Do Target Employees Get a Discount at Target Starbucks?

Do Target Employees Get a Discount at Target Starbucks?

Do Target Employees Get a Discount at Target Starbucks?

Target Starbucks is a coffee chain established in the 1990s. With over 1,800 locations across the US, it’s one of the most popular Starbucks locations.

Target Starbucks, an “urban” store, offers more diverse offerings than other locations.

This also means that this location contains items typically found in smaller storefront settings, such as small affordable foods and drinks for sale and iced beverages.

Yes! Target employees get a 10% off at in-store Starbucks. You must show your Target red card or wear a Target shirt to receive the discount. There may be a limit on the number of discounts an individual can receive, or certain departments may not be eligible for discounts.

Target employees save 10% off at in-store Starbucks each time they visit. You must show their Target red card or wear their shirt to receive the discount.

This discount does not include beverages, which they serve at full price.

Starbucks employees must pay the full amount for their drinks. If you’re not sure you’re eligible for the discount, ask a supervisor at your local Target store for clarification.

Starbucks employees have this discount because I work at a location where most of the employees are from Target, and they buy their drinks from Starbucks almost daily with no trouble.

The only real way to get this discount is to be a Target Employee. It’s done at Target stores, so it’s unusual to find Starbucks employees who work in Target stores.

I do, however, know a few people who are Target employees, and they get the discount. It’s not very often that it happens, so whether you have to be Target or not to get the 10% off doesn’t matter.

The only thing different from any customer’s experience at Starbucks is when you go in, an employee will scan your red card, which is the Target discount card for Target employees for 10% off.

What Can I Use My Target Employee Discount On?

Household EssentialsYou can use your target employee discount on everything that makes your home more comfortable.  

From bedding and towels to furniture and kitchenware, Target has you covered.

Fashion EssentialsStock up on clothes for work, school, or play on the go.  

Target’s got all the latest trends in every size imaginable, so you can try them on before you buy them.

ElectronicsUpgrade your electronics game with the latest Apple, Sony, and more devices. From computers to cameras, Target has all your tech needs covered.
Entertainment EssentialsStay entertained at home or on the go with Target’s great selection of movies and video games.  

Pick up all the newest releases so you can host movie night right at home.

Electronics AccessoriesKeep your gadgets in tip-top shape with accessories like power cords and batteries to keep them running smoothly.  

You can also find plenty of accessories at Target to keep your home looking great.

GroceriesEating healthy is essential to a happy, healthy lifestyle. But with so much variety in the grocery market, it can be hard to shop for what you need.  

Target has carefully curated a selection of grocery items you and your family will love.

Can You Use Your Target Circle Earnings at Starbucks?

Yes! You can use your Target Circle rewards on any purchase from Target, with a few exceptions.

You may not use your Target Circle earnings on gift cards, and you can never use a prepaid card as a payment method, even if the purchase is over a bill.

You can enter coupon codes from both brands when redeeming your credit or debit card. If you are using your Target Circle credit card, both brands’ codes should activate simultaneously.

If, for some reason, the Starbucks store refuses a purchase, they will ask you to wait until they approve the transaction before you make another purchase.

However, they will allow you to use your Target Circle rewards balance at the cash register during this time, and this is not considered a second transaction.

Do Target Employees Get a Discount at Target Starbucks?

Another thing to remember when redeeming your Target Circle earnings at Starbucks is that the card needs swiping and not scanned for the transaction to go through.

If you use your Target Circle rewards at Starbucks, remember that the credit or debit card you use from Target must also be from Target. If you pay with a different card, they will decline it, and your transaction will not work.

Top 7 Perks Target Employees Get?

401(k) RetirementTarget employees receive a 401(k) plan with 50% matching up to the first 6% of salary contribution.


The First 6% contribution is matched with 25 shares of Target stock.

VacationTarget grants time off to employees, including paid time off (PTO).
 Health, Dental, and vision insuranceTarget provides comprehensive health, dental, and vision benefits for employees and their families at low out-of-pocket costs.
Pre-Tax cash out of retirement accounts
Target offers an optional pre-tax cash-out feature on target retirement plans.  

Allowing for a tax-favored withdrawal as you need it for a special purpose, such as buying a house or sending your children to college.

A maximum of $12,000 is allowed each year
Prepaid Debit cardsTarget’s prepaid debit card program allows Target employees to use their paychecks as regular ATM cards.
Line of Credit for purchasesTarget provides a line of credit on existing credit card accounts through Target Key MasterCard that you can use to make purchases while the account is active.
Discounts at Target stores and onlineTarget provides discounts of up to 10% at all its stores and online, including technology, home, baby, wellness, and apparel, as well as groceries and general merchandise.

What drinks are refillable at Starbucks Target? -Top 5

Red Velvet DrinkYou get a refill of the red velvet drink by asking for a vanilla bean scone instead
Iced Black TeaStarbucks offers iced black tea that can be refilled for free when purchasing.
Iced Caramel MacchiatoThe iced caramel macchiato is a drink you can refill for free, but only after making a purchase. This drink comes with foam and drizzle.
Iced Green Tea LatteThis is an iced version of the standard green tea latte that can be refilled for free when you purchase.
Iced Caffe LatteThe iced caffe latte is also a drink you can refill for free, but only after making a purchase. This drink comes with foam and drizzle.

Can I Use My Starbucks Partner Discount at Target? 

No. You can’t get a discount at Target Starbucks if you are a regular Starbucks employee. You can only use the discount at a participating Starbucks location, but Starbucks will serve you better instead; while waiting in line or ordering online.

The same goes for buying Starbucks items when you are at Target. You can’t use item-specific coupons or Starbucks coupons at Target unless the coupon states explicitly that Target accepts it.

