Can You Split A Costco Membership With A Friend?(Guide)

Can You Split A Costco Membership With A Friend?

Can You Split A Costco Membership With A Friend?

A Costco gift card is a perfect way to show your appreciation for someone.

It’s not always easy to find the right thing, and this is especially true when you’re buying something for another professional.

You want them to know you appreciate their hard work but don’t want to give them anything they could buy themselves.

You can use a Costco gift card in most locations, making it flexible, convenient, and thoughtful.

Can You Split A Costco Membership With A Friend?

Yes! You can share or split your Costco membership with someone else for an annual fee of $10 per person, so it’s worth it if you use the store often enough.

Here are some more details about sharing memberships:

-Costco will allow up to four people on one account at no extra charge beyond that $10 annual fee;

However, any member who wants to buy goods must be present in the warehouse while

-All members must carry their membership cards with them at all times

Memberships are untransferable. That means that you cannot charge your friends to borrow your membership, nor can you use theirs without their express permission

Can I Buy Someone A Costco Gift Card?

Yes .You can buy an e-gift card from Costco and send it to anyone you want.

The recipient will receive an email with instructions on redeeming their gift card and using it in-store or online.

Can’t decide what they like? Give them the choice of $100 worth of products from any department.

They’ll love opening their inbox and seeing that they have this excellent opportunity to pick something they want.

Do You Have To Be A Costco Member To Buy A Costco Gift Card?

No. You can buy one without being an official member and use it like any other form of payment.

Costco is a members-only warehouse. It provides almost everything you need at exclusive wholesale prices.

One advantage of being an official Costco member is buying Costco gift cards, which you can use like any other payment method in all warehouses and gas stations in the:

  • US
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Canada

You can buy one without being an official member and use it like any other form of payment.

But if you plan on visiting this store over 100 times per year (e.g., when living close to one).

Then becoming a regular Costco member might save you money by getting you cheaper membership fees.

Can You Split A Costco Membership With A Friend?

Along with extra savings through special coupons or with a cashback bonus via shopping portals (see current offers for details).

Costco gift cards come in denominations of $10, $20, $25, $50 and $100. It’s also worth noting that there are no expiration dates on these cards.

So you can save them until you’re ready to shop. If you receive one as a present, remember that the cash redemption value is 1/100th of one cent.

This means that if your Costco gift card has a balance of $12.34, then it has a cash redemption value of 34 cents (rounded up from 33).

You can use this towards any purchase – not just food or gas at Costco gas stations, but anything inside the warehouse.

This includes memberships, photo services, and even online purchases from Costco’s official website catalog.

Although there’s a little trick to buying online, you need first to buy at least one item from the warehouse.

Which would trigger them to send you an invoice with a unique coupon code inside.

This means that buying $25 worth of groceries and getting some extra leftover money as a bonus via such coupons is free money.

As almost everyone spends above this price on everyday purchases.

From my experience, I’ve received over $300 in Costco gift cards as gifts during past holidays, and some reported receiving $400.

As far as I know, they have denied no one to receive these cash bonuses by mentioning it’s a gift card they’re redeeming towards membership fees.

Can I Buy A Costco Gift Card At Walmart?

Yes, but not from the cashier. The only way to get a Costco gift card is from an authorized user of the store.

This includes employees and members who have permission from management or through membership services.

You can also buy them in-store at a kiosk or on your phone with their app.

Costco also has an exclusive agreement with Citi bank for their credit cardholders to buy Costco gift cards.

That means you can only get one from allowed parties through the mail or in-store, like your local Walmart.

The other option is to use their mobile app or online portal to buy the cards right away, which works well if you need them immediately (you can also choose next-day delivery).

The best way to get around this would be to make an unauthorized user of the store buy it for you or buy them through their payment center.

You can also look into getting approved for a Citi bank credit card and using that issuer’s Costco portal.

Can I Use My Mom’s Costco Card Without Her?

Yes, you can use your mom’s Costco card without her. However, there are some restrictions with using someone else’s membership card.

One restriction is that a child cannot use a parent’s membership for purchases if not authorized.

Another restriction is that only one person can be the primary account holder of individual membership.

And any more individuals must pay the total price for items or have their membership.

Which will come with its benefits – such as discounts on gas at Costco fuel stations and access to exclusive offers from Costco partners.

Can You Get A 1-Day Pass For Costco?

Yes . If you are looking for a membership fee, Costco offers day passes.

These 1-day passes are available to the public and offer all the benefits of being a member.

The only difference between a 1-day pass and full membership is You cannot renew day passes.

