Do Amazon Workers Get Discounts At Whole Foods?

Do Amazon Workers Get Discounts At Whole Foods?

Do Amazon Workers Get Discounts At Whole Foods?

From the reward program, Amazon Prime members would receive a 10 per cent discount on all sale of items they purchase at Wholefoods. Again, best sellers would enjoy “weekly deep discounts” on best sellers. But the question is, do Amazon workers get discounts at whole foods?

When Amazon wants to hire employees, they consider several things. Since working for this giant company provides an employee with new projects that are exciting links to you as an employee with great people, there is a wide range of opportunities to be explored.

This will dictate growth on the part of the employee and enjoy other benefits for their family members.

When it comes to world ranking for Amazon, it is ahead of Google in the U.S. With over 566 000 employees; Amazon comes second as the largest private employer in the U.S.

Initially, due to the workload in the company, it was stressful for employees to work in Amazon. The company wanted results and went on its way to get them using means that produced burnout to its employees.

However, due to the negative reviews written about Amazon, the company had a review of its employee policies. Ever since things have turned for the better, the company culture is more inviting, and employees can smile in their execution of tasks.

This is unlike in the past where employees regularly cried on their desks. Due to the culture change, over 74% of the employees recommend their friends to work. This shows how satisfied the employees are.


Do Amazon Workers Get Discounts At Whole Foods?

After Amazon bought Whole Foods for a reasonable $13.7 billion in June 2017, they came up with an exciting loyalty program. This new program offers exclusive discounts that Amazon Prime members can enjoy.

Additionally, as a form of reciprocation and appreciation, Whole Foods started sun-setting the rewards program and their digital coupons. This was meant to cater for the new development in the relationship between the two giants.

From the reward program, Amazon Prime members would receive a 10 per cent discount on all sale of items they purchase at Wholefoods. Again, best sellers would enjoy “weekly deep discounts” on best sellers. But the question is, do Amazon workers get discounts at whole foods?.

What Discounts Do Amazon Workers Enjoy At Whole Foods?

As a rule, Amazon workers need to spend a minimum of $1000 to enjoy a 10% discount at Whole Foods. Additionally, the items that consist of the purchase will have to be sold and shipped by

If it is sold or shipped by a third party, the discount is forfeited. Due to the discount, the entire process will see the employee pay less for the items in the long haul.

In an actual sense, you may argue that this discount is not much as this discount is pegged on the employees first $1,000 purchase each year.

The program has run for some time now, and it is what is currently being used as the discount threshold for Amazon employees at Whole Foods. Before this program was rolled out, Amazon employees enjoyed free shipping but did not discount any items they bought.

For Amazon employees to get better discounts, they have to purchase Prime subscriptions. Although Prime subscriptions are paid for by the employees, they allow the workers to enjoy better deals while shopping at Whole Foods.

This offer by amazon may be considered as less generous according to the market dynamics. However, when you look at it from a wholesome perspective, you will discover that Amazon offers comparatively better discounts than their counterparts in the market.

For instance, huge tuition reimbursements are amounting to about 401k.

Additionally, looking at the benefits package for Amazon employees, you will quickly discover that the employees can consistently take advantage of the same.

Looking at Amazon’s discounts and benefits package, you will find that it is a well-thought offer that considers all aspects of the working environment.

Again, there are regular quiz competitions that Amazon conducts weekly, providing gift cards. Also, employees are provided with gift cards occasionally.

 Employee Benefits

 Amazon employees boast of massive benefits. For instance, the starting salary of a minimum of $15 per hour is not lean by any standards. Indeed, this exceeds twice the federal minimum wage.

What’s more, Amazon looks beyond the individual employee and in-cooperates their family members in the entire benefits package. Parental leave, health care coverage, future ways of saving and a proactive stance towards improving health and well being.

 Amazon proactively works to ensure that the employees establish goals that see them have a stable future regarding finances. This is achieved through compensations and industry-leading wages.

Again, any employees can own Amazon stock. They can also freely enroll in accident and life insurance schemes through the company. As an employee, you can also get access to estate planning as well as financial counselling services.

In the event of short term incapacitation and disability, employees have nothing to worry about, as that is also catered for at Amazon.

When it comes to employee health, you will find Amazon a great place. Indeed, employee health and fitness is taken as a priority at Amazon.

As a consequence, dental, drug, medical prescription and vision coverage is available for all employees. This does not discriminate across position, tenure and level. But you will want to ask yourself, do Amazon employees get discount at Wholefoods.

 What is the relevance of more discounts at Whole Foods?

After the discounted perks were initially launched in Whole Foods stores across Florida, they were expanded to all other Whole Foods stores in the U.S. it is worth noting that this translates to 365 Whole Foods Market stores in the U.S.

Do Amazon Workers Get Discounts At Whole Foods?

The aim and strategy that Amazon had was to ensure that they cut food prices as far as Whole Foods was concerned. As known to many, this online shopping giant takes its pride in offering competitive prices and unmatched discounts.

