Do Grubhub Drivers Receive A Payment If You Don’t Tip?

Do Grubhub Drivers Receive A Payment If You Don’t Tip?

Do Grubhub Drivers Receive A Payment If You Don’t Tip?

The GrubHub company is a delivery service that uses independent contractors to retrieve and deliver food from restaurants.

According to the company, as of 2013, 2 million drivers were working for GrubHub, and over 90 percent of them were self-employed.

The Drivers work in their vehicles; they are not part of a chain.

GrubHub drivers must have a license, just like anyone hoping to drive an independent contractor business, such as Uber or Lyft (the other two primary delivery services).

Let us explore more about GrubHub below.

Do Grubhub Drivers Get Paid If You Don’t Tip?

Yes. Drivers get $7 per delivery, and GrubHub pays drivers 100% of the tips they receive. If you only tip the driver $1, they would receive a $7 pay on that order.

GrubHub encourages their customers to tip their drivers, and they’re always happy to hear from customers who want to support their driver’s continued employment in the industry.

According to the GrubHub community guidelines, drivers must receive compensation for the time spent delivering food.

If GrubHub does not compensate the driver for the time spent delivering food and making restaurant reservations, they should find other ways to make money.

Many of us have heard stories where drivers earn less than minimum wage while making fewer shifts than they wish they could work.

This can frustrate us as you want to eat out and tip well. As a driver, I have frustrations with the time I spend on my phones while getting people to order food

If you feel drivers should receive a $7 pay per delivery or have a few extra hours on their shifts, you encourage them to look for other ways to make money.

Some drivers choose to sell their GrubHub ridership data so that they can earn a few more dollars each month.

GrubHub also offers drivers a $20 referral bonus for each person who signs up.

This is in addition to the 2-5% you are already paying, so it’s straightforward to earn a few extra dollars whenever you refer a new user.

Do Grubhub Drivers See Your Tip?

Yes. GrubHub drivers can see a customer’s tip in the ‘Leave a Note’ section at the bottom of the order screen before they submit their order.

If you want to make sure your GrubHub driver sees your tip, be sure to add it when you’re paying for your food—not in the comment or ‘Leave a Note’ section on the order screen.

GrubHub reports that customers who add their tip when they place their order are much more likely for their drivers to see it and find out.

How Much Money Should I Tip My Grubhub Driver?

There are no hard and fast rules with tipping. Drivers are independent contractors who see extra cash for your order, regardless of what you leave in the tip line.

Some customers leave no tip or close to nothing, while others tip generously.

GrubHub drivers receive tips on an average of 8%, but you won’t find all GrubHub orders neatly organized.

If your driver’s difficulty in navigating the pickup spot made it extra tough on him—and probably you, too — follow up with a little something extra.

For a service with a $4.2 billion valuation, GrubHub doesn’t pay its drivers.

GrubHub pays the delivery companies that partner with them to deliver the food from restaurants to consumers, usually within 30 minutes or less of placing the order.

According to GrubHub’s “Get your food on time” page, GrubHub’s delivery partners offer a minimum guaranteed delivery time that ranges from 2 minutes and 30 seconds (in some locations) to almost 4 hours in congested areas.

Can Grubhub Drivers See Tips Before Delivery?

Yes. GrubHub drivers can see tips before delivery – even if you’ve opted to tip in cash at the restaurant.

GrubHub default automatically assigns a default 5% tip before drivers start their runs to avoid confusion about what you might have tipped.

This is a necessary measure as GrubHub drivers are independent contractors and may not always be privy to who tips them before they complete the delivery.

GrubHub has met with a tremendous amount of success in implementing this policy. It helps drivers focus on the customer experience and deliver the best service possible.

Do Grubhub Drivers See Your Name?

Yes. GrubHub drivers will see your name on the order when they arrive to deliver. Your name is also visible in the app, so you can see who’s on their way to pick up your order.

GrubHub also uses an unknown phone number, so the drivers can’t identify you.

Do Grubhub Without A Block

GrubHub’s number one priority with customer service is making sure customers get the order they’re expecting.

Can You Request A Specific Grubhub Driver?

No. You cannot request a specific GrubHub driver because it’ll match you with the driver nearest to you.

It can frustrate you when your delicious GrubHub order arrives, and it’s not the driver you expected.

GrubHub also knows that, sometimes, drivers make mistakes or customers cancel orders because they were mistaken about what they wanted to order.

Here’s how it works:

Grubhub is a marketplace, much like Craigslist or eBay.

When you place orders on their website or App and request a Grubhub network driver, you request a match with any available driver in your area who has agreed to participate in the Grubhub network.

GrubHub may not always have an immediate match for your request, but once they find you a match, they will send that driver to prepare your order and deliver it to you.

Why Does Grubhub Pay Better?

GrubHub pays better because it is a more lucrative business. GrubHub takes a percentage of a restaurant’s total sale on any orders through their service.