If you are a Starbucks partner, then you can use your Starbucks discount card at a participating Target store and get items like mugs and gift cards.

But only if they sell them as part of an exclusive set that doesn’t include any other brand or store logo on it besides the Target bullseye.

The Target gift card would have to say “featured in partnership with Starbucks” on it, and there could not be any other brand or store logo on it, either.

For example, “Starbucks Sticker Design Café” would not be acceptable, but “Starbucks Sticker Design Gift Card” would be;

However, it wouldn’t be acceptable if a Target gift card package display sold the gift card with other brands and logos on it.

If you are a Starbucks employee trying to redeem your discount at Target, you can only use it for Starbucks products.

You cannot use your partner discount at Target unless you buy the items as part of the exclusive feature mentioned above.

Can I Use My Starbucks Partner Discount Anywhere?

Yes! As a Starbucks partner, you qualify for discounts on your favorite beverages, food items, and merchandise in any company-operated Starbucks store in the United States.

This excludes any licensed locations, such as grocery stores or Target stores. You can use your discount at any Starbucks store.

Note: To ensure you get the most out of your Starbucks Rewards membership, ask a cashier for a card with a balance of $5 or more.

This allows you to use your smartphone to pay for items at any Starbucks store, saving you time and any lines. It’s a great way to use your loyalty rewards.

For maximum customer satisfaction, always ask the cashier for a Rewards card even if you know the cashier is not one of the Starbucks baristas.

Do Wegmans Give Employee Discounts?

The Starbucks Rewards card allows you to save 5-10% off purchases (depending on the type of discount).

The discounts are subject to change and may not be available in all stores, but it is worth asking if you want to know.

On an average visit, the savings you earn on a single transaction may range from $0.50 (when earning a 10% discount) to $1.00 (when earning a $5 discount).

How Does Starbucks Partner Discount Work?

Partners can receive a free coffee or a box of tea pounds every week. Partners receive a 30% discount on purchases of beverages, merchandise, and food in the stores.

Some partners consider discounted coffee their retirement savings plan, and others use it to treat themselves regularly.

For many partners, the Starbucks partner discount is a source of relief from the high cost of living.

And for store managers and shift supervisors across the U.S., they reward partners who go above and beyond daily with healthy bonuses in cash or free drinks.

Here are the details that make it possible for partners to take advantage of the partner discount:

  1. To get a weekly free pound of coffee or box of tea, partners must be in their 1st year of employment with Starbucks.

Currently, partners receive a free pound or box of coffee or tea the week they begin work and each week after that for 150 weeks.

The weekly free pound or box depends on their store’s location and the partner’s position:

Store partners at participating Starbucks cafes receive a free pound of coffee each week.

Shift supervisors in participating Starbucks stores receive a free tea box each week.

  1. Since the beginning, partners have been able to buy food, beverages, merchandise, and more at 30% off with their employee discount card.

This discount applies to food and beverages sold in the company-operated stores only.

Do Starbucks Employees Get Tips?

Yes! They split up tips among baristas and shift supervisors but are not given to managers, shift managers, or assistant managers. The tips will vary and get distributed every Tuesday amongst all baristas.

There is no set amount; the tips get split according to the shift’s hours and sales.

Baristas can make anywhere from $0-$200 in a shift. Tips depend on the time of year; the more customers and shifts you have, the more tips you get.

Summers are usually better for tips than winter and spring, but calls can be weird because students who don’t come during the school year still come during summer.

There is no set amount to give; whoever rings up the most sales gets more money from tips; it’s a way to gain favoritism among baristas. Tips are a great way to get good shifts and hours.

When tips come through, it’s an opportunity to make extra money. Some baristas even double as freelancers, working second jobs during the week with tips as their primary source of income.

There is no guaranteed cash, so whatever you make has to last you all week until Tuesday (the next opportunity to get tips).

Baristas operate just fine financially during the summer when high school and college students are around.

Sometimes, tips alone aren’t enough to make ends meet, so baristas have to take other jobs or find other ways to get extra income.

Baristas who work longer during the summer typically do better regarding tips. However, if they work long hours, they won’t have time to earn money anywhere else.

It’s a choice between working long hours and going out with friends or working the same number of shifts and having other sources of income (aside from tips).

Do Starbucks Employees Know If You Tip on The App?

No. The Tips accumulate in the mobile App daily and get paid weekly as a percentage of the total hours worked.

If you’re a Starbucks App user, and you’ve been tipping your baristas each time you use the App to buy a latte or Frappuccino,

You may be unaware that these tips accumulate in the mobile App and get paid out weekly as a percentage of total hours worked. You probably want to start tipping in cash if your barista needs to know they did a good job.

You’re prompted to enter a gratuity amount when you buy your coffee with the App. It’s important to note that this gratuity isn’t charged unless you choose to tip, but it does calculate the total price of your drink.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say your barista rings up a $4.20 Grande Vanilla Bean Frappuccino® blended beverage with whole milk, whipped cream, and caramel flavoring – that alone is $3.95,

So it’s no surprise that the gratuity defaulted at $0.25 for this order. However, if you tip on mobile, it calculates the total price of your drink.

So, let’s say that you tip $0.25 and decide to buy a refill with the app the next time you visit your local store;

The same barista works on both visits, you still receive a charge of $3.95 again unless you adjust the gratuity amount or add more money during each visit.


Target Starbucks is a company that has a more competitive strategy in the market. Their brand is very famous, and they have attracted many loyal customers worldwide due to their quality services.

In general, Starbucks coffee is always served cold or hot. It’s delicious and affordable for customers who want to enjoy coffee.

The ambiance Starbucks coffee shop is awesome and comfy for spending time with friends and family.


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