Does Aldi allow Employees to have Tattoos?

Does Aldi allow Employees To Have Tattoos?

Does Aldi allow Employees To Have Tattoos?

Tattoos have become a common phenomenon. Indeed, a larger majority of over 330 million people in the US have at least one tattoo.

Unfortunately, these people are more susceptible to facing extra hurdles in the workplace.

As about 40 percent of HR managers believe body art has a limiting influence over career potential’s .

But you might be asking, Does Aldi allow Employees to have Tattoos? Yes. Aldi employees are not restrained from wearing inoffensive tattoos.

In reality, the Aldi dress code is vague and has no specifics at all as it states that department and location will guide in the appropriate dress code.

Many companies embrace inking, and more will likely relax their rigidity in the near future.

However, more time might be taken for the older to accept tattoos as those beyond 60 years mainly consider tattoos inappropriate at work.

Again, the law remains silent on discrimination against tattoo wearers as there is no legislation touching on that.

Indeed, it’s easy to be discriminated against during hiring if you have a visible tattoo, especially if it’s considered offensive.

Is Working In Aldi Worth It?

Yes, maybe. If you work for the sake of money, Aldi is not a bad place to look.

With the lessons learned in 2020 (chief among them being what an essential worker is).

We have learnt to appreciate the relevance of service providers we scarcely considered a year back.


Some of these people have made sure we did not lack during the lockdowns.

This has been the work of those who stocked the shelves to those who checked you out in the grocery stores.

Perhaps, this gets you thinking, how much do employees at Aldi make? 

Since the cashier is the gateway to goods, they are bound to be the persons you will see mostly in any grocery store.

There are over 2,000 stores in the United States alone where more than 25,000 workers work.

Consequently, you are more likely to meet Aldi cashiers than other employees in Aldi grocery stores.

Before Covid-19, Aldi enjoyed a customer base of over 40 million every month.

This is why you can rightly consider Aldi cashiers as essential service providers in any Aldi store.

In addition to working, a cashier helps in achieving the day-to-day objectives of Aldi. These objectives include cleaning, stocking, and more.

Indeed, Aldi cashiers work under intense pressure under rigorous standards, including a goal to ring up 1,200 items per hour when on shift through Mental Floss.

Indeed, you can consider the seat they are provided with as an incentive for bringing up their ringing speeds.

But what do they get for the lightning-fast they work at? Well, they make around $2083 per month.

This is not bad, especially when considering that it’s a little more than the national average for cashiers at $1917.

However, lead cashiers get more due to their additional roles of maintaining a high level of customer service and overseeing the sales floor.

If you are employed and work for these extra duties, you will be getting an additional $12.61 per hour.

Therefore, should you work full-time, you will be getting a salary of over $26,000 a year. 

Are There Additional Benefits When Working In Aldi?

Yes. Apart from the salary, Aldi employees access many other benefits .

Aldi ranks among the first five with regard to benefits for vision, medical, and dental insurance.

In addition to getting insurance, employees pay less than their counterparts at other discount grocery stores pay.

These are huge savings as they add up with every paycheck.

When it comes to sourcing groceries and other goods, they are delivered from other companies to Aldi’s warehouse.

If you work in this warehouse-type as an Aldi warehouse associate, you will be making around $17 per hour, which translates to about $35,000 per year. 

This type of work involves some lifting as well as moving stuff. Therefore, you will need to be in good shape.

Luckily, if you are not in that shape, you don’t need to worry as you will get there in the course of work.

The work is like exercise as such employees wear steel-toed boots because of the heavy equipment they use through Mental Floss.

While physical fitness is a good thing that Aldi warehouse associates get, they are also entitled to earn a two percent safety bonus to ensure a safe working environment.

There is much flexibility with Aldi store associates. As an associate, you will be kept on your toes doing several different things each day.

In addition to spending time stocking shelves, there will be time to spend behind the cash register.

Again, you will spend much time working face to face with customers and in the process  building your career.

For this type of work, if you are a  full-time store associate, you will be earning $13 an hour.

This will add up to an annual salary of about $27,000. Salaries like these have propelled Aldi to earning many awards as a good employer over the last decade.


For instance, Forbes puts Aldi as the best employer for grads in the year 2018 and 2019.

Beyond actual health insurance, Aldi salary is bolstered by other benefits like the MotivateMe program.

This program incentivizes healthy habits where you earn Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) dollars,  handy in helping with insurance deductibles.

Another benefit is the SmartDollar, a financial wellness program that employees have access to, handy in helping employees with budgeting and saving advice and help. 

Does Aldi Give Discounts To It’s Employees?

No.There are no discounts at all available for Aldi employees.This might seem discouraging since many other stores offer discounts to their employees.