This is very strategic as it gives many more customers access to the company’s products and top-of-the-line foods.

More discounts at Whole Foods means that an Amazon employee can spend the same amount of money to get more items due to the price reduction. This also dictates better control of someone’s finances.

When Whole Foods give discounts to Amazon Prime members, all an employee at Amazon needs to do is join the Amazon Prime program to enjoy these discounts at Whole Foods. This is a straightforward way to get on top of things during these tough economic times.

What is the relevance of the Amazon Prime Program at Whole Foods?

If you are a subscriber of an Amazon Prime account, there are benefits that you can enjoy at Whole Foods. The benefits include deals and discounts that are pretty inviting.

Amazon offers Prime-exclusive deals that are available at every Whole Foods location in the U.S. Once you subscribe for Amazon Prime, you qualify yourself for free two-hour delivery, and you will also unlock the top of the niche deals.

These deals are on selected items and products, and you will find that you save a lot on all your purchases. Unfortunately, your cashier can’t know that you belong to this enviable Amazon’s exclusive class.

This means that even as a Prime program Amazon employee, you can be charged more unless you know how to unlock your Amazon Prime Whole Foods savings.

As an Amazon Prime member, you need to know how to take advantage of savings when you get to the register as you check out at Whole Foods. It never disappoints to download the Whole Foods app.

The cashier should be able to know your status when they scan your Q.R. code. This QR code cannot be accessed in the Amazon app.

Therefore, it is expedient to install the Whole Foods app on your iOS and Android device. This is a great way for Amazon employees to get more benefits at Whole Foods.

With the Whole Foods app installed on your device, it will be easy to see what is on sale and take advantage of it while at the shop. From the Whole Foods app, you will need to log in with your Amazon account information.

This is meant to link your Prime account with the Whole Foods account automatically. From the app, you will see three tabs, each assigned either to access the Q.R. code, browse sales, or check your account details.

This app is not complicated at all and can be navigated very easily. If you do not have your phone or you are reluctant to use the app, it is possible to provide the phone number linked to your Prime account, and you will be ready to go.

Do Amazon Workers Get Discounts At Whole Foods?

What Are Whole Foods Prime Sale Items?

Every week, there will always be exclusive Prime discounts on assorted items. These items will range from households to grocery products.

If you are signed up for emails, you will periodically be updated on all deals and sales or promotions. However, the Whole Foods app is the best for those who hate constant pop up email notifications.

Amazon employees who are subscribed to Amazon Prime can also reap benefits when they order at Whole Foods via Prime Now.

What is Amazon Prime Loyalty Program, and How Does It Help Amazon Employees?

As already mentioned, Amazon started a Prime customer subscription. Currently, they have introduced a new loyalty program with discounts.

Although this may seem pointless and replicative, two end goals are served by the reward scheme. Amazon considers this as a way to add value to existing prime customers.

Therefore if you are an employee at Amazon, it is an added advantage to have Prime membership and, even more, to have Prime Loyalty Program membership.

Amazon uses the data they get from such customers to know the foods to continue curating. Their customer’s lifestyles can also be understood through this data.

People who are better off financially have good access to high-quality, nutritious foods. It, therefore, begs the question, does the loyalty program that includes an assortment of Amazon Prime users from all income brackets inspires more to buy more organic foods or nutritious foods?

Amazon believes that since organic foods are on average 47 per cent pricier, a mere 10 per cent discount can scarcely convert consumers into organic.

However, the customers who are already into organic can be encouraged to buy more often and feel that they are getting better.

How Does Amazon Loyalty Program Work for Amazon Employees?

With the new Amazon loyalty program, Whole Foods customers do not need to cut up coupons. Ideally, they only need to download the Whole Foods mobile app.

This is the platform through which they will be able to link up with their Amazon Prime account. After this, they only need to scan their bar-code to get their discounts as they check out from Whole Foods stores.

Grocers have reacted in different ways, making a price comparison between both conventional and organic foods.

They also look at the difference between the prices at Whole Foods and other stores. In some cases, there are lower prices in Whole Foods, but in others, they hold.


There is a myriad of benefits that Amazon employees enjoy in their preferred company. The benefits range from health benefits to a higher rate of pay as compared to the market trends.

Amazon carefully considers these packages and considers them cumulatively to maintain its market dominance. However, this does not lock out Amazon employees from enjoying other attractive discounts at Whole Foods.

When Amazon employees subscribe to Prime membership in their company, there is no limit to the discounts they can enjoy. There are so many discounts extended to the Prime members, and it is an excellent way for any Amazon employee to get discounts at Whole Foods.

Additionally, Amazon employees can join the Amazon Loyalty Program, which is even more attractive. With this, these employees can not only save more in their sales but also get a better perception that they are spending their money wisely.

With more discounts, there is more liberty to spend and save. This is what Amazon employees get once they get their Prime and Loyalty program membership.


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