Can Postmates Deliver Tobacco?(No! See why)

Can Postmates Deliver Tobacco?

Can Postmates Deliver Tobacco?

Postmates is a grocery delivery service that has taken the country by storm. It has only been around for a few years, but one can now find it in over 100 cities across the US.

This service allows you to order groceries and other items from local stores without leaving your home or office.

If you do not live in one of these areas, don’t worry; there are plenty of other services out there for online shopping.

Postmates allows you to get practically any item delivered right to your doorstep. You can order anything from food, electronics, clothing, furniture, and even alcohol.

All this is available with the touch of a finger on your smartphone or tablet. As a bonus, Postmates also offers bicycle delivery in select markets.

This means that bike couriers will deliver almost anything within city limits.

Can Postmates Deliver Tobacco?

No. Postmates cannot deliver tobacco. It’s even stated in the official terms of services, where they also list weed as one thing they can’t deliver.

Postmates states they cannot deliver tobacco because of laws and regulations for mail-in tobacco.

However, they still will not let you order anything with tobacco if you use their application. So, don’t waste your time trying.

As a vape enthusiast, I wanted to have my juice delivered with Postmates by pressing a couple of buttons on my phone.

However, after some research, I realized that this idea was a pipe dream.

It turns out that countless companies already do online deliveries for electronic cigarettes and e-juices.

So why continue to integrate a company that does not support or deliver what you want? After lots of research, I found a service called Nugg.

Why Can’t I Find Tobacco On Postmates?

You cannot find tobacco on Postmates because Postmates does not deliver tobacco or smoking supplies.

Postmates doesn’t have a setlist of things they will and won’t deliver because it would be too difficult to maintain.

If you find something not on the list but believe they should allow it, you can request them to add it.

However, even if Postmates added your desired goods, there is no guarantee they will start delivering them soon.

On top of this, certain goods boast strict restrictions by the federal government.

And delivery companies like Postmate don’t want to get in trouble with their drivers or the feds, so they will not accept requests for restricted goods.

In addition, Postmates is only one of the many delivery services that don’t deliver tobacco or smoking supplies.

Other companies that do not offer this kind of product are Foodora, Doordash, and Caviar. Your best options are services that deliver alcohol, like Drizly and Saucey.

When you request tobacco or smoking supply delivery on Postmates or another service that doesn’t carry your desired good.

It’s awkward because they know they will not fulfill the order. As a result, they will decline your request to avoid trying their luck.

You can contact them for more information about their policies on cigarettes.

Will Doordash Deliver Cigarettes?

No. They will not deliver cigarettes along with any of their food orders.

This applies to both DoorDash deliveries, worked by ‘Dashers’ and Doordash-Postmates jobs, worked by Postmates drivers.

DoorDash does not do deliveries of cigarettes, and neither does Postmates.

If you wish to make money delivering cigarettes, you will need to use a different service, such as DoorDash Drive, for your deliveries.

When Postmates started up, they offered jobs like delivering cigarettes.

However, this has been phased out in favor of more efficient and profitable items, like many other aspects of the business.

I suggest looking for jobs with deliverers, such as Doordash or Uber Eats (which also delivers non-food products) that pay better and deliver more than Postmates jobs do.

If you’re considering signing on with Doordash, they offer a few different food delivery gigs:

  • Restaurants only / Dine-in Only
  • 1099 Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Full Time/Part Time Delivery Customer Service Representative

There are two options for getting paid:

  • Weekly Pay (every Friday)
  • Daily Pay (as soon as you deliver)

You also get 25% off your order with DoorDash, so it’s a great way to save some money when you’re in a hurry.

What If No One Accepts My Postmates Order?

If no one accepts your Postmate order, it means that no one within range is available to fulfill your order.

That is probably because no merchants within the delivery radius of your location offer the items you ordered.

You can always try again later or ask for a refund so you can place another order.

You can easily refund your delivery by tapping the ‘…’ menu in the upper-right corner of your App.

Can Postmates Deliver Tobacco?

Refunding a delivery will return any Postmates credits you used to pay for the order.Still, if you paid with money from your wallet.

You would receive an extra $5 reimbursement in cash via Venmo within 72 hours. This is to cover service fees charged during payment.

Does Drizly Deliver Cigarettes?

No. Drizly does not deliver cigarettes or any tobacco products. That is because of the rules and regulations that most cities have regarding selling cigarettes and tobacco products.

The “Drizly” company offers liquor delivery through its mobile app and website. However, cigarettes aren’t valid for delivery because of restrictions because of local laws.

These restrictions vary by state and city, but most have legislation that regulates the point-of-sale purchase of tobacco products in stores;

Or supermarkets that prohibits the third party from delivering them directly to a consumer’s home.

Drizly has an extensive network of retail partners. Thus, you can have your favorite beer, wine, or liquor delivered quickly.

Can I Order Cigarettes On Dunzo?

No. Dunzo recently stopped sales and delivery of cigarettes and tobacco products. It’s not just the only tech company to do so.

Dunzo is an app-based service that works on a hyper-local model of delivering goods and services–anything from groceries, dinner to laundry–within one hour of booking a ‘ball.’

The decision came to pass after the company found that deliveries took too long as their partners struggled with regulatory requirements.

Such as procuring licenses or identification documents.

