Do Doordashers Rate Customers?(No! Read Guide)

Do Doordashers Rate Customers?

Do Doordashers Rate Customers?

Doordash is a food delivery service that allows customers to order from select local restaurants and deliver the orders straight to their door.

The customer downloads the App or goes online, places an order for takeout or delivery, pays with the credit card on file;

And then sits back as their meal arrives hot and fresh at their doorstep.

Doordash drivers fulfill customer orders by going to each restaurant, picking up the order, and delivering it.

The main appeal of working for Doordash is that you can make your schedule;

You work as much or as little as you want (within reason) and only on the days when you feel like driving.

As with most gigs, there is a small fee charged for processing credit card transactions. Drivers are independent contractors, and they use their cars to do deliveries.

They can be from stay-at-home parents who need a flexible income source (and enjoy driving and meeting new people).

To college students looking to make some money on the side while studying full time.

There’s an application process in which Doordash vets them before being allowed to start working.

Do Doordashers Rate Customers?

No! Doordashers cannot rate customers. Instead, each customer gets rated by one of the company’s many trained DoorDash drivers after completing their order.

This means that when you are walking up to the door, you should feel safe knowing that Doordashers cannot rate you before opening the door.

Instead, they can give you an accurate rating once they have completed your delivery.

Many customers ask why Doordash allows its DoorDash drivers to rate them after completing their orders.

Our answer is simple: ratings allow us to provide you with better service in the future.

DoorDash wants its customers to know that they truly value their business and take it very seriously.

Can Dashers See Your Tip?

No! Doordashers cannot see your tip balance! You can see your tip balance after delivery gets completed, you will be able to see your earnings in two places:

– The Orders screen – tap on order to pull up the detail screen for that order

– Your profile section on the company’s website

When you go to either of these locations, the details will show your total earnings for that order. This includes any tip you may have received.

What Is A Good Acceptance Rate For Doordash?

A good Doordash acceptance rate is 70%. To get this acceptance rate, you should know how to approach all different types of orders.

First, it’s important to understand what an acceptable threshold of deliveries is per hour or day. According to many dashers, 25-30 deliveries an hour gets considered very good.

If your number goes down, it could be because you’re busy doing something else like eating lunch.

You may also need to look into the average distance between restaurants in your city.

Some places are close together that even 10 minutes can get considered a generous travel time.

For example, if you live in New York City, your median travel distance will likely be less than other cities.

This is because the restaurants are often next to each other with little to no distance between them.

But even with that said, some dashers don’t mind doing deliveries 5 minutes away. They know they can do about 4 deliveries per hour on average.

But, the people who make decent money at Doordash typically accept 15-20+ orders an hour (rather than 10).

How long it takes you to pick up and drop off food ultimately determines how many deliveries you can make per hour.

Also, keep in mind that Doordash does offer incentives for dashers who can go above and beyond this ordinary threshold.

For example, you might receive extra money if you deliver 21+ orders in a single hour or 30+ orders in a day.

Do Restaurants See Doordash Complaints?

No! Restaurants do not see Doordash restaurant’s complaints. Instead, delivery drivers see the complaints and ‘pitch’ them to restaurant staff.

Restaurants are unable to make changes to the underlying issue. Therefore, they get forced to ‘give in’ and pay more for their service or risk losing customers/reputation.

It’s unclear what percentage of complaints restaurants receive through Doordash themselves.

Yet, it appears that most complaints boast completion by drivers who pitch them during off-peak times when restaurant staff are not busy.

So, there’s no way they could have time to address any issues with an order.

This prevents restaurants from making quick small tweaks that may affect the larger issue at hand.

It also leads to snowballing dissatisfaction as dissatisfied individuals aren’t aware of other people’s dissatisfaction until the very last.

Besides, some restaurants boast prohibition from discussing any negative feedback on Doordash whatsoever.

This leaves them with no alternative solution as they cannot make changes themselves to resolve issues with unsatisfied customers.

Can Doordash Fire You For A Low Acceptance Rate?

Yes! If you boast low acceptance rates consistently, DoorDash can fire you. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” DoorDash is an interesting company.

The company once sued for compensating drivers with incentives to order food and deliver it for perks/free food.

This practice leads to the creation of Doordash Promotions, which are now called DoorDash Promos.

As long as you are at 99% or higher, you are good. But if your rate falls below 80%, here are some proactive steps you can take:

– Check your email for feedback on any deliveries that got returned or rejected by the customer

– Check your ratings in the App – door dash gives strikes for either 5 stars delivery or 1-star return

– Check your dash alerts for feedback from the customer

If you’re still unsure what happened to your rating, message a door dash community manager on Facebook or Twitter.

I did this, and within a few hours, my concern got addressed.

It’s important to note that they will find out and potentially give you strikes against yourself if you complain about low acceptance rates online.

What Is An Elite Dasher?

An elite Dasher completes an order within one minute of the delivery window 100% of the time. There are currently 4,000 active Dashers.

