Does Lowes Call If You Fail A Drug Test?(Yes! See How)

Does Lowes Call If You Fail A Drug Test?

Does Lowes Call If You Fail A Drug Test?

Yes. If you have a Lowes credit card, they will call if you fail your drug test.

If an employee fails a drug test, the information is immediately reported to the retailer where they got employed at the time of the failed test.

That employer decides about what action to take concerning that person’s employment there.

The decision may include terminating employment because of the failed drug screen.”That said, here are some pros and cons of applying for a Lowes credit card:

Pros: Upfront discount available on any purchase up to xx% (depending on the type of card); 0% financing options; Low-interest rate; No annual fee.

Cons: High APR; Annual fees depending on card type; High late payment interest rate.

If Lowes refuses to provide you with a Lowes credit card, it could be because of your bad credit history or because Lowes does not want to hire somebody who failed a drug test in the past.

If you have a good reason for Lowes to hire you and do everything from your side to get back on track, they may reconsider their decision after you explain the situation.

To learn more about Lowes’ hiring process, please visit Lowes’ Career page or contact their Lowes’ customer service department at 1-800-445-6937.

This is an example of how it’s done:

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this letter to seek your reconsideration of my application for the position of (your desired job at Lowes).

As you know, I applied for this job on (XX/XX/XXXX) and had an interview with (name of Lowes’ representative), during which he told me that there were no jobs available.

However, I would like to bring your attention to some extenuating circumstances which may have impacted my Lowes credit card application.

Please note that I’ve enclosed all requested documents as mentioned in our previous conversation/email exchanges.

As you can see from my enclosed resume, I am well-qualified for the position, having years of experience gained while employed by (Lowes competitor company).

I hope you consider my and give me a second chance. Thank you for your time and understanding.

Best regards,


Your name here. Your desired job at Lowes here. Other extenuating circumstances you deem relevant here. Email address here. Phone number/contact information here.

Can You Pay With Paypal At Home Depot?

Home Depot is a home improvement store that provides customers with everything they need to complete projects in and around their homes.

Home Depot offers thousands of products, including appliances, bathroom fixtures, cabinets, lighting, flooring materials, and more.

Customers can shop online or in any of the 2200 retail stores throughout North America.

Can You Pay With Paypal At Home Depot?

Yes. You can use PayPal to pay at Home Depot, but only in certain Home Depot stores, and you can’t use your PayPal debit card.

To pay with PayPal at Home Depot, select the PayPal option when checking out.

If you’re using a credit card or debit card from another company, be sure to tell the cashier that you want to use PayPal instead of paying by any other method.

The cashier will need your phone number and email address to link your eBay account with your Home Depot account.

So, purchases automatically get charged to whatever payment information is there – no separate online forms or steps are the requirements.

When the cashier asks if it’s okay for them to charge $1.00 for testing via the PayPal App on their phone, say yes, and they’ll take care of it.

You won’t get charged more than a $1.00 fee.

Can I Pay At Lowes With My Phone?

Yes. You can pay with your phone at Lowes. Lowes has partnered with Chase Pay, which is similar to Apple Pay.

For Lowes, this is currently Chase’s most viable payment option in stores since the launch of the Starbucks partnership.

The unique thing about Lowes and Chase Pay is that if you’re a member of either store’s loyalty program (Lowe’s rewards for Lowes;

Or Chase Freedom Unlimited Visa card for appliances), then you will get 5% back on purchases made through Chase Pay.

To start using Chase Pay (on iOS & Android), open up their App and link it to your account information. Login to make sure everything goes smoothly.

If not, don’t worry—you’ll be able to use your current wallet password when you pay via Chase Pay.

Hold your phone up to the cashier while paying (or touch the barcode scanner if you’re in home improvement). They will scan it like they would a regular credit card.

I asked for authorization; you’ll get an approving notification on your device, and authentication will also be through their service (your phone won’t get unlocked or anything).

Can I Make A Lowes Payment Online?

Yes. You can make a Lowes payment online on their website. 

The website should ask you to sign in first (create an account if you do not already have one) by entering your username and password.

Then provide your invoice number (or home address during checkout), interest rate, the principal amount borrowed, and due date.

You can then choose to pay it off immediately or over time (by selecting “View Monthly Payment Schedule”).

Even though paying Lowes is free, they also allow you to finance through them with an APR of up to 29%.

To see how much this may cost you, select “View Monthly Payment Schedule.”

What Does FRW Mean At Lowes?

FRW means “Freezer Storage” and is an alternative name for wire shelves used in refrigerators and freezers to hold frozen food.

The wire shelves allow the frozen food to breathe better than solid shelves, which trap moisture and odors. FRP has another meaning: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics.

How Do I Get 20% Off At Lowes?

