Does Costco Take Apple Pay in Clubs?(Yes! Some Guide)

Does Costco Take Apple Pay in Clubs?

Does Costco Take Apple Pay in Clubs?

Apple Pay usage has grown exponentially, introducing features like Apple Pay in clubs.

The new feature makes it easy for customers to spend money using Apple devices while at clubs, bars, restaurants, and other nightlife spots.

All you need to do with this update is tap your iPhone or watch on a terminal within the club’s payment system.

Does Costco Take Apple Pay in Clubs?

Yes, they do! You can make purchases using your iPhone or iPad anywhere that accepts contactless payments.

All Costco locations accept Apple Pay, including grocery stores and gas stations. There’s no need to worry about waiting for a cashier.

With this payment option, you tap your device on an NFC-enabled terminal and let it do the work for you.

No exchange of personal information is necessary when you use Apple Pay. So your data stays secure.

This digital wallet solution uses the device’s built-in NFC wireless chip to make purchases at retailers where it’s accepted.

Think about times you’ve fumbled through your purse or wallet for a credit card while waiting in line for checkout.

Using Apple Pay allows you to breeze through that process with ease. You don’t have to input any passcodes, either tap, and you’re done.

It comes down to it. Making purchases with your iPhone is faster and safer than using cash or cards.

Now, let’s say you bought something before heading out of the store; wouldn’t it be nice not to have to carry the receipt around until you get back home?

With Apple Pay, you will receive your purchase receipt right into your iPhone for easy access.

If you’re already using Apple Pay on other devices in the past, getting started at Costco couldn’t be easier.

All you need is an iPhone 6 or later for this payment option to work. And if you’d prefer not to use your device when shopping.

They accept cash and all major credit cards. Plus, when paying with cash or a card, our checkers are happy to help bag groceries.

How to Use Apple Pay at Costco in clubs?

Apple Pay is a great way to pay for your groceries at Costco without having to carry cash or cards.

It’s also the quickest checkout option since you don’t have to swipe anything. Let’s look at how it works.

Find an Apple Pay terminal near the registers in the club section of your local Costco store.

Swipe up your iPhone screen and choose “Add Credit/Debit Card” when prompted. After entering your card details, select one of these options:

  • Use Current Location
  • Scan Card on Device
  • Enter Card Number Manually

Next, choose which method you want used to verify your identity.

After confirming the four-digit code displayed on your iPhone screen matches the one on the terminal, tap “Pay” and finish your transaction.

The cashier may ask, “Do you have an active Costco membership card?” So be sure to take them if you need them for verification. That’s it.

You can also check out your recent transactions in your Wallet app or sign in to My Apple ID to view more details.

If any of these steps are confusing, talk with an associate at Costco who can help guide you through this process.

For example, they might give you a paper receipt that lists all purchases made during checkout.

Once you’re done shopping, find an open self-checkout register to scan your items.

Be sure to remove the barcode or peel off any stickers before scanning each item into the Costco scanners.

Then place your items in the cart and pay for your purchases with Apple Pay at checkout! Once you’ve paid.

Someone else can sign in using their phone number and PIN (or their membership card). This person will receive the payment to their bank account later on.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Costco Online (Steps)?

Yes . Apple Pay is a convenient and secure way to pay for your purchases online. It’s accepted by many retailers, including Costco.

Learn how to use Apple Pay at Costco Online (steps).

Choose your payment method:

You can either set up Apple Pay as the default payment option on your iPhone or go through adding it as an additional card when you’re checking out.

Once you’ve chosen ApplePay, hold your phone over the terminal and follow the instructions on the screen.

You’ll need to wake up your device first if it’s been asleep or locked for over one minute.

Confirm with Touch ID: After holding your phone over the terminal, you’ll have to confirm with Touch ID that it’s your phone.


Does Costco Ask For Proof Of Address?

You’ll see a checkmark when successful or “try again” if it couldn’t authenticate the transaction.

If Touch ID isn’t available, you’ll have to enter your Apple Pay passcode instead.

Verify payment: The cashier will use the terminal to verify the last four digits of your card number.

Then hand it back to you, ready for you to sign with your finger or enter an additional tip amount if necessary.

Your purchase receipt will appear on the iPhone after signing out of your wallet. Then just press Done and pick up your item(s).

How to Use Apple Pay on the Costco App

Apple Pay is a new feature on the Costco App that allows you to make payments with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Open the Costco App and log in (or create an account).
  • Select “Apple Pay” at checkout and enter your ZIP code, then select “Continue.”
  • Hold your device near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID until you see Done appear on the screen.

Then remove your finger from Touch ID to complete payment. You’ll get a receipt sent straight to Notification Center when you’re done.

  • Your payment will reflect within three days. Apple Pay is available for all members in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and

It’s not currently available in Canada or internationally.

