Can You Get Cashback With Apple Pay At Stores?(Yes! But..)

Get Cashback With Apple Pay At Stores

Can You Get Cashback With Apple Pay At Stores?

Apple is making it easier than ever to shop at stores. With their new Apple Pay service, shoppers can pay for groceries without using cash or credit cards.

While some people worry about security and privacy.

Apple has ensured that the service is safe and secure by developing an encrypted fingerprint scanner that uses your phone’s Touch ID system.

Soon enough, you won’t even need your wallet when you go grocery shopping.

Can You Get Cashback With Apple Pay At Stores?

Yes. Some stores include a cashback option. Although most merchants cannot offer cashback with Apple Pay.

Some may provide a physical store credit card that works just like a traditional credit or debit card.

You can then use it to earn rewards or benefits at checkout like any other payment method.

While many institutions don’t yet support cashback with Apple Pay, some retailers offer it as an incentive to use their digital cards.

The list below isn’t exhaustive but offers examples of where you could receive cashback with Apple Pay at participating locations:

  • America’s Gas station (AG)          
  • Agriculture Federal Credit Union (AFCU)
  • Albertson’s
  • Anthropologie
  • Apple(Get 2% cash back at the iTunes store and on apps and in-app purchases)
  • Banana Republic Bed
  • Bath & Beyond
  • Best Buy (For Business and My Best Buy members only)
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club (Up to $5.00 off per qualified transaction)
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Bobby’s Burger Palace (Up to $100.00 annual Cash Back Limit)
  • The Body Shop (2% cashback on all approved transactions)

How Much Cashback Can You Get With Apple Pay?

You can get about 1% cashback when you use Apple Pay. Based on my research, this is the average cashback rate I’ve seen, but your results may vary.

It’s possible to get an additional 5% at some merchants by paying with an eligible American Express card and using Apple Pay.

For example, if you go to Cheesecake Factory using Apple Pay, wait for the cashier to confirm that your bill got added, and then tap “Pay with Amex,”

You will receive 5x Membership rewards points as part of this promotion.

In other cases, you have to link your card issuer account with Apple Pay to get the extra cashback rate.

Can You Use Paypal on Gamestop?

For example, if you go to Panda Express using Apple Pay and pay with a Visa or MasterCard credit card from one of their partnered issuers (such as Chase).

You can get an additional 1% cashback.

This is because Chase issues these cards and part of their promotions for this quarter, giving additional points on all spending at Panda Express restaurants.

Can I use Apple Pay at ATM?

Yes. At any participating ATM that accepts “debit card only” transactions. Just insert your debit card to complete your transaction. You can use it just like a debit card.

ATM transactions get the same daily limit you have set for Apple Pay. So if you have a $500 transaction limit, that’s what you’ll get at the ATM, too.

(Your bank should provide your Apple Pay daily spending limits.)

However, there are some important exceptions:

When you’re using an ATM outside of the US—or one that’s not participating in Apple Pay—you should still follow usual security precautions when withdrawing cash.

If an ATM asks how much money you want to withdraw, select “other amount” and enter your desired withdrawal amount in dollars (no commas).

For example, if your withdrawal is USD 75.00 or more, select the $100 bill (or larger, if you would like). If your withdrawal is under USD 75.00, choose “$0.”

When using an ATM that only accepts cash transactions, don’t forget to bring physical cash with you.

You can use Apple Pay for minor purchases at participating merchants and restaurants within the Wallet App. But remember—Apple Pay doesn’t work at all retailers.

And if a merchant hasn’t yet upgraded their payment terminals to accept contactless payments.

You won’t be able to make any purchase there regardless of whether it’s in-store or in-App.

Just as with any other debit card transaction, hold your device’s finger on the home button until you see “Debit Card declined” displayed on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

If you find your device isn’t working as expected at the ATM, contact your financial institution for help.

And if you believe someone has accessed your banking information without authorization, reach out to your bank and local law enforcement immediately.

Can I Get Cashback With Apple Pay At CVS?

No. Unfortunately, CVS does not currently accept Apple Pay. However, they are an official partner with MCX, so you can use CurrentC at CVS to pay for products.

CurrentC is also already fully implemented in many locations because it offers users free coupons and discounts to use the App – something that Apple Pay doesn’t offer yet.

As for using your iPhone or Apple Watch as a contactless payment method on their card readers? You’re out of luck there, too:

CVS has stated they aren’t interested in implementing them and will stick with traditional cards and scanners (which makes sense since CurrentC isn’t compatible with any iPhone).

So there you have it: no cashback via Apple Pay/iPhone/iWatch at CVS.

And to be honest, it’s not the most significant loss in the world, given that when you do want cashback, you can go to an ATM, but it’s a bummer.

So there’s no way for iPhone users to get cashback at CVS with Apple Pay or any other contactless payment method.

And according to the Wall Street Journal, this means that Verizon customers will also get left out since CVS has recently started accepting contactless payments through CurrentC

(Which uses QR codes instead of NFC).

There is one more possibility: if your bank allows you to withdraw money at their ATMs using their debit cards (or even credit cards).

