Does Costco White Glove Delivery Include Assembly?

Does Costco White Glove Delivery Include Assembly?

Does Costco White Glove Delivery Include Assembly?

Costco is now offering white glove delivery in select areas.

This new service means that Costco shoppers will never have to lug heavy purchases home again or worry about parking at the store during busy hours.

With a white-glove delivery, customers can enjoy their shopping experience without worrying about any of these inconveniences;

Focus on finding everything they need for their family’s needs.

Does Costco White Glove Delivery Include Assembly?

Yes. At an extra cost. Folding tables and chairs can also be well assembled for an extra fee.

See the equipment rental section of the member handbook under “White Glove Delivery & Assembly Fees.”

Is Costco White Glove Delivery Worth It?

Yes. For many people, the fun part of shopping for big-ticket items like appliances and furniture is getting home and using them.

[It gives people a rush, knowing that their new appliance is in their kitchen.]

However, after waiting in line at Costco to buy your shiny new TV or washing machine, you want to get it home quickly and easily. That’s where white glove delivery comes in.

A 1-2 hour window: This service from Costco will set you back $60 – $120 depending on the item you’re purchasing.

But could save you hours of hassle trying to figure out how to maneuver your new stuff into your house without help.

If time is money, then white glove delivery is worth it—you’ll enjoy using your new appliances right away instead of wasting hours piecing together the bulky boxes.

When you buy oversize items like furniture or an appliance at Costco.

You can choose between standard sales tax or paying $60-$120 for white glove delivery (the fee varies by state).

For many people, the fun part of shopping for big-ticket items like appliances and furniture is getting home and using them.

However, after waiting in line at Costco to purchase your shiny new TV or washing machine, you want to get it home quickly and easily.

That’s where white glove delivery comes in.

How Long Does Costco White Glove Delivery Take? (How To Place An Order)

It takes about 2-4 weeks for white glove service to arrive.

You can change the status of your order at any time by calling customer care or visiting the company’s website and simply replotting your order.

Your Costco team will confirm details when they call you to schedule delivery.

If you do not wish to receive White Glove deliveries, please get in touch with your local warehouse in advance, or ;

See your membership agreement for more information on opting out of this level of service.

What Does White Glove Delivery Include?

It includes:

– The removal of all wrapping and packaging materials from the delivery location

– Placement of furniture and other items where you would like them placed in your home.

White glove service is an optional service that you can find in any order for a fee.

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“This service includes set up of beds, sofas, tables, and chairs; unpacking and assembly (if necessary) of several smaller items such as coffee tables, entertainment centers, etc.” –

As well as Unpacking and de-construction (if necessary) of several larger items such as bookcases, armoires, entertainment centers, etc.

Does Costco White Glove Delivery Include Removal?

No. White glove delivery at a Costco store does not include removing large, heavy items.

If you want the removal of any large, bulky, or heavy items from your home before the delivery crew arrives, there will be an extra fee charge to do so.

Delivery is only within the first threshold of the room where it is delivered to.

If you would like someone to remove any bulky or heavy items from your home, you will need to schedule a separate service for that and contact them directly.

Some delivery crew members may come prepared with their tools and be able to help move minimal items out of the way once they have arrived at your home.

With that , there is no guarantee that any Costco employee will be prepared with such equipment.

In addition, cutting away or removing any wall molding to allow the crew to move through your home is omitted.

The white-glove service at a Costco store includes delivery and placing an item in a room of your choice but does not include setup/assembly/installation.

If you would like any items assembled by the delivery crew, there will be an extra fee.

This typically applies to furniture or other large boxed items that have been delivered in one piece. For example;

You cannot hire Costco’s white-glove service for TV mounting as it applies as an installation and an assembly that are both additional fees above what Costco charges for their standard delivery service price.

Do Costco Members Get Free Delivery?

Yes. Costco members get free delivery on all their orders. There are also no order minimums or extra fees for non-members.

Costco’s website says that the retailer offers “free delivery, in most cases, on eligible purchases of $75 or more.”

However, when a writer at Kiplinger checked several random items in a store and compared them to what was online.

She found a few discrepancies in prices where a product was cheaper at the warehouse than through Costco’s website.

As well as having members pay for shipping costs, you could see the membership fee as an implicit cost for shopping at Costco because it negates any savings from bulk buying.

In this respect, shopping at Costco is like shopping in bulk from other suppliers such as Walmart, where customers have to pay an annual membership fee.

Should I Tip White Glove Delivery?

You are not obliged to, and it all depends on you. The custom of tipping is a very controversial subject. When it comes to white glove delivery.

The debate about whether or not you should tip rages on in forums and blogs across the internet. Though there are sources for tipping online, such as this one.