However, it’s not bad overall since they offer many benefits to their employees, including paid holidays, vacation pay, and group health insurance.

You might find justification for Aldi’s reluctance to offer employees discounts in the fact that their prices are too low, meaning that their profit margins are slim.

I think the company has done some delicate balancing where it has either to offer employee discounts or choose to offer other benefits and stay afloat.

I don’t think  the fact that Aldi doesn’t offer employee discounts is a big issue.

When you consider online reviews, you will find that Aldi employees are not complaining about not getting these discounts.

Probably, this is because they are happy about other better benefits they get from Aldi.

Does Aldi Have A Strict Appearance Policy?

No. Indeed, Aldi’s appearance policy is very accommodative. However, you will notice that the policy depends on your particular department.

Consequently, it’s not possible to give a blanket conclusion with regard to the appearance policy at Aldi.

Things that will have a major role in affecting the appearance policy are your role and your department.

However, in simple terms, Aldi’s appearance policy can be termed as non-offensive casual for the employees in managerial positions.

On the other hand, those working in the stores and warehouses wear uniforms. There is a reason for this.

Indeed, there are safety considerations, especially for those who work in the warehouse.

As insinuated earlier, you will need to wear safety boots to protect your feet from heavy luggage.

Still, those who work in the stores will need uniforms to protect their clothing from dust and other harms that might happen on their clothing due to their kind of engagement.

Therefore, the policy can be said to be hinged on the role you will play as it will determine your dressing.

However, during interviews, men are expected to wear a suit and tie while women are expected to wear a blouse and dress pants.

Therefore, if you are planning on working at Aldi, prepare accordingly when going for the interview.

For you to benefit from Aldi and for Aldi to benefit from you, it’s advisable to have the mentality of adding value to the company.

For instance, you are expected to be hardworking, with the proper attitude.

Again, for you to stay long at Aldi, but in any employment, you need to be punctual and avoid unnecessary sick leaves.

Such will hinder your progress up the promotion ladder and cause you to lose your employment before long.

Is It Easy To Get A Job In Aldi?

No, but it’s possible if you have what it takes. Indeed, Aldi has an online application platform through which you can apply.

When vacancies are available, Aldi conducts a background check and then invites shortlisted applicants for an interview.

It’s advisable to go to the interview room with a flexible mind and willingness to accept any role offered to you.

One of the tricks that work anytime is a warm smile.

While a grocery store’s work is very tasking, you might wonder if I tell you that you do not have to possess particular skills to qualify as an employee.

Indeed, you can apply to work in Aldi and qualify even if you did not work in any other grocery store before.

However, there are basic requirements that come in handy if you desire to work at Aldi.

For instance, you will need to be physically fit to lift considerable weights of up to about 25 kg.

This is because your designation might involve carrying stuff that might sometimes be heavy.

In addition to that, you will be required to have the ability to work standing or walking in a shift of 8 hours.

This is the threshold since shifts are eight-hour-long. Again, your body will need to be flexible enough to bend, squat, twist, and reach.

Still, you will need to bear in mind that you might sometimes need to work in cold temperatures like refrigerated walk-ins or freezers.

In addition to potential exposure to FDA-approved chemicals.

Still, you will need to be open-minded as sometimes you might need to work on night shifts, holidays, and weekends.

You will also need to work with tools and equipment that might include box-cutters, knives, pallet jacks, and other machines.

Will It Too Long Before After The Interview For Me To Be Hired?

No. Indeed, if you satisfy the interviewing panel, you should expect to be hired in a span of a few weeks.

However, there are times this might take a shorter time, depending on the necessity. As I insinuated earlier, the Aldi application is on an online platform.

This means that the panel can conduct background checks and eliminate the need to interview people who are not qualified or those who do not meet the hiring criteria.

Additionally, lesser time will be taken during interviews, only the shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews.

Consequently, the time that might be required before hiring might be shortened.

As soon as the interviews are completed, you will be conducted by the store manager to make the job offer.

However, you will need to note that some managers will not call those who do not qualify.

Therefore, you might never hear back from them if you haven’t qualified.

This means that you need to apply in many grocery stores if you desire to work in a grocery store without waiting for Aldi to hire you.

While you might call the manager to follow up, it might be translated as pestering them and coercing them to hire you.

Again, since Aldi is a well-reputed grocery store, it might be harder to secure a position due to the high number of applications that need to be processed.

Therefore, it might be easy to get a job in another small store and then wait for the vacancy while working.


Does Aldi allow Employees To Have Tattoos?

After all, you will be gaining experience as you work.


 Aldi employees can have tattoos. Indeed, the Aldi dress code is not strict as it only states that you need to be smart and non-offensive.

You can also wear earrings and nose rings, as long as it is not offensive.


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