Then you can use Apple Pay to pay for the transaction. CVS does accept debit cards as payment.

So if your bank lets you use their cards to withdraw money at their ATMs, then you can use Apple Pay.

All major banks accept Apple Pay for withdrawing cash from their ATMs — including Chase, Bank of America, TD Bank, PNC, Capital One, Fifth Third Bank, and more.

PNC has a convenient webpage explaining which ATMs allow withdrawals with credit cards.

Still, unfortunately, they don’t have any that accept Apple Pay or Android Pay (they are pretty clearly focused on QR code-based CurrentC).

And it’s also worth noting that at least some of the time.

ATM operators will require you have an account with them before being able to use their machines regardless of your payment method.

So you can use Apple Pay to withdraw cash from a bank’s ATM that allows credit card transactions.

But this doesn’t guarantee success everywhere, and it will vary by bank and ATM operator.

But otherwise, you won’t be able to get cash back at CVS using Apple Pay (or any other contactless payment service).

And there aren’t any other options unless your bank lets you withdraw money using their ATMs or debit cards;

— Which might work depending on how much they charge for the transaction.

Is Apple Pay The Same As Apple Cash?

Yes. They’re both parts of a service that lets you use your Apple device to pay for items. Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc.

That lets users make payments using an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook, and the iTunes Store App on any computer running OS X 10.8 with an NFC chip.

Is There A Downside To Apple Pay?

Yes. One of the downsides to Apple Pay is that it doesn’t allow you to split payments when buying items in a store.

This means you have spent all the money in your wallet when making a purchase, or else risk leaving with nothing.

You can’t even pay by cash if you don’t have enough for whatever it is you are trying to buy.

I also haven’t seen any security measures yet because Apple keeps changing what they say about how much data they collect and who has access to it.

I think that’s very suspicious. I wonder if there might be some big scandal behind the whole thing.

Can You Use Apple ID Funds For Apple Pay?

Yes. You can use your money stored in an Apple ID account for purchases using Apple Pay at participating retailers.

This includes American Express cards stored in your Wallet App and MasterCard, Visa, and other debit or credit cards stored in each compatible device’s Wallet App.

However, funding your wallet doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be able to use said money for transactions made through Apple Pay – it still needs the trailer to support it.

Also, note that while you can load some bank-issued gift cards and prepaid cards into the wallet, you cannot use them for Apple Pay.

Can I Transfer The Apple ID Balance To Apple Pay?

No. You cannot transfer your apple account balance to your Apple pay balance because the data for both accounts are not stored in the same place.

You can use your apple account balance only to purchase items on the iTunes store.

You cannot transfer that balance into an Apple pay balance then purchase something in a physical store.

The last thing you bought on iTunes will be first used if you are looking to buy.

However, you can check your transaction history by clicking on your ID, viewing purchases, and managing your subscription.

Can I Use An Apple Gift Card To Buy Iphone?

Yes. You can use your Apple gift card to buy a new iPhone with the help of a simple trick.

1- Go to the company’s website and select the product you want to purchase; for this example, I will use an iPhone XS Max (128 GB).

2- Once on the right page, select Apple gift card as your payment method.

3- Write down the amount of money on your gift card and place it at hand.

4- Finish up by following the same steps to complete checkout until you enter your Apple gift card number.

5- Exit, then reenter the site and enter your credit or debit card information instead of finishing up with placing an order.

6- Now that you have successfully purchased an iPhone with Apple gift cards, wait for some days before contacting us since there are some risks in some cases.

Why can’t I pay with Apple ID balance?

You cannot pay with the Apple ID balance because App Store and iTunes store the funds associated with the Apple ID.

The App Store and iTunes can work with your credit cards, allowing you to buy apps, digital content, iCloud storage plans, Apple Music memberships, or other items.

You can set up credit card information on file directly in the iTunes Store or App Store to make it easy for you to buy what you want.

Getting Apple Pay Cash Back Near Me

Getting Apple Pay Cash Back near you is easy. Right now, Apple only supports cash Back with MoneyPass at ATMs and stores that accept MoneyPass.

If you live somewhere Moneypass is not supported, it might be worth moving.

When Apple Pay Cash first launched, I used a loophole to get up to 10% cashback. Unfortunately, after some legal pressure from MoneyPass, the loophole closed.

It concerned using a prepaid card that a credit union issued or something like that.

People would buy preloaded cards and then load more money on them using the Apple Pay Cash card to get major cashback bonuses:

5% at Walmart or Office Depot and 10% back at various other stores. Now those offers are gone. I know this because I tried it myself at Best Buy, where my transaction got flagged.

My bank (Santander) said they removed the ability to load money onto cards at their ATM earlier in 2017; it’s possible other credit unions did the same thing.


Apple Pay is the latest development in mobile payment technology, and it’s growing more popular every day.

If you want to get cashback with your transactions through this service, the company can help.

They provide grocery shoppers with a convenient way of getting discounts on their favorite products without having to wait for coupons or rewards cards to arrive in the mail.


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