Does AMC Have Free Refills?(Guide)

Does AMC Have Free Refills?

Does AMC Have Free Refills?

AMC is among the largest movie theater chains in the United States. It was originally founded by the Dubinsky Brothers, who had a vision for a theater chain during their time as theatre ushers.

AMC has free refills for all its food and beverages, including hot ones. Along with their regular popcorn, they offer chocolate-covered popcorn, caramel corn, and many others. The flavors are endless, and the prices vary depending on what you’re getting.

If you’re a big fan of AMC’s shows, free refills can make your experience at their theaters more enjoyable. Plus, it might help you avoid worrying about how much popcorn costs.

When ordering popcorn for your movie viewing, you should pay attention to the types of flavors you’re getting. AMC’s concession stand offers a multitude of different varieties of popcorn.

For example, a large tub of popcorn is $20.75, while smaller ones range from $16 to $18.

Their hot chocolate is also a big seller at their locations (at least in my opinion).

Depending on your location and date, it may be cold and rainy outside; therefore, having a hot beverage can make all the difference.

Plus, an AMP card offers rewards with purchases at AMC’s locations. You can get $1 off on any size drink and free refills when you buy one.

In regards to their coffee, I’d say it’s pretty average. They’re not too strong, but they’re not too weak or watery, for that matter. In my opinion, you can taste coffee, which is always a good thing.

The prices are also pretty affordable; their small is $1.99, and medium is $2.09.

How Much Is a Popcorn Refill AMC?

The refill price depends on the bucket size you are refilling, the flavorings, and the theater in which you purchase your popcorn.

Large buckets at AMC theaters can cost up to $24.99, but you can find smaller buckets for as low as $9.99, while studio theater pricing varies by movie and day of the week.

You can refill popcorn buckets at AMC Theatres for $1.00 if the bucket is under $10. You must wash the bucket out after filling it. Otherwise, the cost of a refill will be $3.50.

If you go to a movie before noon, you only pay $0.50 for a refill. Refills can also get obtained at either $3.50 or $1.00 with a minimum of $10 in movie tickets purchased.

Finally, one popcorn refill is free if you go to a movie during the week or on matinee day. Here is a table showing different popcorn prices

 Without FlavorWith flavor
Small$6.09 – $7.09$7.58
Large$7.10 – $8.09$8.58
Medium$8.10 – $9.09$8.59

Can You Bring a Backpack To AMC?

Yes, you can bring a backpack inside if you purchase food and drink at the counter before entering the cinema. Due to regulations, you may be unable to take it into any of the theaters.

As AMC’s policy stands now, backpacks are only permitted in lobby areas and auditoriums until after your screening. This rule is in effect due to safety concerns. We recommend you leave bags in nearby lockers or with a friend on the way in.

I guess they don’t have a way to measure the weight of your bag, so they don’t want to risk you setting off the alarm by bringing an unscalable mass into the theaters.

Does AMC Have Free Refills?

You will be asked to discard all bags if entering a select auditorium, such as IMAX or D-Box. So, for those who still want to bring your bag inside, it’s best to buy something at the concession stand before entering.

They will dump you out of the theater if they suspect you are smuggling in a bag. If all bags are stored in lockers, and at least drinks are bought from the counter, I doubt they’ll have an issue with any of it.

If you must take a bag with you, you should store it in the lockers at each cinema. Not all cinemas have them.

Considered to violate the policy, with some exceptions. However, you can get creative with your bag by turning off the straps into a shopping bag that can easily fit most things inside (to avoid fines).

How Many Calories Are in A Cinema Popcorn Bag?

The truth is that most cinema popcorn alternatives are just as unhealthy as the original, with one example of a popular brand having 400 calories. This is not your typical snack regarding calorie intake, either.

Although most cinema popcorn bags have around 400 calories, this does not mean they are low-calorie snacks. The calorie content is, on average, more than what you expect.

However, this does not mean it’s an excellent alternative to the popcorn sold at your local cinema.

The bottom line is that you will be consuming too many calories from other snacks or meals that you could be eating.

This means that other options are available if you want to watch a movie at the movies and not take in as many calories.

Popcorn CaloriesFat/ grams

Does AMC Use Real Butter?

No. The first ingredient is just vegetable oil, which gives the popcorn a buttery flavor. The salt is added for obvious reasons.

The natural and artificial flavors are self-explanatory- they give the popcorn a buttery taste. Beta carotene and annatto are both natural coloring ingredients.

It also contains a class of chemicals called nitrates, which they add to food products to enhance flavor and appearance.

When you think about it, there is no reason to call it butter when it’s nothing like the real thing.

Tons of vegetable oils would give you a similar buttery flavor, and just as stated previously, beta-carotene and annatto are coloring agents.

So, it was a marketing ploy designed to give consumers the idea that there is butter in popcorn. The manufacturer does not have to use butter but can sell more popcorn by claiming that they do.

The only reason there is any butter in it’s that it contains stuff that technically has butter. The only way someone could call this type of popcorn “butter popcorn” would be to use the same word for real butter and not buy real butter.

Why Is Movie Theater Popcorn So Good?

The reasons why movie theater popcorn is so good are many and varied, but some main ingredients make it what it is.

Movie theater popcorn has a nice, light flavor that doesn’t mask the taste of a movie’s bigger, more diverse flavors like butter or salt. They also have a lightly crunchy texture, which blends well with the film’s sound.

