them to order groceries from Instacart.

The gift cards themselves don’t get reloaded after every transaction, but you’ll be able to spend any leftover money within a month of purchase.

However, there are some restrictions on which items and in what quantities are available for purchase using your gift card.

For example, you can’t use it to buy alcoholic beverages, lottery tickets, cigarettes, or adult store products.

Here are the general rules for how to use your gift card with Instacart:

You can only use gift cards purchased from Hannaford stores on orders placed through (not through Instacart Home Delivery).

You must place all orders at least two hours before midnight on the day of purchase and place them at least an hour before checkout.

You’ll be able to select which items from a category (say, bread) you’d like to buy.

Each item after the first will cost $1 unless you add an item that costs more than $1, in which case you can add them all together (for example, if you want two loaves of bread and two croissants).

Once you have placed your order, you can’t cancel or change it. You must complete the order and leave payment information with Instacart.

Valid only for online orders placed through Instacart. You can’t use it to pay in-store at Hannaford.

If you’re sharing your order with another user and one or both of you has a gift card, then the free portion of the order will come out of the person’s gift card first (and then the other paying user’s gift card).

You can buy alcohol, baby food, diapers and formula, dairy products, flowers and plants, frozen foods, and foods for your pets.

Valid for about a month from the purchase date. If you don’t use it during that period, it expires.

Who Makes Hannaford Brand Products?

Hannaford brand products boast making by Ahold Delhaize via a merger between Ahold and Delhaize Group announced in 2016.

Ahold Delhaize is a Dutch multinational grocery and food distribution company headquartered in the Hague, Netherlands.

Ahold Delhaize has the third-largest retail presence at 447 stores worldwide.

Ahold has fully committed to bringing “quality-assured F&F at affordable prices” to consumers globally, while the Delhaize group has a history of “creating customer value through excellent customer service.”

The merger of Hannaford brand products will give customers access to even more quality and fresh products with an eye on convenience and value.

Who Does Hannaford Use For Insurance?

Hannaford uses a variety of companies for coverage. Chubb, the country’s largest commercial insurer, insures them.

Travelers also ensure Hannaford, a global property and casualty insurance provider, on a broad range of risks.

QBE Insurance Group Holdings Limited also ensures Hannaford.

QBE Insurance Group Holdings Limited is one of the largest insurance markets in the world and has operations in over 80 countries worldwide.

The prices that consumers pay at Hannaford are low because of the insurance coverage.

The insurance industry works by pooling a lot of money to provide coverage for many people.

Does Hannaford Carry Brisket?

Yes. Hannaford, the world’s largest chain of supermarkets, carries brisket. Brisket is a kind of beef that is slow-cooked and cut from the upper body.

They typically use this cut in various recipes, such as barbecue and pastrami. They commonly cut the brisket into smaller chunks for the tacos and burritos.

Hannaford features this cut on its deli meats, cold cuts, and sliced meats shelves. The deli department in Hannaford usually carries nine items from head to tail.

Depending on the location, these items include many types of meat, including roast beef, prime rib, T-Bone steak, and cheddar cheese.

The Hannaford deli meat case-also, known as the “accessory” case-is large and spans over two aisles.

The accessory section features many different cuts of meat, such as brisket and corned beef. As for corned beef, you can use it for various recipes such as soups and sandwiches.

A popular item in this section is the pastrami, which has become a staple in Hannaford’s deli section on Fridays and Saturdays.

The pastrami is like the other deli meats but differs in curing it. The process makes the meat more flavorful and tender.


Hannaford is a nice store. I have been to many Hannaford stores, and with each, their products and choices for the customers in their stores impressed me.

They have everything from ice cream to food and some of the most excellent customer service.


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