Do Whole Foods Accept Amazon Gift Cards?(Tips)

Do Whole Foods Accept Amazon Gift Cards?

Do Whole Foods Accept Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards are a great way to give someone the chance to buy anything they want on contain zero restrictions on what they can spend it on.

One of the best things about Amazon gift cards is that you don’t need to know their size and color preferences for clothes or shoes.

You don’t need to know if they like coffee pods more than tea leaves to get them something perfect.

Every year, there seems to be one person who always gets forgotten when it comes time for holiday shopping.

That is your boss. Now, while some people might not care about getting a present from their boss this time of year, plenty does.

But buying the perfect gift for your employer can be difficult if you aren’t sure what they want or need. That’s where Amazon gift cards come in.

When you give someone an Amazon gift card, it gives them the chance to buy what they want for themselves.

No more worries about buying something too large, not their preferred color, or worse yet.

Having your boss think you’re trying to get on his good side by getting him something he won’t ever use.

You can order Amazon gift cards right from home and have them sent directly to your boss’ house.

Personalized messages get included with each gift as well. So, when you give your boss a holiday present this year.

They remind them of how much you care about their happiness all year long.

Do Whole Foods accept Amazon gift cards?

No. You can’t use your amazon gift card balance at Whole Foods. You can only use amazon gift cards for purchases of items sold on Amazon website or the App. But with Amazon Prime membership you can enjoy free 2-day shipping from whole foods as a prime member among other benefits.

Their website is the brand name of a larger company that includes subsidiary sites such as, Shop bop, and

Therefore, if you have money left on your gift card, you can shop at any of these websites.

You can also buy anything over 400 Whole Foods locations throughout the United States and the UK and pay using funds from your Amazon balance.

Whole Foods accept credit cards and debit cards but not cash or check transactions. There are no transaction fees for paying with an eligible credit card.

But there is a 3% fee when paying with an eligible debit card a U.S.-based bank must issue. There is no fee for using Amazon gift cards.

Can you use Amazon gift cards on Prime?

Yes, You can use Amazon gift cards on Prime. One advantage of an Amazon Prime membership is the free 2-day shipping.

However, this may not always be convenient for everyone, especially if you need a product right away.

Fortunately, some workarounds take advantage of gift cards and other discounts. This allows them to get around paying for shipping costs on certain items.

I have confirmed that you can use Amazon Gift Cards on Prime.

This means that if the desired item qualifies for free two-day shipping (allowing you to avoid paying standard $3.99 or $4.99 fees).

You can pay using an Amazon gift card instead of your saved credit/debit card get the discount.

A word of caution: Make sure the item you are buying qualities for free shipping if you use this workaround.

If it does not, and you select gift card payment, they will cancel your order since the purchase did not go through.

Always double-check that your order will qualify for Prime before using Amazon’s “Pay with Points” option.

How Do I Pay With An Amazon Prime Gift Card?

You can use your Amazon Prime gift card as a payment method on if you follow these steps:

  • Click on the item you want to buy and enter your voucher code in the field below the product name under “Gift Cards & Promotional Codes.
  • Once you click “Apply,” a window will pop up. You will have a chance to review your order.

Make sure everything is correct, and fill out the billing address if it’s different from your shipping address. (click on “Change” right next to the payment method).

  • Next step is to choose a payment option that suits you best (personal or business credit/debit cards, bank transfer, PayPal, etc.).
  • After you finish choosing the payment option, click on “Proceed to check out.”
  • Fill in your personal and shipping information. Continue through the steps until you reach the order confirmation page.

On this step, click on the “place order” button again as they did not enable it during checkout.

Instead, they changed to disabled once an item from your cart gets removed or added (and before that, you can’t do anything).

  • After clicking on the “place order” button, a new window will show up requesting your billing address and payment method of choice.
  • If all information gets filled out correctly, click on “Place Order.”
  • That’s pretty much it! As simple as that, now wait for your item to arrive

Can You Convert An Amazon Gift Card To Cash?

 Yes. There are many ways to do this, and we I outline some of the most popular methods below.

Selling your account on a website like eBay or Craigslist (you may sell it for more than $1,000).

Converting the balance into an Amazon e-gift card that can get sold back as cash through sites like or

They only recommend this if you have less than $5 left on your account.

Duplicate: There are so many Amazon gift cards out there now. Is there any way to convert them into cash?

You want to buy something, but you don’t have any money on hand, so you decide to buy it with your Amazon Gift Card.

