Can Someone Else Pick Up My Postmates?(Guide)

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Postmates?

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Postmates?

In 2013, Postmates was just a small start-up in its first year.

They experienced rapid growth in the last year and have become a household name — with over 200k+ monthly active customers using their App to order everyday services like Mexican food and laundry from their 30,000+ partner stores.

Today, Postmates perform over 3 million restaurant delivery orders every month (growing at 400% annually), they continue to offer new features for customer convenience.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Postmates?

Yes. Here’s how. First, change the delivery address in your App to your friend’s address. Search for the nearest restaurant that accepts Postmates and pre-order your food, Once they schedule your delivery, have your friend come to the restaurant to pick up the order.


If you don’t pick up your order within 15 minutes, you re-get out of order without needing to pay anything.

If your friend’s name is not on the receipt and they don’t have a receipt, you will have to pay for the order.

If only one person has your friend’s address on their phone, you can still pick up your food, If your friend’s address is one of the addresses saved in your address book, you can select that address as your delivery location

Can Someone Else Use My Postmates Account?

Yes. Someone else can use your postmate account as long as they download the app and create an account with their number.

To make it a more straightforward process, the person who activates post mates on their account can hand over account access to someone else by following these simple steps:

1) Open Postmates

2) Select “Switch Account” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of your screen and follow prompts

3) Postmates will have you sign out of your current account after verifying that you’re making a valid request.

4) Enter the new account’s number, verification code, and acceptance of Terms of Service.

Once you’ve finished, you can sign back into the App to continue using Postmates in your new account.

Can You Do Postmates In Someone Else’s Car?

Yes. You can do Postmates in someone else’s car, provided you boast auto insurance in your name. Even if you don’t, it’s not a big deal.

You’ll need to hold on to the Postmates App for reference when meeting with your customer.

Others on the ride won’t be able to see your screens or know what’s happening in the car, so they’ll be none-the-wiser that you’re doing Postmates in their ride.

To qualify for Postmates in someone else’s car, you must: Have auto insurance in your name. This is your responsibility. 

  • Have a smartphone.
  • Be running the Postmates app on your phone.
  • Have a positive rating of 4 stars or more out of 5 overall (on Google Play and iOS).
  • Follow the terms of service and the community guidelines while doing deliveries. Please communicate with your customer in their car.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Bevmo Order?

No. BevMo does not allow someone else to pick up your order. You will have to visit their store and pick it up by yourself.

If you accidentally leave the item in your car, the store cannot give it to anyone else or forward it to another address.

If you have not picked up your order within three business days, you will find it returned. Thus you should always call the store before going there to hold your package for you.

If BevMo does not hear from you, they will assume you do not want the package anymore and ship it back to a California warehouse.

If this happens, you will receive a shipping cost, which could get pricey.

To avoid this, make sure BevMO knows when you plan to pick up your order. It’s best to call and check in about an hour before the store opens.

Always keep your copied receipts and hang on to the boxes if you lose them during the return process.

If you don’t have them, they can’t send you a replacement or credit your account.

Can You Order From Two Places On Postmates?

No. You can place many orders from the same merchant but not two postmasters. To order a restaurant delivery from two places on Postmates, you first need to cancel your current order.

Your cancellation is effective immediately, so the merchant will not deliver the food until Postmates has informed them of your order cancelation.

If you order from a merchant on Postmates, you might get duplicate deliveries or two orders from the same restaurant.

For example, when Postmates has two restaurants at your location within ten minutes from each other, and you order from both of them, Postmates assumes you want both orders.

Postmates will try to deliver both orders even though they only have enough supply for one of them.

The new order gets picked up on the original merchant’s schedule rather than the Postmates schedule.

It’s up to the merchants to handle their delivery policies and process their transactions.

Some merchants require a call or text message from the customer before they deliver, and some may not deliver if you place two orders within ten minutes of each other.

The Postmates system will handle these situations whenever possible, so the customer gets their food.

Can You Do A Future Order With Postmates?

Yes. You can do a future order with Postmates in 30 minutes intervals and up to one week in advance.

To do a future order with Postmates, I recommend you input your address in the App’s “My Address” section and select “future orders.”

You’ll get prompted to enter your credit card information or create a virtual account using a debit card or gift card from any Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. Note: They currently reject CitiBank cards.

You can set it up if you’re outside the United States and have yet to set up a Postmates account.