This additional markup generates more revenue on every order and offsets running the business.

As many of you might already know, there are many different food ordering apps, such as UberEATS, DoorDash, and Crave (to name a few).

Well, GrubHub brings the old school food ordering at a new age. They are easily one of the biggest competitors in the food delivery industry.

GrubHub is so big that there must be a reason they can afford to pay employees better than most companies.

The people working for GrubHub must enjoy their jobs and do well with their income to buy nice things.

Can Two Doordash Use The Same Car?

No. Two DoorDashers cannot use the same car at the same time— they would both be bound by the car’s pickup time and availability.

You can have one person use the App to order a car and then forget it, which takes up that spot.

Then, when someone else needs a ride home or to pick something up, they can take the now-available car.

You can have the other person use their app to order a car and have that ride completed after the first person’s ride is complete.

You can also achieve this with multiple cars, which would provide you with an on-demand option to get around where one might not be available otherwise.

But you would need to be careful as each threshold has a 30-minute minimum.

Does Grubhub Hide Tips

No. GrubHub wants to ensure a fair experience for all customers. GrubHub doesn’t have an official policy to cover this, so they encourage tipping cash or credit cards.

The GrubHub service makes it easy for you to select “tip” as a separate line item, which will take you to the “check out” page, where they calculate the amount from standard delivery fees.

If a customer does not tip, GrubHub does not condone attempting to pass the tip onto the driver – that is, between the customer and their driver.

Can I Tip Grubhub After Delivery?

Yes. You can tip GrubHub after delivery. There is no minimum or maximum required for tips. You can also tip on the GrubHub website before delivering your order.

If you want to tip after delivery, please keep in mind that GrubHub does not receive credit card information until after the delivery of your order.

If you wish to tip after the delivery, enter a zero (0) for the total amount and then pay with cash as soon as you can. Or, you can choose to leave a tip on the GrubHub website.

If you leave a tip after delivery, GrubHub will send a card by email notifying you they have completed the transaction.

Is GrubHub Food Safe?

Yes. GrubHub commits to providing the highest quality food, and they work hard with their restaurants to ensure this.

GrubHub also commits to providing you with the freshest ingredients for every order, which is why their full-time food safety team monitors all of their 9,000+ restaurants closely.

The company specializes in monitoring restaurant hygiene practices by using an online program that grades hygiene grades on a scale of A-F and online and offline inspections.

GrubHub also partners with an external team to conduct mystery dinners, which involves customers ordering food from a particular restaurant and then assessing the quality AFTER eating it.

Physical safety is not the only thing they look for in restaurants; GrubHub also has a strict quality control process on their website that allows users to rate their experience in food delivery.

Do Grubhub Drivers Receive A Payment If You Don’t Tip?

Can You Write Off Mileage For Grubhub?

Yes. You can deduct your food delivery mileage from the cost of the order. You can deduct this expense under IRS Code Section 274 (n).

You can either claim this as a general business expense or a specific deduction.

A specific deduction means you must actually incur the payment and not just talk about it before claiming any deductible expenses.

Keep in mind that if your restaurant delivery business involves towing and storing vehicles, you would likely classify that as a capitalized cost and not deductible.

You may need to discuss with a tax professional knowledgeable about IRS Code Section 274 (n) and distinguish between actual incurred and capitalized costs.

Section 274 (n) does not allow for deductions for depreciation, even if it’s included in your revenue.

You’ll have to look at IRS Code Section 179 for the 18-month depreciation of vehicles and equipment.

I can’t tell you precisely how much you can write off as mileage, but I will give you some points to consider in your calculations.

If you are writing off only a portion of the mileage, you’ll have to allocate that cost across all the orders for that month.

Also, if you make deliveries to three different restaurants in a particular month, and one order was worth $400 in total revenue, you should deduct $100 per order.

You may try to divide this amount evenly among the three restaurants or equally among all the month’s orders. It’s up to you.

Here is a quick-and-dirty calculation I used in my own business:

Order on average $45.00 per order Total cost $270.00 Cost of Mileage + 8 cents per mile = $278.00 Profit $45.00 – 270.00 = $19.00 Average order size + 20% profit margin = $33.00 Total profit $33.00.

And so, if this is a valid business expense and you honestly believe that you delivered your meals to the customers in that month, you can deduct the mileage as an expense.


GrubHub seems to be a very beneficial service for those that live far away from their selected restaurants.

The service will allow you to have food delivered to your home without having to leave the comfort of your home.

This can also improve your food delivery business if you provide delivery services to individuals or businesses in your city.

However, if you decide to provide this service to your customers, be sure to understand all the regulations and laws that may affect you when delivering food.

Nothing is more vital than ensuring your customers are safe whenever they eat at a restaurant or order food from someone. Get GrubHub On Your Smartphone.


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