Can you use Safeway Club Card on Instacart?

Can you use Safeway Club Card on Instacart?

Can you use Safeway Club Card on Instacart?

Safeway’s Club Card is a loyalty program that rewards customers for their shopping at Safeway.

You can use the card as a credit or debit card. It earns points for every purchase made at Safeways, which you can redeem on future purchases.

Customers earn one point per $1 spent in the store, excluding alcohol purchases.

A customer must pay $30 to receive 1,000 points- this equates to 10% off your next purchase.

There are also discounts available with the card that you cannot combine with other offers, such as BOGO deals.

These include discounts on fresh produce, meat, and dairy products, among others. Visit now to sign up for your own Safeway Club Card today.

Can you use Safeway Club Card on Instacart?

Yes, a Safeway club card can make purchases through the Instacart app.

The only limitation is that you cannot use it on alcohol or tobacco products in some states.

With every purchase made with your Safeway Club Card, you will earn fuel points. You can redeem the points in store for various rewards, including gift cards and gas discounts.

It’s easy to sign up for an account. Visit their website and enter your contact information, date of birth, and create a password.

Once logged in, click on “Use Points” in the menu bar on the left side of the screen. It will take you through steps to add your Safeway Club Card number.

Instacart charges nothing for you to use your Safeway Club Card. They link the two accounts together.

You can follow the link and sign up with your Safeway card information to get $5 in free groceries when you spend $10 on your first order, plus more coupons/rewards on each order.

Can you use Safeway Club Card on Instacart?

Note that once you add your Safeway Club Card, it will not show up under the “Rewards” tab in the app.

Not until 7-10 days after registering. It will say “Expected Delivery Date 7/14,” but a few days before that date, it will update to “Available for Pickup.”

What Is Safeway Just for U?

Safeway Just for U is a new personalized customer loyalty reward program. It gives back even more when you shop at any of their stores or shop online.

It is free to join and easy to enroll. You’ll start earning a point for every dollar you spend in the store or online on everything except

  • prescriptions
  • age-restricted items
  • tobacco
  • alcohol
  • gift cards

The best part is every time you earn 200 points, we’ll mail you a $5 coupon.

What are you waiting for? It’s simple

  • Join Safeway Just for U
  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent when you shop in any of their   stores or online.
  • Spend 300 points, and they will email your coupon to your address within four weeks.
  • Every order is valid for 30 days from the date they sent it to you. Limit two coupons per household per 30-day period.
  • Redeem your coupon in-store or online, and it’s deducted from your total amount due.
  • You cannot combine coupons with other offers, including but not limited to:
  • Weekly Ad items
  • Safeway Club Card specials
  • Coupons
  • Competitor’s coupons

Safeway Just for U is the latest way to Shop & Earn with the shop every time you step into any stores or online shops.

Is the Safeway App Free?

Yes! The Safeway App is free to download and offers savings for local groceries.

This app, which you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play, saves you money on your grocery purchases.

This happens by offering digital coupons and a rewards program that allows you to earn points every time you shop.

These points add up and translate into dollars off your purchase at Safeway.

Besides, there are also daily specials offered in the app itself that are available only if you have the app.

To access the savings offered by this app, click on “Store Savings” when you open it up to get started.

From there, you will see nearby hours of operation. Find deals; search for items using keywords or department names.

Also, read product reviews and even upload your pictures or browse photos.

A more extensive list of features offered by the app includes a “Safeway Near Me” feature. The part tells you where the Safeway is nearby, based on your location.

This is an easy way to give feedback about items purchased at that store. There’s also a section for other stores such as:

  • Vons
  • Pavilions
  • Cars/Safeway
  • Tom Thumb
  • Randalls
  • Dominick’s
  • Genuardi’s for those who live near these locations.

Finally, there is a “Shopping List” function that lets users add their groceries to a virtual shopping list.

This allows you to check off items as they put them in their cart. It also includes a store locator, allowing shoppers to find the best deals right by their homes.

The Safeway app is free on both Apple and Google Play stores for Android users but not iOS devices (iPhones).

Can you use Safeway Club Card on Instacart?

To get it on an Apple device, you must first save the app to your home screen by clicking “Add to Home Screen” after downloading it.

This will allow you to access the same features at despite being offline.

There are also savings apps available, including Ibotta. They offer cashback rebates for specific purchases made at different retailers if you use the mobile app on your phone.

How Do You Use Safeway Rewards?

To get started with your rewards, head down to your local grocery store and ask one of their employees about signing up for it.

The employee should be able to direct you on where to sign up. (NOTE: You will need a Safeway card to qualify for this program).

Once you have signed up, begin earning rewards.

Once they set up all your information, you must keep your Safeway card in your wallet all the time.

This will allow the scanner at checkout to access your account and make check out quickly.

