Can I Use My Instacart To Deliver Food For A Relative?(Yes! Do This)

Can I Use My Instacart To Deliver Food For A Relative?

Can I Use My Instacart To Deliver Food For A Relative?

Instacart provides you with the ability to care for your elderly parents or other relatives by delivering groceries to their doorstep.

Instacart is a convenient online groceries shopping and delivery service provider. You can access the Instacart App on your mobile phone or shop on their website.

The company operates in the united states and Canada as well.

Instacart uses personal shoppers to pick up your order, shop for you in your preferred store, and deliver the order to you.

If an item is out of stock in your preferred store, your shopper will call you for guidance. The company Mostly serves urban customers.

With instacart, you can shop from your favorite local grocery store and supermarkets.

Some of the stores you will find on instacart’s website include Albertsons, CVS, Aldi, Costco, Safeway, Giant supermarkets, Food Lion, Sam’s Club, Kroger,

Publix, Harris Teeter, and Sprout, among other local stores including butcheries and pharmacies.  

You will open an account and fill in your address details, billing details, and contact information to shop.

Yes! You can shop for your relatives on instacart. Before you do:

  1. Fill in their zip code and see if their area is covered by instant.
  2. Proceed to change the order’s delivery address.
  3. Do not forget to provide contact details for your relative and any other information that will make it easy for your shopper to deliver the goods promptly.

To add a new delivery address, navigate to the account setting, find the delivery address tab, and add the new address.

You can save the address for future use. You are also able to delete it if no longer needed.

Can You Do Instacart With A Partner?

Bringing a partner can be tempting. You feel that you can shop quickly and pick up other orders so that you can earn more.

It’s, however, putting their life and health at risk in the event of an accident.

Remember your partner has no contract with the company, and thus any damage to them will not be the company’s liability.

Their behavior or interaction with the customers can also tarnish instacart’s image. In such a case, your partner cannot be held accountable.

The idea of bringing someone to help with the shopping is frowned upon by instacart leaders.

The contract states that you are free to appoint a helper, but you solely remain responsible for their performance while offering the service. 

It’s against the law to allow access to your shopper’s account for someone who is not an instacart employee.

To avoid unforeseen problems, personal shoppers who would like to keep their job are advised to avoid bringing a partner while working.

As a new employee, you can shadow an experienced shopper to learn, but the management should be aware of the same.

Can Two Instacart Shoppers Shop Together?

Two shoppers cannot shop for a single order together.

It will complicate things. It’s important to remember that instacart shoppers account are assigned to only one shopper. 

It’s also against the law to log in to a charge that isn’t yours.

When a shopper gets an order, it’s their responsibility to shop and deliver the goods per the customer’s specifications.

Shopping together on one order can lead to mistakes that none of the shoppers is willing to admit.

It can make the customer experience terrible and complicate the services rendered by instacart.

Finding loopholes in the company policy to earn more may eventually make a shopper lose their job.

However, two shoppers working on different orders can shop together in the local store and deliver separately.

Instacart Delivery

Instacart delivery options are diverse. You can have your order delivered to you within 2 hours, or you can have it delivered at a predetermined window of time.

For customers who use the fast and flexible delivery option, your order will be delivered as soon as a slot opens.

This can be in 48 hrs or two weeks, depending on what the shopper has specified.

The fast and flexible delivery option was launched to cover the surging number of orders during the covid-19 lockdown measures.

It helps ease customer frustrations of being unable to get a delivery slot. They now can schedule in advance.

Due to the rising number of orders, your order will take a few days to be delivered, but you will get regular updates on the app.

Delivery charges vary based on the subtotal of the customer’s order and how fast they need the order delivered.

It’s worth noting that although instacart membership is not compulsory, a member enjoys a reduced delivery fee.

For orders worth more than 435, such a shopper may get free delivery. For orders below $35, the delivery fee ranges between $3.99 to $9.99

Delivery will be done to your door if you are not at home and selected the “leave at the door” delivery option.

Note that if your order has alcohol in it, you will need to be home to sign for it. For drink, the person signing for it must be 18 and above and have a valid ID or driver’s license.

If the customer had not selected the “leave at the door” option and is not home at the time of delivery, the personal shopper will call the customer or chat with them.

If the customer cannot be reached, the order will be canceled, and the personal shopper will have to go back with the groceries.

At the delivery point, a shopper can tip the instacart personal shopper or do it on the app at the point of checkout. In both cases, 100% of the tip goes to your shopper.