However, if purchased online, the ‘ball runners’ (also called DunzoBoys) deliveries of cigarettes and tobacco products will still be available.

Dunzo’s decision to ban cigarette deliveries follows Flipkart’s move to stop selling cigarettes online in December 2016.

How Do You Order Cigarettes On Doordash?

Placing cigarettes order on DoorDash is easy. All you have to do is:

Step 1: Find a location near you that sells cigarettes (or visit the one listed in the app). Step 2: Tap on “Order Now” and choose whether they offer pickup or delivery service.

If they only provide pickup service, use their address for shipping information during checkout. For those who provide delivery services.

Enter your address and a contact phone number so they can call ahead of time with an estimated arrival time – it’s always better to have them call than to show up unannounced.

Step 3: Choose what type of cigarette you want. If you’re wondering, “How do I order Marlboro cigarettes on DoorDash,” for example.

Then Front door dash can help with that process. You’ll see options for both full flavor and light cigarettes. Note: The closest location I found was in Chantilly, VA.

It offered pickup services only; the store didn’t accept cash or credit cards (only debit and gift cards);

And they needed a minimum purchase of $10 (so if you wanted less than two packs, unfortunately, the service isn’t an option).

Step 4: Next, you’ll need to choose your nicotine level preference. Once again, I had no nearby locations that offered delivery services, so I could not test the entire process.

However, from what I can tell, this was a straightforward process: you choose your preferred nicotine level, and DoorDash states whether or not they can support it.

Step 5: Before placing your order, double-check to make sure everything is correct. Check your name, address, etc.

If anything looks wrong, click “Edit” and go back to fix any mistakes.

Just enter your payment information when you’re ready to check out (only debit cards or gift cards allowed).

Step 6: Sit back and wait for your cigarettes – remember DoorDash will hail an Uber for you, so be aware that you’ll need to pay for your ride.

Step 7: If your driver doesn’t already have a pack of Marlboro cigarettes ready to deliver.

They’ll call ahead and ask if it’s okay to stop at the store where you bought them from so that they can grab one for you.

Therefore, I said earlier, it’s wise always to leave a contact phone number – because DoorDash needs someone who speaks on both ends when picking up your order.

How to order cigarettes on Postmate

There are various ways you can order cigarettes on Postmate. However, it depends on your state of residence.

You are an Arizona resident. You can order tobacco products on Postmates because Arizona has no state law prohibiting the delivery of tobacco products.

If you are a California resident, it is not legal to deliver cigarettes via Postmates per CA Business and Professions Code section 22972-22979.5

Postmates cannot ship or deliver any cigarettes or smokeless tobacco products to Connecticut residents.

For Florida residents who would like to buy cigarettes, cigars, rolling papers, pipes, and other related smoking accessories using Postmates’ services.

Please know that all sales are final per Section 564.09(4)(a), Florida Statutes “The sale of tobacco paraphernalia is against public policy, public morals, and health.”

Also, according to Florida Administrative Code 68A-12.009(2), “The sale of tobacco paraphernalia is against public policy, Public Morals, and Health.”

Hawaii prohibits the delivery of all non-cigarette tobacco products via Postmates.

Nebraska residents are strictly prohibited from purchasing cigarettes through Postmates because it violates Chapter 28, Article 12 Section 1;

“Prohibited Deliveries by Common Carrier or Delivery Service,” which states that only alcohol, cigarettes, and newspapers have permission under the law.

Postal Service Prohibitions for Shipping Tobacco Products | USPS – The postal service does not allow items containing gift cards/stored value cards in the mail.

Postmates cannot ship or deliver cigarettes to Nevada residents.

Rhode Island prohibits the delivery of all tobacco products via Postmates.

If you are a Virginia resident, it is not legal to deliver cigarettes using Postmates per Virginia Code 18.2-344 “Delivery of Cigarettes,”

Which states that it is illegal for anyone to sell or distribute cigarettes through any means other than in original unopened package form to the ultimate consumer.

This includes selling, giving, delivering, distributing, and soliciting the sale of cigarettes through any means other than in original unopened package form to an ultimate consumer.

Can Postmates Deliver Tobacco?

Additionally, Postmates is prohibited from shipping or delivering all non-cigarette tobacco products to Virginians because it violates Virginia Administrative Code 3VAC5-40-30.

“Tobacco Sales,” which states that “any non-cigarette tobacco product may not be up for sale, offered for sale, or otherwise distributed in Virginia.”

Postmates – Shipping Tobacco Laws

Postmates- Postmates allow alcohol and tobacco delivery in most states; however, certain restrictions apply to the following states:

California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Nebraska, Nevada, and Rhode Island.

All deliveries within these states must follow local regulations for selling cigarettes and tobacco products, including the final sale of all tobacco products.


The logistics of ordering tobacco in the age of e-commerce are still a little fuzzy.

Some grocery stores don’t even offer cigarettes to buy anymore, with some opting for vape shops instead.

One clear thing is Postmates doesn’t deliver tobacco products at all, so that you won’t find any brands on their app or website.

If you are looking for derivery for your cigarette order when it comes a time – no matter what state you live in – Drizly and Dunzo are two options worth considering.

With either service, log into the app (or go online) and type “cigarettes” into the search bar;

Then browse through what they have available to see which brand might suit your needs.


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