Do You Tip Giant Eagle Delivery?(Guide)

Do You Tip Giant Eagle Delivery?

Do You Tip Giant Eagle Delivery?

Giant Eagle delivery is a program that saves money for Giant Eagle shoppers who order from the store’s website.

There is a minimum purchase requirement of $25, and they must deliver the groceries to your home within 30 minutes to qualify.

The delivery service requires you to pay an additional fee per order, earning Giant Eagle points you can redeem for discounts on future purchases.

Do You Tip Giant Eagle Delivery?

No! You don’t have to tip. It’s optional. You can tell the driver to leave it with the doorman or concierge of the building where you are. And if they’re not there, leave it at their desk or with somebody else who might be around if they’re only delivering to one place in the building.

I think it’s nice to give the driver $1 or $2 per bag if you want to tip.

Sometimes they have a bunch of bags and carry them up a bunch of flights, so I try to give them $2 if it’s more than three bags.

And if they’re super-nice or seem tired, I’ll give them $5, but that’s super rare.

As far as delivery fees, I think there is no delivery fee for food orders over $10 (at least at Giant Eagle). I’ve seen them post it on the door, but it’s usually okay if they charge that.

Do You Need An Advantage Card To Shop At Giant Eagle?

Yes. Giant Eagle requires shoppers to show their cards, according to store policy. When you buy at any Giant Eagle store, you will have to submit your advantage card.

Your discount benefits and Giant Eagle coupons will automatically apply when a member swipes the card or enters the correct code.

If you don’t have an advantage card or your coupon is not working because of the expiration date, please speak with our Customer Service team.

You may have to show ID, provide your phone number and zip code, or some combination of the above.

The store will not accept a different card for your purchase.

You may also use an Advantage card at any Giant Eagle location, including Giant Eagle Grocery stores, Giant Eagle Liquors Stores, and The Wine Market stores.

There are no expiration dates on the advantage card in the transaction process. Your card’s expiration date is at the back of your card (on the right).

How Do I Pick Up My Giant Direct Order?

Picking up your giant direct order is easy; all you have to do is add a few extra steps in the process.

With how fast technology is changing, giant created a new system to make this process easier for everyone.

They have built a call center dedicated to picking up direct orders that do not need extra fees or charges for customers.

Here Is A Step-By-Step Guide To What You Need To Do Before Your Order Gets Shipped.


  • Call customer care and talk to a representative who will ask you for your name, address, email address, and phone number. They will steer you through the process from there.
  • Your order confirmation will be complete within three business days (this is not in real-time).
  • It does not hurt to call back about 24 hours after confirming your order to double-check everything is correct.
  • Your order will ship out within two days of receiving it from us
  • After your order ships out, you will receive an email stating it shipped
  • Once you receive the email from us with your tracking number, go online and find your package on the USPS website
  • You’ll need to sign for it for delivery for them to make sure its delivery was to you, after which will open a ticket with UPS/FedEx where they can help confirm that they shipped out the package
  • You can then call us back to confirm that you picked it up (this will create an order status of Picked Up).

Is Giant Eagle The Same As Giant?

No. Giant Eagle is not the same as Giant. Giant is a well-known supermarket located across the country. Giant Eagle is a groceries store chain in the United States.

Here are the substantial differences between the two giant companies, so you can choose which one best suits your needs.

For starters, while Giant Eagle offers some groceries, it’s primarily known for its discount department stores and trade-named department stores such as “Giant Eagle,” “Market District,” and “GetGo.”

Their specialty stores include: “Beauty Plus,” “Giant Eagle Express,” and “Giant Eagle Wine and Spirits.”

Giant Eagle’s specialty stores offer many items, including groceries, clothing, a full range of health and beauty products, wine, sporting goods, and more.

However, Giant is a well-known supermarket located across the country. Giant is reputable for its low price specials and provides shoppers with high-quality products.

Many groceries are available at Giant, including fresh produce and meat departments.

Giant also offers an excellent selection of specialty foods such as fine cheeses, seafood, and other gourmet items.

Its prepared food offerings include hot and cold sandwiches, salads, soups, and entrees. Giant is also famous for its floral departments and highly rated bakery departments.

So which one do you choose? The decision to shop at either Giant or Giant Eagle is price-based, the number of stores available in your area, and the quality of products offered.

Is Myperks Better Than Fuel Perks?

In some ways, they are. In others, Fuelperks is better. In which case should you use one?

Fuel perks give you a bonus but only when you cook (e.g., 10% extra per cooking skill),

While myPerks offers an automatic perk every 30 minutes that never expires (e.g., extra exp per cooking skill) with no restriction on how many words you write or deliver messages in the voice career of your choice in the period given.

The Fuelperks perk is good for PVP, and the Myperks perk is good for PvE and a little both.

I only get 100% of the fuel perks in fire-making and the rest of my bonuses, but with just one word a day, those days add up.