  1. Log in to your Postmates App and select “customers” from the menu on the left.
  2. Select “accounts” from the menu on the far right of the screen. You will now get to “my accounts.” Click on “Create New Account.”
  3. Enter your contact information and select “create an account.”
  4. Once you get an email from Postmates, log in to the email account you used to create your Postmates account to confirm your address.
  5. Select “Accept Terms and Conditions” and then create a password for your new Postmates account. Next, select the “Provisioning” tab on the left-hand side of your screen.
  6. You will now see your credit card information. To do an order for future delivery, enter the delivery address of your choice and select “create order.”
  7. You will now get to “My Orders,” and you can select “future orders.” Once you place your order, you’ll receive a text message on the telephone number for your account.
  8. Your order will be available for pick up in 30 minutes on the day you choose to receive the order.
  9. The final confirmation screen will have your order’s details and a map of where you can pick up your delivery. Select your pickup location, and that’s it.
  10. On the day of pickup, go to your selected pickup location in an hour window (e.g., 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM) based on when Postmates notified you that your item(s) was ready for pickup.
  11. If you go before the hour window, you will find your order returned to the store, and you will have to wait the next day to receive your items.
  12. Once your item(s) are ready for pickup, present your phone number at the pickup location. You will find your order delivered within 5-10 minutes of confirmation on your phone.
  13. Your order is now complete. You can add tips and rate your experience (to reward excellent service) through the app once you finish using it.

Can Postmates See Your Tip?

Yes. Postmates can see your tip. There is no hiding how much of a tip you leave behind. Postmates will see this information and may even include it on their dashboard.

Although they cannot use the amount you tip to discriminate, there is no guarantee that they will not mention this information with other drivers either.

There are ways to avoid this issue by not tipping at all or tipping more than $1, confusing both parties involved based on their policy.

However, you could always pay the Postmates delivery fee.

Postmates has stated that they cannot share your payment information with a partner or employer.

You may want to consider your tipping habits and ensure that you are only tipping within your comfort zone.

However, just because Postmates can see how much of a tip you leave does not mean they will look at it.

This information is only available to Postmates supervisors who typically handle customer service inquiries, disputes, or allegations.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Postmates?

Postmates has stated that there is no way for an individual Postmate to gain access to such information.

What Do Postmates Delivery Drivers Get Paid?

Postmates delivery drivers get at least $13 per hour, but many make $160-170 a day, on average.

The company pays this because they don’t have to give the drivers any benefits and can cut the hours they want to keep their pay.

Postmates pays so well that the company has had to turn away delivery drivers because of high demand and reportedly having thousands of “sales” jobs open at a time.

What Do Postmates Delivery Drivers Get Paid?

To legally operate as a delivery driver for Postmates, you will need to register your car with the company.

It is not clear whether this will cost money, but most likely, it will be a minor fee attached to the company’s business expenses.

There are currently no drivers’ fees to operate in San-Francisco (they may rise in other cities).

How Do I Share My Postmates Order?

You can share your Postmates’ order via email, text, or Facebook.

– To share your order via email, log in to Postmates on the computer and go to “My Deliveries.” Select the order click “Share” at the top of your screen.

Enter your recipient’s email address into the box that appears, then hit send.

– To share your order with a friend via text message, log in to Postmates on either a computer or mobile phone. Select the order. Click “Share” at the top of your screen.

Enter your friend’s phone number into the box that appears, then hit send.

– To share your order on Facebook, log in to Postmates on either a computer or mobile phone. Select the order you want to share, confirm address details, and click ‘Post.’

You can also share your Postmates order using the company’s official social media channels.

Can You Do A Future Order With Postmates?

Yes. Go to the app and proceed with your order as usual – select the delivery option that best suits your needs. Once you’ve finished, tap “Place Your Order” and then check out.

You will need a credit card on file for all Postmates orders, but there is no charge until they deliver your order.

After completing your purchase, you will find a portion of what you ordered deducted from the cost of the order upfront.

You will find the rest charged on your card at the time of delivery.

If you don’t have a credit card on file, you will not order through Postmates.

If you’d like to use cash as payment, please go through the normal checkout process and follow “Continue without a payment method.”

You will then have the option to pay in cash at your scheduled delivery time.


Postmates is an outstanding company to work for if you try to make some side money here in the city. Very flexible schedule and pay are decent but not great.

Most people do this as a side job or part-time gig, but some work full time for Postmates and make good money.

I would say that this is easier than making money on your own because you don’t have any start-up costs and also because you can use their marketing tools which help increase your profits.


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