Now you have a gift card with no cash in hand. How do you convert that to something more liquid?

This question is about converting an Amazon gift card balance into cash. There are various options/methods for this.

They include selling the gift card online through websites like Craigslist or eBay or selling it back for an Amazon e-gift card.

There are other methods of converting the balance too. But I may not recommend them unless you only have less than $5 left on your account.

Do Whole Foods Accept Amazon Gift Cards?

These methods include paying off another credit/debit balance using the gift card. If you need more money than that, then these methods will most likely not be suitable.

A peer-to-peer method of converting an Amazon gift card to cash is purchasing an Amazon e-card through sites like or

It also includes selling it back for money through a different peer-to-peer site like Paxful or Local Bitcoins.

I do not recommend these unless you have at least $5 left on your account (or more).

This is because the fees may end up being very high in comparison (there are other risks associated with these methods, such as scams).

Another option is selling your account itself (if you’re willing to part ways with it). You can do this on eBay, Craigslist, or similar websites.

You may sell it for more than $1,000, but make sure that you will not get into any trouble for doing this.

There are also some websites where you can trade gift cards for cash.

But most of them will offer meager rates (even lower than the fees you would get on sites with peer-to-peer selling).

You can also sell your Amazon gift card on various forums, including Bitcoin talk, Reddit, or Slack.

Still, it’s not recommended unless you have at least $5 left (or more). This is because almost every time, these attempts resulted in people getting scammed.

These scams work by convincing buyers to deal with a natural person, then taking their money and running away.

Sometimes, they scammed hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars from users before disappearing.

If you want to “play it safe,” then you should only sell your Amazon gift card for cash if you still have at least $5 left on it.

How Many Gift Cards Can You Use On Amazon?

You can use as many gift cards on Amazon’s website as you’d like. However, there are some exceptions:

  • You cannot buy an Amazon Kindle E-reader with a gift card
  • You cannot purchase any form of Facebook Credits using an Amazon gift card

Other than the cases above, you can use as many gift cards on Amazon’s website as you’d like.

You also have the option to combine your wallet balances into one account. To do this, you must first add all your gift cards to your account and then choose “Combine My Wallet.”

From there, you will withdraw funds from one balance and deposit them in another or keep it.

You may find it easier to use Amazon’s website than redeem your gift card in-store, depending on the retailer.

Retailers that allow you to pay with a combination of credit and gift cards include:

  • Sears Holdings (includes Kmart)
  • Forever 21
  • GameStop

To make purchases online at these retailers or any other, add all of your gift cards as payment options when checking out at either store’s shopping cart.

This is how you can take advantage of using multiple gift cards in one purchase at any online retailer.

So, use all the gift cards you have available.

There are no limits to doing so. If you want to take it one step further by combining all your gift card balances into one account, you can do that as well.

The choice is yours, and there are no limitations on how you spend your gift cards.

Does Walmart Accept Amazon Gift Cards?

No. Walmart does not accept Amazon gift cards.

While this may be difficult for people who want to use their gift card at Walmart, there is a way to make it work.

There are sites online that sell new or used Amazon gift cards. This happens at a significantly cheaper price than the dollar amount on them.

Let’s say you have a $25 Amazon gift card and would like to use it at Walmart.

You could purchase a $20 3rd party gift card from an online store. After that, transfer the money onto your original card before going shopping in-store.

You can also use the money toward your next online order through Walmart’s website.

Walmart only lists one of those sites as “approved” when looking for resellers. However, many others sell cards as well.

Once you have a physical Amazon gift card, it is pretty simple to use at Walmart. Go through the normal checkout process for online orders.

If the total exceeds your balance (which it probably will), choose to pay with an existing gift card.

You can also select someone else’s information during checkout and enter your own 16-digit gift card number and 7-digit pin code.

These are the digits you find on the back of the card above the barcode. Then, continue shopping or checking out like usual.

Walmart does not appear to have any strict limits on how much you can spend per transaction using an Amazon gift card.

Yet, they do place caps on how much you can spend total per month, which varies by location.


You might wonder if Amazon has a gift card. The answer is yes, and it’s called an “Amazon Prime membership.”

But the company also accepts other forms of payment for its various services, like Amazon Cash and credit cards.

So, what does this mean?

It means that you can pay with your Prime membership or any other form of money to access many (but not all) of the same perks as someone who pays with their cash on hand enjoys.

If you are curious about how much these payments cost compared to one another, check out our blog post comparing them side-by-side here.

I hope this article helped you understand more about how charge works at Amazon stores.


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