After buying, you will get a receipt and a temporary membership card to use at each visit. If you want to become an official member of Costco.

The easiest thing to do is sign up for automatic billing. You can get all this information on their website.

More Details

Full memberships for individuals start at $55 per year, while business memberships cost $110 yearly.

However, other plans are available, such as the executive membership.

which costs $110 per year and includes extra perks like 2% cashback on qualified Costco purchases and free roadside help through American Automobile Association (AAA).

The regular annual membership fee provides customers with access to Costco warehouses and related services.

Such as the online store, gas stations, photo services, and pharmacies.To access these areas without a membership, you need to purchase a day pass for $60 per person.

The only difference is that you cannot renew day passes and are valid only on purchase and use.This isn’t much different from purchasing an individual membership;

however, you don’t have to fill out any forms or provide additional personal information when getting a 1-day pass.

Costco doesn’t offer any discounts or incentives for non-members, so it’s not recommended with their current pricing system.

It is possible to buy most items in bulk at Costco, which can save money if your family goes through quantities of goods regularly;

However, membership fees offset the cost savings.

Can You Use EBT At Costco?

Yes. If you buy a special Costco membership, then you can use EBT benefits as payment.

However, this requires the upfront cost of the special membership and an extra $100 to have it installed.

You can find the exact details about these programs on various pages on the internet, but I will try to summarize what is out there.

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The special membership costs between $100-150; this is the upfront cost for the year. The Costco near me offers two programs:

1) A no-interest payment program where you can pay off within 3 years (I did not check if any fees are on the EBT card).

This requires a $500 initial deposit paid with an EBT card, and then you must pay the remaining balance via cash, cheque, or debit/credit card.

2) They also offer a 6 month no interest payment plan that only allows you to pay 1 installment of $250 with EBT cards.

Also, note that these memberships will need an extra $100 standard installation fee.

They then swipe the EBT cards at Costco checkout, which deducts the purchase amount from your EBT card balance.

They only accept the EBT card for merchandise purchases and do not work on prescription medications or gasoline.

No cash returns, so you cannot get money back if you overspend with your EBT card.

Also, note that these special memberships don’t allow you to add more cards to them; this is only for the person whose name is on the membership itself.

Also, there have been cases where some people have gotten their membership revoked because they were abusing the system (but I doubt anyone misusing it would admit it).

In Minnesota, there has also been a case where someone got arrested for fraudulently using their EBT card to buy large amounts of alcohol.

Also, these memberships are not something you should apply for online; they require in-person applications at the Costco warehouse.

The programs I described above seem to be opt-in only and not required by any stores or warehouses, so each store may have different rules about whether this is available.

If you search “Costco ebt” on Google, then you’ll find more information. However, there are Costco warehouses that accept EBT cards as payment.

Still, if it’s an option at your local warehouse, you will need to buy the membership in person (and that location won’t likely offer installment plans).

An example is a warehouse in Tacoma, Washington. So, to conclude, yes, you can use your EBT card at Costco if you purchase one of these special memberships.

Does Costco Offer A Senior Membership Discount?

You only need to recognize where to buy your membership since, unfortunately, Costco doesn’t offer any discounts for seniors or people under 18.

You can get one at the actual store or online – be sure to choose between a 1-year Gold Star Membership ($55) and Executive Membership ($110).

If you’re planning on purchasing large quantities of meat or wine, you might consider their priced Business Membership according to volume (starting at $45).

Also, suppose you plan on shopping there regularly enough that an annual fee would make financial sense for you.

In that case, it’s important to note that some states require businesses with existing contracts to honor membership fee benefits for the length of the contract.

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This means that if you’re over 50, you’ll need to talk with your local Costco branch about what their policy is before committing to buy anything – including an annual membership.

Some states where this applies are California, New Hampshire, and Washington.

There may be others, so it’s best to check with the store manager and corporate offices to avoid any problems later.

If you’ve already purchased your Gold Star or Executive Membership but want to make sure it will still be valid after your contract expires (this is usually two years).

Then fill out this renewal notification form.Something else that might interest seniors is our list of Kirkland products that are over 50% off.

When combined with the free samples, cheap hot dogs, and fountain sodas, you can save an additional $2 off your next shopping trip to Costco.


It’s possible to buy a Costco gift card without being a member. You can buy it at any Walmart, and you do not need your mom’s membership number.

However, you will only be able to use the card for purchases made in-store or online with an activation code that comes on the back of the card.

You cannot use the EBT program at Costco stores, but they accept food stamps instead. Senior citizens receive discounts when they sign up for memberships.


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