These guides focus more on how much to tip rather than if at all.

Most source posts provide “for each person” tips, leading many people to believe they have an obligation to tip each person who aided them in their move.

However, I will discuss only the pros and cons of whether you should bother with providing a gratuity, and where possible, I will try and show you an easy way out.

Looking at some forum posts, many people believe that they will intentionally damage your goods to get revenge if you don’t tip your movers.

This is not true since it goes against the very basis of having a moving company do the move for you.

You are paying them to do so, and any retribution will only hurt their own pockets regardless of how much you tip.

Though asking around may provide some insight into what other people have done, be aware that asking around has its drawbacks.

All you are encouraging is conformity which is why there exist many forums where people complain about tipping etiquette.

Many argue that you are an adult here, and you should not feel obligated to pay someone else for simply showing up (to carry your couch up your stairs, for example).

Though tipping is not mandatory, it’s essential to note that the tipping person may have gotten you a better deal on your moving costs.

If there was an incentive, then it would make sense to provide said incentive in the form of a monetary gift.

Does Costco Charge For The Delivery Of Appliances?

No. Costco does not charge for the delivery of appliances. Customers have the entitlement to free “white glove” delivery, including unpacking and debris removal, at no extra cost.

Delivery will take 10 days, depending on the availability of the appliance in question. On occasion, delivery can be as quick as a few days.

Will Costco Remove Refrigerator Doors For Delivery?

Yes. When you order a new Whirlpool Gold refrigerator, an authorized dealer will remove the doors before delivering it to your home.

You can also choose to have the appliance delivered with just the door panels on.

Please note that you would be responsible for taking off the old fridge doors and putting on the new ones.

If you would like just a partial delivery, in which the doors aren’t there, but the rest of the appliance is not set up in your home, that can get arranged at an extra cost.

You would have to arrange installation by calling Whirlpool Gold service technicians yourself, who’ll complete the job for a fee.

Does Costco White Glove Delivery Include Assembly?

Costco does not do any door removal. The retailer also doesn’t offer deliveries or installations on appliances purchased from them.

You will need to deal with both manufacturers and installers separately if you need this type of service.

Inventory will change slightly depending on how many door options there are available for a given model Whirlpool Gold refrigerator.

If it comes with two freezer doors and two refrigerator doors, there will be four-door panels.

If you take away four refrigerator doors and request delivery of your appliance with just the freezer doors, there will only be two panels.

Our customer service team at Whirlpool can contact Costco and see if they will work something out for you to remove their old doors and put on new ones.

This may come at an additional cost, so please inquire about it first before making any commitments.

You may also consider having a separate order placed for just the door removal or partial delivery, as mentioned above.

So you don’t have to wait around while the job is being done.

However, I recommend buying from us at Appliance Factory Parts because they offer free shipping anytime within the 48 contiguous United States.

Once they deliver your appliance, you’ll also get a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty with 24/7 support from Costco.

Does Costco Deliver And Set Up Beds?

Yes. Costco delivers and sets up beds in these states:

Delivery and setup fees vary by state but are generally around $49.99 for delivery within the local area plus extra charges of up to $300 to set up the bed.

Please note that pricing varies by region, so it is best to check with your closest warehouse for specific rates.

Delivery and setup fees vary by state but are generally around $49.99 for delivery within the local area plus extra charges of up to $300 to set up the bed.

Please note that pricing varies by region, so it is best to check with your closest warehouse for specific rates.

How Accurate Is Costco’s Estimated Delivery?

Costco estimated delivery is more than 50% accurate.Most drivers deliver more than 95% of their scheduled stops. You can help by making accurate delivery time predictions.

Costco recommends that you schedule your stops for 15 minutes before and 45 minutes after the expected delivery time.

For example, if you expect a driver to take 20 minutes to complete one-stop, schedule the next stop for 35 minutes from now.

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Your service window cannot change once a package is already assigned to a driver.

If a package is not delivered in its scheduled window due to factors within or beyond our control, it will get delivered at no extra charge on the following business day.

Costco uses good judgment when considering customer requests for deliveries outside our regular hours of operation.

The company kindly ask that you assist us by only requesting deliveries during our hours of operation.


Costco white glove delivery is a popular service for customers who want to save on time and energy by delivering their items right into the home.

The most common question I hear from our shoppers is whether or not this includes assembly, which it does.

You can also request the removal of your old furniture if you’re replacing an item in your living space.

There’s no need for those worried about tipping for the professional services rendered because these professionals are well enough paid already (and they’ll appreciate that).

Lastly, don’t forget to ask us any questions before placing your order so I can be sure Costco will meet all your needs when ordering.


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