Theater popcorn also has a built-in buttery film on top of it to add richness without overwhelming flavor.

The taste of any popcorn is determined by how the kernels are popped. Movie theater popcorn has a specific way of popping which determines its softness.

They use non-seasoned oil that functions like butter, giving the popcorn a pleasant buttery flavor without adding butter or salt.

The movie theater also cooks in an exact temperature range with an air-popper that works like a microwave oven.

This results in a reasonably uniform temperature throughout the kitchen and prevents kernels from burning.

The main ingredients in movie theater popcorn are the kernels and butter. The butter is what generates that rich, delicious taste.

If a movie theater doesn’t use real butter, they will use vegetable oil to give it that buttery flavor.

Real butter has a high-fat content, making it much more expensive than vegetable oils, and the cost of using real butter is why theaters mostly use vegetable oils for their popcorn.

What Should I Eat at The Cinema When on A Diet?

Grapes-Rich in vitamin A, potassium, copper, and antioxidants.


-Eating grapes will help you stay full and focused, so you don’t overindulge in the popcorn!

Protein Shake-A perfect combination of mostly protein and some fat to keep you full for a longer time.
-Blend it up with your favorite fruit to make it more enjoyable than a bowl of broccoli!
Nuts-Rich in healthy fats, protein, and fiber
Whole Fruit-High in fiber and antioxidants.
-A great alternative to chocolate bars.
Greek Yoghurt-High in protein, calcium, and zinc.
-A way to beat the afternoon slump.
Whole Wheat Bread-High in fiber, protein, and vitamin E.
-Great for dipping!

Why Is Cinema Popcorn So High in Calories?

High in fat and calories, popcorn can add up to a substantial calorie total for one snack. A single movie theatre bucket of popcorn typically has about 500 grams of kernels and contains around 1700 calories (1700 kcal).

That means popcorn can make up more than half of an average 2,000 kcal daily diet. Popcorn is so high in calories because of the oil and salt used to cook it.

To make 1 kg of popcorn, you’ll need about half a liter (1/2 US pint) of oil and 3 tbsp jelly crystals. Popcorn is healthy if you serve it with no-fat or low-fat butter and salt.

Or – even better – stay away from salty snacks like popcorn altogether.

Fiber content aside, the high caloric value of popcorn makes it a bad choice for weight control. If you are trying to lose weight, only eat popcorn sparingly.

And if you must have popcorn at the movies, share your bucket with friends and family members.

Popcorn seems to have an image problem, with many moviegoers considering it a healthy snack. But although it is low in fat, the calories add up quickly if you indulge too often.

And those calorie numbers apply to unbuttered popcorn – if you eat many bags over the years, it can add up to some significant pounds.

Does AMC Have Free Refills?

So if you go for popcorn, limit your portions and save room for extra veggies and water at your next meal.

How Many Cups Are in Movie Theater Popcorn? 

A Large Tub of Popcorn From 

Holds 20 cups of popcorn. One serving of popcorn is just over 2 cups or the equivalent of 4 large movie theater tubs. However, a single ounce of popcorn only weighs around 2 ounces.

Movie theaters serve a lot of popcorn during their film screenings. Estimated that during the summer movie season, the average theater sells about 200 pounds of popcorn each hour at about $4 per pound.

That means that theaters sell about 50 million pounds of popcorn annually, worth more than 1 billion dollars.

The more people go to the movies, the more people buy in bulk from movie theaters.

Many theaters will charge a high price for the privilege of popcorn and soda, so it’s worth checking with your theater so know whether there are any restrictions on what kind of food you may eat in their establishment.

On average, an individual bag of popcorn from a movie theater holds 2.5 cups of popcorn.

Many people will not order a large tub of popcorn because it costs the same amount as two or three bags but includes less than half the amount.

The most common concessions that theaters offer are candy and soda, but many also sell large tubs or bags of popcorn and ice cream novelties.

Popcorn is one of the most well-known theater snacks. It’s also a very caloric treat (when eaten in excess). Many theaters offer popcorn with a special topping.

Do AMC Theaters Not Care If You Get Ice Refills?

They care if you want to get another Ice refill. AMC Theaters cares about their customers, and they couldn’t be happier you enjoyed their food and drink.

They want to ensure you have the greatest movie experience, so they offer a variety of snacks and beverages that are both enjoyable and affordable. Many of their locations provide refillable cups for soda products.

The daily refillable price for the cup is $2.09 with purchasing any Refillable Cup Beverage. The cup purchase price is fully redeemable when you buy a refill.

In addition to that, the cup is also suitable for $1 refills on regular-priced popcorn and add-ons.

The cup does not include free refills on large popcorn buckets and combos, including combos that feature premium add-ons.

But if you decide to get more than one Refresher or ICEE per visit, please keep in mind that it drains valuable resources at the theaters, such as cups, scoops, and labor hours on the floor… not to mention the commitment to an eco-friendly environment.

In short, they want to ensure that each of their guests receives the best movie experience possible.

However, it’s important to note that you are solely responsible for the cost of your refillable cup. Please note that you may not redeem a Refillable Cup Beverage after the expiration date on the cup.


Movie theaters are great places to spend time with your family, friends, or even yourself.

Sitting in an air-conditioned room for two hours, eating some buttery salty popcorn, and watching the latest film releases is amazing.

But when you’re trying to be on a diet, it can seem like it can’t be enjoyable anymore. Luckily, there are options for those who want to snack along on their film dates without worrying about gaining weight.


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