Do I Need A Membership For Safeway?

Do I Need A Membership For Safeway?

Do I Need A Membership For Safeway?

Safeway is the number 1 grocery destination for Western United States and Northern Mexico shoppers.

Established in the 1920s, they have employed over 69,000 associates who serve customers through 59 divisions.

That translates to nearly 2,800 stores across ten states and two countries.

Safeway commits to providing an excellent shopping experience for each customer by offering competitive prices on various national and private label products that meet or surpass their expectations every day.

Do I Need A Membership For Safeway?

No. You will only need a Safeway membership if you purchase alcohol or tobacco. It’s unnecessary to have a Safeway card for all other purchases. However, if you regularly shop at Safeway, you should probably use the member-only coupons and deals.

I am a frequent visitor to Safeway with friends and family, and they have never asked for my Safeway card when purchasing items from the store.

I have also been in when people bought alcohol with their bottle from home, so it’s unnecessary to be a Safeway member to purchase these products.

If you only purchase cigarettes or alcohol from the store, signing up for a Safeway membership may be worth it.

What Is Safeway Just for U?

Safeway just for U is a database of coupons that will show you, in an instant, which Safeway store has the best offers on everything from milk to meat to cereals.

This time saving service lets you focus on the items that matter most to you so that you can save money and have more time for other things–like family, friends, and your life.

All Safeway Stores have a rewards card with a unique number.

When you use this number to register for your account, you will access all offers available in your area and the items you are most likely to purchase.

You don’t have to buy everything at Safeway just for U. Their simple system allows you to choose from a selection of coupons that match your family’s needs and fit into your budget.

You can pick only the ones that make sense to you. Safeway updates its coupon database daily, and its mobile App keeps track of all offers available wherever you are.

It’s easy, and it’s FREE. Sign up now on their website and start saving.

By downloading the Safeway just for U mobile App, you will save even more on groceries every time you shop.

Their mobile App is available for download on Android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

How Do You Use Just For U At Safeway?

Using just for U at Safeway is easy. All you have to do is.

  1. Download the App on your iOS or Android phone
  2. Scan the product barcode
  3. Pay your bill
  4. Find more deals at Safeway, and use them all

Check that the coupon you want to use is valid for the purchased product. Not all coupons are automatically applied, so you may need to apply them before checking out manually.

  1. Receive your reward points

After you pay your bill, your reward points will be added automatically to your account. You can then go online or download the App and redeem them for cash or gift cards!

You can also view your points balance and any rewards you have earned through just U and Safeway on their website.

  1. Use just for U with coupons at Safeway

Safeway allows you to use coupons in addition to your reward points when you are checking out.

Enter the code from the coupon into the just for U app and scan it at checkout.

  1. Know when your deals expire

When you download Safeway just for U, you can see when all of your rewards are set to expire.

You also get an alert on your phone if there is a deal about to expire, so you can use it before it goes away.

Can I Use My Safeway Card At Albertsons?

Yes, Safeway and Albertson accept the Safeway Rewards Card. You earn points just the same whether you shop at one or both chains’ stores.

Albertsons Rewards:

If you have an Albertson’s Safeway card, you can connect your Albertson’s Visa, MasterCard and Amex cards in a single account to earn points.

When you shop with one of these cards, your account will receive a charge, and you will earn points on that transaction.

If you shop at a store that doesn’t accept Albertson’s Visa or MasterCard, you may still earn points to redeem Safeway items quickly.

Shopping at Albertsons stores outside of the Safeway Rewards benefit areas is a mixed bag for shoppers.

If it’s not on the yellow tags, you cannot use your Albertsons card because it doesn’t earn Safeway Points.

But if you have one of these cards and shop within the specified areas, you may earn points for purchases made at other merchants that accept Albertson’s Credit Cards.

Do Safeway Employees Get Benefits?

Yes. Safeway employees get competitive rewards and benefits. Some benefits are:

  • 401 (k) Retirement Plan with a Company Match – Safeway contributes 1% of eligible compensation toward 401 (k) matches for all eligible employees participating in the plan (2% for associates with five or more years of service).

Qualified associates can also set up pretax payroll deductions for medical and dependent daycare expenses.

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance – Safeway offers a variety of medical, dental, and vision insurance plans, as well as life & short-term disability insurance.

Eligible associates can enroll in a company-paid medical program with no copayments for office visits or generic medications (other than $5 per prescription).

Dental and vision benefits are also available at competitive rates.

  • Paid Vacations – Safeway offers two weeks of paid vacation for each year of employment up to 20 weeks, with full benefits.

Vacation time can be yearly spread out (vacation scheduling is subject to business needs).

  • Optional Flexible Spending Accounts – Safeway offers Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) to help eligible associates save on dependent care services, medical expenses, and qualified dependent care expenses.