How Does Giant Direct Pickup Work?

Giant directs pickup work by taking in recyclables from surrounding households. They then transfer the items to trucks and place them into designated stations shipped worldwide.

The following is a description taken from one of their websites:

Giant Direct Waste and Recycling, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Waste Management Inc., provides curbside pick up for residential customers within its network of waste-to-energy facilities in North America.

The company operates 32 facilities in seven major metropolitan areas: Baltimore, Md., Chicago, Ill., Los Angeles, Calif., New York City-Long Island/New Jersey, San Francisco Bay Area, and Toronto.

Giant Direct Waste and Recycling took on a new role in the industry as the best choice for residential waste and recycling collection.

Today, the company continues to lead with its proven track record of reliable service at a value price.

Giant Direct Waste and Recycling is wholly focused on helping customers solve their communities’ waste and recycling challenges.

The company does this in part by providing a full suite of integrated waste solutions, including transfer, processing, disposal, and recycling services.

Can I Check My Giant Eagle Fuel Perks?

Yes. You can check your Giant Eagle fuel perks by visiting the website and logging in. Once you log in, clicking on the “my account” button will provide a listing of all your fuel perks.

You can also access your Giant Eagle fuel perks account from the Giant Eagle mobile app.

Most gas stations offer a loyalty program and special offers for their customers throughout the year.

These programs are great because they allow customers to earn points or miles with each purchase at that specific company.

There are a lot of gas stations that offer their loyalty programs, but only a few offers BP fuel perks.

That’s why having an account come to you is better because you can use your frequent flyer miles while you still have these points.

Thus, it’s better to have your fuel perks through the BP website instead of loyalty programs at other gas stations with similar perks.

Do You Tip Giant Peapod Grocery Pickup?

Yes. But it is optional and only for your advantage. You will find the service cost included in the price of your order. Here’s what you need to know.

-Peapod is a grocery and general merchandise delivery company.

They deliver anywhere in the continental US and Canada, with free shipping over $35, plus free next-day delivery on orders placed before 3 pm on weekdays.

-Peapod is not a restaurant, so you don’t need to tip them.

-Typical tip sizes are $1-2 on orders under $35 and $2-3 on orders over $35. This basis is on my experience visiting Peapod in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. It will vary by location.

-You do not need to tip Peapod for the service they provide; you want to show your appreciation for their kindness and the convenience of having groceries delivered right to your home.

Do You Tip Personal Shoppers At Giant Eagle?

No. I’ve been a personal shopper at Giant Eagle for a little over a year now, and people always ask me if I get tipped. I would love a tip. It’s just not the case, though.

There’s no way you could ever tip someone who is just doing their job. So don’t feel bad if you don’t think to tip us.

When I’m shopping with a customer, they’re usually in a hurry to make it somewhere, so I try to get the shopping done as quickly as possible.

But even when the customers are friendly and want to chat, I still have to get everything scanned and bagged.

It’s not that personal shoppers cannot talk; it’s just that my hands are full of things, and I am trying to make sure the register is ringing up at the right price.

I don’t have the time to make small talk. Some people would love to chat with someone while they shop, but it can get tricky when you’re juggling bags and bottles of wine.

But I love my job. I get (not tipped) paid hourly to shop with customers and help them find what they want. It’s a dream come true.

I’ve always desired to work in retail, and so far, I am not disappointed. I love working with customers who are just there to have fun.

Showing someone where something is or picking out your favorite brand of ketchup for you is just as important as being a cashier or working on the floor, but there are no tips for it.

I’m not complaining that I don’t get tipped because this is what I signed up for, and my manager always makes sure that I am aware of that.

Do Giant Eagle Fuel Perks Rollover?

Yes. Up to 20% of your purchases get awarded to you at the end of the calendar year. Giant Eagle fuel perks roll over each year.

This means if you spend $100 on fuel this month, you will get an even $200 back next month. That’s a significant saving of up to 20% off your entire order.

If you want to save more, sign up for the email alerts and get notified when the Fuelperk is about to roll over.

And don’t forget that there are rewards in all with receiving as much as 12% back in cash at participating locations for every 100 fuel perks you earn.

If you wish to check your balance, visit the fuel perks website and enter your 10-digit phone number. You will receive a verification text message with your balance.

Reward cards get preloaded at $100 each and increase their value by one penny per gallon every time you swipe your card in a participating station.


Giant Eagle fuel perks information, Giant Eagle fuel perks reviews, and Giant Eagle fuel perks reward help know what services are available.

Giant Eagle is a leading grocery retailer in the USA. It is also the biggest supermarket chain in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Make sure you follow these instructions for Giant Eagle fuel perks membership. Fuel perks help you save money at the pump.

The rewards program for fuel is pretty simple to understand. You will easily know how much you can save on your next grocery bill using Giant Eagle fuel perks.


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