Instacart Customer Service

Customers receive real-life updates on the progress of their orders. They are also able to chat with their shoppers to help manage their shopping lists.

Once the customer receives an order, they can rate the service and leave a remark that helps instacart improve their services daily.

 For any failed delivery, the customer should contact instacart to get a full refund or the delivery date rescheduled.

Customers are also free to reach instacart via their social media pages, and the company will respond promptly.

You can also contact instacart’s customer service via their website or by making a call. The customer helplines are;

  • General customer service: 1-888-246-7822
  • Order assistance for seniors: 1-844-981-3433

Can You Share The Instacart Account With Your Spouse?

As a personal Shopper, the answer is No. You cannot share the account with anyone else. It is against the company policy to do this.

Your spouse should not ride with you in the car when you are doing deliveries or come with you to help with picking up items.

Although instacart does not have tracking tools, the shift leaders at your local grocery store will notice if you have been riding with someone who is not an instacart employee.

If you decide to bring your spouse and something goes wrong, you will be responsible for their actions.

This may risk your job. While having a spouse help you shop may help you earn more, it can cost you your job as well.

It’s safer to follow the company laid out policy rather than take shortcuts.

The only way to bring your spouse is to have an account as a shopper, and both of you have separate orders.

In that case, you can shop at the local grocery store together but do the delivery separately.

As a customer placing an order, you can share your account with your spouse by shopping for them online and having the order delivered to their address.

But the billing details will remain yours. It’s also okay to open an account for a spouse in their name and physical address, but the billing information is yours.

In this way, your spouse will be logging in and doing their shopping without involving you.

If you choose this option, you should be in a place where you fully trust your partner’s spending habits since the bill is footed from your card.

What Is Instacart Family Account?

This is a group account where you can add your family members to help add items they need when shopping.

This works well for family members who live under one roof. They will add items that are personal to them or just something you might have forgotten.

Anyone in the family group cart can check out items, but payment will only be billed to one person.

The family cart also helps those family members that are not tech-savvy.

Their job will be to pick items they need, and you can help them navigate with checkout and opening of such an account.

This is the person who opened the account and gave out their payment information. 

If one family member has an Express membership subscription, the benefits will only be enjoyed when this member checks out the orders.

It’s therefore advisable that all family members add their desired groceries and leave the checkout part to the Express member so they all can enjoy better rates.

Can You Share Your Instacart Account?

Yes, you can share your instacart account via a group cart account. To open such an account, navigate to my carts and create a group cart.

You will then click on share to send invites to the people you want to share the instacart account with.

Once all your friends have clicked on the joining link, they can add items to your online shopping cart and delete other things if need be.

All group cart members can switch between their accounts and the group account.

The group cart works well for people who work in the same office or friends in the same

apartment block. Like the family account, the group cart has no means of splitting the bills, and as such, just one member ends up paying for the order on instacart’s app.

The payment method is a debit or credit card. Cash cannot be used to pay for your instacart orders.

Can you Change Delivery Address on Instacart?

Instacart allows you to add more delivery addresses and even delete others if no longer needed.

This will enable you to shop for your family members, perhaps elders, or too sick to leave their homes.

This also helps keep social distance, especially during COVID-19 time. One must not do a one on one delivery for patients who are isolating at home.

To change the delivery address, go to view account and click on account setting. There you will add a new address and save it for future use.

The process may vary slightly based on whether you access instacart from the app or the website.

It’s crucial to enter the zip code for the new address just to countercheck and see if instacart operates in that particular region.

Can I Use My Instacart To Deliver Food For A Relative?

When deleting an old delivery address from the app- you will have to swipe from left to right while on the website; you will have to click on the address and select delete.

This feature helps, especially when you live in rentals, and you have moved houses.


Instacart is a convenient online shopping platform spread in all cities in the states and most cities in Canada.

It’s easy to use and with a lot of features that offer customers flexibility. .It provides you with the opportunity to plan your grocery shopping and be there for your family and friend through the group cart.

It is worth noting that the prices on the instacart App may be slightly high compared to the price of the items in the store.

The company offers you access to a number of grocery stores online at the comfort of your home.

This slight price variation caters to the convenience of getting your groceries at your doorstep.

It’s worth noting that when you are checking out, instacart automatically picks a 5% tip. This is editable, and you can adjust it accordingly. Note that tipping is encouraged.


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