Also, important to note, once you have signed up for the rewards program. Safeway highly recommends that you link a debit or credit card to your Rewards account.

If you cannot use your rewards when buying, this coupled payment method will save you from losing any of those hard-earned points.

It is also worth noting that Safeway does not take kindly to re-sellers trying to turn a profit by purchasing items with your Safeway card and selling them for a profit in other stores.

If they find out you are doing this, your account gets terminated, and any points earned will be null.

It is also recommended that once your shopping trip is complete, go back and delete all the items in your cart before submitting the order.

This way, no one else can see what you’ve purchased or try to use your rewards.

Last but not least, if you are using coupons along with your rewards towards an item, remember:

Matching Quantities (i.e., 1 coupon for 1 product) = free item. Unit Prices (i.e., $1 coupon per bag ) = 50% off item.

Matching Dollar Amounts (i.e., $2 coupon) = full price item.

How do I Cancel My Safeway Club Card?

You can cancel your Safeway club card by calling the number printed on the back of it.

If you previously ‘linked’ your club card to an online account, you’ll need access to that account to link a new card.

So, get prepared for some extra steps beyond canceling the physical card.

I called 866-723-3929 and quickly canceled my card after remembering my password. There’s no extra charge for withdrawing the online part.

That said, if you used coupons/shopped at other stores during this time, there must be some correlation between your Membership and the deals.

For example, I still get great coupons via email even though I canceled my card a year ago.

So, is there some personal information tracking involved? Again, not sure why you’d keep this going unless they are getting something out of it, such as location data.

If you cancel your account online but no longer have access to those credentials, you may need to chat them up on the phone or go into a store person to request cancellation.

Keep in mind that Safeway doesn’t hold any responsibility for coupons or offers sent with club cards/online accounts.

So, get prepared for some hiccups if you used money-saving coupons in your last few weeks as a member.

If you’re not using the card/account for anything, however, then canceling it should be straightforward.

Make sure your old information is correct so that you can access the account before calling for its cancellation.

I also recommend wiping any personal data and browsing history from your computer if you’ve logged into this recently.

  1. Call 866-723-3929 with your Safeway Club Card or ID number one hand.
  2. Follow the prompts until an agent comes online to assist
  3. Request to cancel Membership
  4. The agent will ask a few questions about why you are leaving and then confirm the cancellation with you.
  5. Check your Safeway Club Card or email account to ensure the Membership has gotten canceled out.

Does Safeway Restock Every Night?

No .Safeway Stores do not restock each night.

Instead, they work in an assembly line of sorts where different workers come around every few days.

This is to bring some new items in and take out older ones. This ensures everyone will have plenty of time to buy what they need before they sell everything out.

Of course, an item you want may come back a few days after it has sold out.

It’s also possible you might not find the product in stock for several weeks or even months.

But, most likely, there will be some new goods on the shelves soon.

Still, if your local supermarket sells out of products before nightfall every day, it might be worth trying another store to see if they offer more consistent supplies.

Many supermarkets work with one supplier to pick up all their food items instead of working with different suppliers for each item.

This means they don’t always have direct control over what comes in and goes out of stock.

Should I Tip Safeway Delivery Driver?

The answer depends on what type of service they provided and how much effort they put in.

For example, if they were fast at getting your order out and carried it up two flights of stairs without you even needing to ask, then yes, give them a nice little tip.

If you’re paying extra for their services but find that they’ve done anything noteworthy or the groceries feel you could have picked them up yourself.

Then No, it’s not appropriate to tip.

If you’re doing a larger order with lots of heavy items and your delivery driver goes above, and beyond helpfulness.

Tipping might be worth considering. It’s up to you what you think you deserve.

Can I Use My Kroger Card When Shopping with Instacart?

Unfortunately, No. Kroger does not allow any grocer they do business with to accept competitor’s loyalty cards.

This includes Safeway, Albertsons, and their subsidiaries (Jewel-Osco, QFC).

It is unclear if this will change in the future as several other retailers offer grocery delivery services, such as Amazon Fresh or Google Shopping Express.

The retailer also has an app called Kroger Scan & Go.

Which provides mobile checkout for shoppers by scanning items at self-checkout lanes or through a barcode scan on your phone.

While you can’t use your Safeway or Albertsons card, you may use their points in Kroger’s system as it is the same company.

Can you use Safeway Club Card on Instacart?

You would have to add them as another form of payment in the app.


Safeway Club Card lovers, there’s excellent news for you. You can now use your card on Instacart.

This means that when you shop at any of the stores in their network, including Albertsons,

Tom Thumb, or Vons, and purchase items through the app using a credit card to pay, they will automatically deduct points from your club account.

We hope this addition will make grocery shopping even more convenient with less time spent going back and forth between supermarkets.


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