This means that out of those 4,000 people, a select group has proven they have what it takes to complete orders with high accuracy and speed.

The perfect example of an elite Dasher is this story. They always delivered within one minute and were not only very fast but also accurate.

One time, they felt like taking a break from dashing for a few hours.

When the App notified them that their 4-hour block was over, they opened up their App and started delivering again.

Elite Dashers boast a commitment to getting food to customers as soon as possible and without issue.

Does Doordash Steal Tips?

No! Your tips go 100% to the DoorDash workers delivering your order. DoorDash does not take a portion of tips made by customers and either:

1: Keep it for themselves.

2: Give the customer their money back in cash or credit (likely after taking a percentage).

3: Give the customer their money back if they cancel their order. Like #2, but different because it only happens when an order gets canceled.

Why Is Doordash Tax So High?

DoorDash taxes are so high because of the reimbursement model.

DoorDash makes their money by charging you, the Dasher, a commission for each order you pick up and deliver to your customer.

It’s like uber, but where they charge the rider instead of charging you.

To make it easier to grasp how DoorDash works, think about the following example. Let’s say I order $18 worth of food through DoorDash.

But, when I get my food at home, there turns out to only be $14 worth of food (the deliverer never actually noticed).

This means I’m missing $4 worth of food (in other words, this is your eat-goodbye meal). To solve this problem after receiving my food at home, I have three options:

Starting from scratch, I could call the restaurant back and go through DoorDash’s menus again to order a new meal that adds up to $18,

Or reorder the original meal but add some sides for $4 more.

I can open up my DoorDash App and send an email right within the App with my receipt attached.

Do Doordashers Rate Customers?

Please wait 48 hours for their customer service/support team to resolve this issue because they’re slow as hell (or don’t respond at all).

I can use my DoorDash Drive App and drive back to the restaurant. Pay $18 in cash (or however much becomes owed),

Pick up the food again, and deliver it myself because I don’t care how long it takes or what resources I waste as long as my time gets compensated appropriately.

What Are The Perks Of Being A Top Dasher?

Doordash boasts various perks for top Dashers. They include:

– The ‘Dasher of the Day’ title

– Exclusive promotions for top Dashers only

– Access to more complex orders, allowing for bigger payouts
– A direct line to Doordash customer service

As a top Dasher, one is more likely to receive better/more complex orders.

As one gains expertise handling these more difficult deliveries, the company gives you access to higher-paying deliveries.

This boasts the name “complexity bonus.” I have listed this under perks because it can increase earnings without requiring more deliveries completion.

Simply having experience managing complex orders will allow you to earn more per order.

However, not all Dashers are eligible for this bonus – some new or unskilled Dashers may not manage these orders and will lose money on them.

Doordash also has a ‘Dasher of the Day’ reward for top-performing Dashers each day.

The requirements to receive this award change from time to time, but that boasts fame to include:

  • Completing at least 5 deliveries in 1 hour
  • Completing certain types of orders (e.g., beer)
  • Earning a minimum amount per hour/week/month, etc.

It is unknown why Doordash would select one Dasher over another – People assume they get selected randomly (or at least via some mathematical formula).

If you want this particular perk, ensure you’re keeping up with your delivery count and average earnings.

Does Your Dasher Rating Matter?

Yes! It does matter. Ratings determine your Dash eligibility which aids in incentives and special-order qualifications.

You can request special orders for equipment/gear you don’t have. That is to request specific products like Deli Trays (Sandwiches), Coffee, and Hot Tea.

Incentives include those listed in the Dasher News and other incentives that the general partner may have provided.

Incentives will vary by store, so ask your store manager if they have an incentive available for Dashers.

Do Dashers Get Bonuses?

Yes! A dasher must have a minimum of 3 full consecutive strikes to receive a bonus.

After completing the first two strikes, a third strike qualifies as a “full” consecutive strike and receives a bonus. In other words, 3rd Strike = bonus.

For the dashers’ work to get considered for a bonus, three conditions must apply:

1) The delivery must boast completion within 6 hours before hitting $50 in tips

2) The total number of deliveries must equal at least 7 (7 x $3 tip = $21)

3) At least 50% of the deliveries must consist of DoorDash orders (If 5 DoorDash deliveries out of 10 total deliveries.

Then at least 4 DoorDash orders within the total number of deliveries)

DoorDash orders are only counted in the qualifying 7 deliveries when more than 50% of your deliveries.

If you have 6 DoorDash deliveries out of 10 totals, you get no bonuses for any additional DoorDash orders.

The drivers do not need to find all seven customers on their own merits or choose to perform DoorDash – it just needs to happen!

On average, 60% of our Dashers opt-in for DoorDash at least some of the time, so this is why this requirement has become placed into place.


DoorDash has many perks for its Dashers. There are only a few drawbacks to the service, but one of those is that you can’t keep your tips with DoorDash.

If you want to make some money on top of what they pay you per order, other services like Instacart or UberEats where customers tip in cash and not through their credit cards.

This might be an issue if customers don’t know about this policy before placing orders, though.


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