Does Costco Gas Accept Apple Pay?

Yes. You can use your credit card or debit card with Apple Pay at any Costco gas station that has a pay-at-the-pump option.

You do not need your Costco card or any other Costco member to use Apple Pay.

You can hold your phone near the credit card reader until it turns into a checkmark to pay at the pump with Apple Pay.

At that point, the gas station attendant should see that you are actively using Apple Pay and inform you how much time you have left if needed.

Apple has confirmed that Costco pumps are compatible with Apple. As of right now, all other major credit cards boast acceptance everywhere.

Costco accepts Visa MasterCard.

So there’s no reason to believe Apple Pay would receive an extra discount above and beyond the discount you already receive for using your Visa or MasterCard.

When paying at the pump, remember to select “credit” after you have selected your pump number. You do not need to insert a Costco card or enter your pin.

Apple Pay works with:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • Apple Watch

Costco gas stations boast equipment with NFC terminals that allow mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc.

The major difference between using these other services is that they require you to open up an App first before paying.

Whereas one can use Apple Pay without opening an App first.

Does the Costco food court accept Apple Pay?

Yes! But only if you buy something from an approved vendor that accepts contactless payments.

But I have seen it work at least three times with my own eyes. Costco is a membership-only warehouse club.

So you have to buy a membership to shop there. There are two types of memberships

  • Gold Star
  • Business/Executive

The Gold Star is the primary one everyone needs for discounts on items they sell, while the Executive has some additional benefits that aren’t relevant here.

Annual fees are $55 for the basic Gold Star plan or $110 for the Executive version, plus an extra ~$50 if you need your spouse added as an authorized user.

This will cover most people who want access to Costco’s prices on bulk items.

If you purchase something from their gas station or food court, have a business membership, which costs an extra $55 on top of the Gold Star or executive fees.

– I’ve heard from a friend that it worked for her at their food court using a Bank of America card.

Costco accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards in store.

– But does not accept Discover cards. Likely, the NFC hardware boasts installation in locations that sell contactless compatible things (e.g., tap your card when checking out).

It remains turned off everywhere else to save money until needed.

This is also how Apple Pay works with existing equipment since merchants haven’t upgraded all their terminals.

Once they do, they might start and enable NFC in more areas than just the checkout, but for now.

You’ll need to look for a contactless payment logo somewhere near the terminals if that’s what you’re after.

What Payment Methods Does Costco Accept?

Costco has a variety of payment methods for customers to use when shopping.

Including cash, debit cards, EBT cards (food stamps), and “Costco Cash Cards,” which one can use like cash to purchase merchandise.

Most Costco stores also accept major credit cards for payment at the register.

Some states have sales tax on food, so customers should check with their local store if they are unsure about the taxations.

These are usually non-refundable, so shoppers should plan accordingly before purchasing them.

Also, it is essential to know that while all other products in the store are returnable within 90 days for a full refund or exchange, Costco memberships are not refundable after issuance.

If your state boasts food sales tax, then you will need to pay this when you buy your groceries at Costco, but it’s worth it because of the great prices.

You can pay for your Costco membership with cash, cheque, or credit card.

Your membership will be valid for one year from the date you apply unless you choose an extra two months at sign-up.

Certain retailers can use their Costco Cash cards to shop, so they don’t carry cash.

Can I use Apple Pay at the Costco gas pump?

Yes! You can use your phone to get fuel from the pump.

This is a great convenience, as it saves time and effort from going inside the store to buy before filling up your tank. Two things need to happen for this feature to work:

1) You must use an iPhone with iOS 11 or higher.

2) The credit card on file in iTunes must be a payment method on your account. Keep in mind, this only works if you’ve met both requirements.

Now that we’ve covered the requirements, here is how it works:

  • Open your car gas flap.
  • Go to the pump you would like to use and select “Pay Inside.”
  • Hold down on your phone’s home button until you see an Apple Pay image pop up on the screen asking you to confirm your payment method.
  • Hold down on your phone’s Touch ID button until you get a “success” message letting you know the transaction is complete. That’s all there is to it.

Note: If no Apple Pay image pops up when you’re trying to pay at the pump, then either

1) You don’t have an iPhone.

2) The credit card attached to this iPhone is not a payment method on your Costco account.


Apple Pay is a new and secure way to pay for goods at Costco.

It’s available in all club locations, on the app, online, and at gas pumps with American Express credit cards only.

Customers who boast an iPhone 6 can use their phone to make purchases .

They can do this by tapping it on contactless readers that have near-field communication (NFC) technology when they check out.

To use your phone as a payment method using Apple Pay, you’ll need to add your eligible card from any of these banks

—American Express®, Bank of America® Card Services, Capital One®, Chase Cards™, Citibank®, Goldman Sachs Bank USA*, HSBC Canada*, KeyBank National Association.


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