One can use FSAs for daycare expenses and dependent care services.

  • PTO Payroll Deduction – The PTO Payroll Deduction Plan allows associates to set up PreTax Savings and other regular contributions towards their retirement.

They match these contributions on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Eligible associates can take a full year’s salary as a PTO Payroll Deduction (up to 20 weeks).

  • Paid Volunteer Time – Each year, Safeway offers associates the option of receiving a volunteer time bonus of up to 20% of eligible hours for completing approved community programs.

Qualified associates can choose to receive that bonus besides any cash or PTO payout or as an incentive to become a part of the company’s volunteer program.

The company commits to hiring qualified people who can work hard and succeed.

In return, the company provides valuable benefits that encourage employees to be healthy and happy.

Does Albertsons Own Safeway Stores?

Yes. It does. 2017 was the year of the deal, so it was a straightforward decision when the company that owns Albertsons and Safeway acquired the other company to create a new grocery conglomerate.

Though it took time for this merger process to finish up, once it did, customers who purchased groceries at Albertsons or Safeway Stores now walk into a new story with just one big brand.

In 2017, Albertsons took over the Safeway Company. The merger involved billions of dollars, and it is a corporation with well over 1,200 stores, including Safeway, Albertsons, and Vons.

With this move, the company hopes to eliminate high costs by over 20 million a year as part of the grocery wars that are taking place at present.

To fuel the company’s growth, it’s necessary to search for ways that would help to sell more products per store.

A prime example is that they perform orders and stock certain products through a unique system.

So even though the same product is in stock, they may group it with other products that family members need.

This will help prevent wasting or spoilage and ensure that customers have a high-quality experience while on the premises.

Does Safeway Hold The First Paycheck?

Yes. Safeway will hold an employee’s first-week paycheck for up to 15 days to verify employment eligibility and run other background checks, such as criminal history and credit checks.

Safeway may also need to confirm that the employee has the necessary work authorization.

Important Notice: Safeway will not hold a paycheck if they have terminated the employee or have quit. Safeway will not keep a paycheck for repayment.

Safeway reserves the right to release or return any paycheck or portion thereof or hold it for other reasons.

Must You Join A Union To Work At Safeway?

No. Employees are not obliged to join a union to work at Safeway. Like all major grocery store chains, Safeway negotiates with the union on behalf of employees.

This is possible through a company union or an independent union. Employees are not required to join the preferred union if they are not members of that group.

But, there are some benefits to joining a company or independent union.

– With an independent or company-sponsored membership, you will be eligible for additional employee benefits like discounts on health insurance and better pay packages.

-An independent union may also offer more representation on workplace issues than the company union.

However, if you have a problem with your working conditions, administrative procedures, or management, it’s best to contact your local store manager first before contacting the union.

– Membership entitles employees to vote for company union officers and participation in grievance arbitration proceedings.

– Safeway’s employee handbook clearly states that “you may organize and join any union of your choice without interference.

Safeway strongly encourages employees to exercise this right.”

Does Safeway Just For U Work At Albertsons?

Yes. Safeway for you has the best deals and coupons for Albertsons.

When you shop at Safeway, you’ll find the best prices on your favorite products–like organic produce, fresh meat and seafood, breakfast foods, and much more.

Plus, sign up for the Safeway card to earn points to redeem on your next grocery trip and start saving even more.

There are a lot of eCoupons for Albertsons for both Safeway and Vons. Safeway also has its eCoupon site,, where you can make deals with your local store.

Not only can you make great deals at Albertsons, but they also have fantastic recipes to try.

Learn how to make meals with a healthy dose of vegetables or perfect your chicken cooking skills using their recipe ideas.

You’ll always find something new when you visit the Albertsons website.

Can You Use A Safeway Gift Card At Albertsons?

Yes. You can use your Safeway card to purchase items at Albertsons. Ensure you know a few things before using their system, though.

First, you’ll have to put in the last four digits of the card number and enter your PIN if there is one.

You will then get a screen to scan your Safeway gift card or input the redeem code by keypad.

Next, you must enter your favorite store, choose the brand, and enter the price. You can either put in a fee or swipe the card.

This will then ask you if you want to pay by cash or check and point out that there will be a $.65 convenience fee for each transaction.

Lastly, you’ll get a message about how long it will take for your money to go through.

Also, remember that your balance isn’t visible, so you’ll have to check it on the back of your card, as Albertsons will only tell you how much is remaining on the gift card.


Safeway is a great place to work. The pay and benefits will amaze you. Stores are less busy, while the employees are more pleasant than anything else I’ve worked at before.

The toughest part of the job is working on holidays, but it’s the expectation for any company.

If you get hired in a particular store, make sure you find your schedule exactly since some stores change time frames depending on the season or special events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.


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