You can get 20% off at Lowe’s by purchasing gift cards from other merchants (such as Amazon) and then using those gift cards for purchases at Lowes.

You can benefit from this discount regardless of where you buy the gift card – whether that be in-store or online – as long as you buy it using a rewards credit card.

For example, let’s say you have a Chase Freedom card that offers 5% cashback on department store purchases.

If you purchase a gift card for Amazon or Kohl’s online, then spend that gift card at Lowes;

You would effectively get 20% off of your Lowes purchase while only losing out on 1% cashback from your Freedom card.

To search for available merchants and sign up to receive a promotional link for this type of deal, please go to the company’s website.

Does Lowe’s Or Home Depot Give A Senior Citizen Discount?

No.Both Lowes and Home Depot do not give senior citizens discounts. The managers of both stores say they only offer discounts to veterans, members of the military.

Their employees, and many others. Unfortunately, Lowe’s and Home Depot are many corporations that claim to offer discounts but don’t. They want you to think they do.

After some research, I found some corporations claim to offer discounts but don’t specifically say it’s only for the elderly.

Some give discounts based on employment, and others will give discounts if your ZIP code qualifies.

So after more research, I discovered that companies such as Auto Zone and Pep Boys offer senior citizens discounts with proof of age.

However, Auto Zone gives a 5% discount, and Pep Boys gives 10%.

Another option is Harbor Freight Tools, which offers all customers 60 years old or older 10% off weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Excluding sale prices, Gift Cards, and Electronic Gift Cards.

Walmart also offers a Senior Discount Day every year where those over 55 can get a gift card good for 10% off one purchase.

Is There A Lowes In Puerto Rico?

No. There is no Lowes in Puerto Rico. As of January 2012, there were two existing half-built locations in PR: one at Caguas and the other at San German.

Both seem to suffer abandonment and are unlikely to open. An earlier attempt to build a location in Carolina did not work out.

Despite this, many folks from mainland USA think that there already is a Lowes [and not just Home Depot] in Puerto Rico.

At least one person PR has been telling people, “I have a Lowes and even a Walmart.” only to find out later that these were empty buildings.

They likely paid a deposit to false companies, and now they cannot get their money back.

Searching for the term: “Lowes Puerto Rico” on Google leads to PR message boards that tell you, among other things, that there’s no such store in PR.

Does Lowes Have 12 Months Zero Interest?

Yes. Lowes offers its valued customers special financing terms and options:

On purchases up to $2,000, no interest if paid within 12 months of the purchase date.

On purchases of $2,001 – $5,000, 6 months, no interest paid in full during the promotional period.

No interest on purchases of $500 or more made with your Lowes Credit Card if paid in full within six months.

Low monthly payments are the requirements. On Purchases of $100 or More.

Zero interest if paid in total within 6 Months Or No Minimum Payment If Paid With Monthly Payments Of At Least 3% Of The Total Amount Financed (Minimum Interest Charge $1).

(*Subject to credit approval.) Plus, when you apply for the Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card, you automatically become a Preferred Customer with unique benefits

Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse has a large selection of appliances and items to help improve your property.

You’ll go home happy knowing that Lowes prices will be easy on your wallet and your remodel looks incredible.*Minimum Monthly Payment Required.

The Minimum Monthly Payments required are generally based on the purchase amount shown on the first page of this agreement;

And any remaining balance shown on your billing statement less other amounts you owe us from prior billing periods.

The minimum monthly payment is 1% of the initial monthly balance or $5, whichever is greater.

However, if no minimum payment is due in any month, then the previous month’s minimum payment will apply.

Lowes offers unique financing options to its customers, but not everyone is eligible for them.

Eligibility is fully based on creditworthiness and other factors used by Lowes and their partner to determine whether customers qualify for special terms.

Without detail about those factors, a customer must have a strong enough credit profile to qualify with their current creditor base.

If a customer has an inquiry about qualification or wishes to see if they can acquire offers from these types of promotions.

The best thing to do would be to schedule their free financial review from an independent A&A Financial Advisor.

When it comes time for you as a consumer to choose which card you want, there may be some confusion about which one is right for you, as they offer different perks.

Ultimately, the card that gives you the lowest interest rate and best benefits will be your best option.

When comparing these two cards, it’s essential to consider how those terms will fit into your budget now and in the future and what types of freebies and discounts you want with your cards.


You can use PayPal to pay at Home Depot, but not Lowes. As for making a payment online, you’ll need to call the store first and ask them if they offer that service.

If so, all you have to do is provide your account information over the phone or email.

It appears as though there aren’t any senior citizen discounts available at either Lowe’s or Home Depot stores;

However, it seems like both retailers offer an interest-free credit card–although this may vary by location.

The nearest Lowes locations in Puerto Rico are near San Juan (Hato Rey) and Caguas.


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