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Does Publix Curbside Pickup Cost More?

As the name implies, this service allows customers to order food online and pick it up curbside.

You can choose from various products, including produce, meat, seafood, bakery products, and more.

Does Publix Curbside Pickup cost more?

The answer is No. It only costs your typical grocery store trip. The only price difference is that there might be a $5 delivery fee.

Which can vary depending on how far away from the store you live in and what time of day it is when you request your order.

This fee varies with the number of items ordered, proximity to the store location, and traffic conditions at pickup time.

Publix provides the service as an added convenience to its customers, who now don’t have to fight traffic or go inside and stay long enough to pick up everything they need.

Instead, shoppers can drive up/down the designated curbside, honk one time, and a Publix worker will come out with their groceries.

There are no extra charges for this service, so there’s no reason for a customer not to try it at least once. 

Do you tip Publix Curbside?

“Publix does not need you to tip.” However, some customers still leave tips for their driver in cash.

There are also conflicting reports of employees telling people they should not tip because there’s already a fee added on top of purchases.

This leaves customers confused about what exactly happens with tips at Publix Curbside.

The truth is this: if you want to give your delivery person a little something extra for all their hard work, go right ahead. But don’t feel obligated.

It’s never been customary for grocery stores to provide additional gratuities other than for the regular cashiers.

So, another time you order, ask yourself whether tipping your driver is an extra treat or a necessity, and then stick to your decision.

Do Curbside Groceries Cost More?

Yes. Curbside grocery stores charge a fee of $5 to $10 for their service, while online delivery services do not have an additional fee beyond the purchase price.

You can save time by avoiding the crowded grocery store and planning your route online.

Curbside grocery stores require the customer to place an order before they pick it up.

The customer selects their items online, places them in curbside pickups, and then picks them up on a designated date.

Such can save time spent walking through the supermarket but requires advanced planning because they don’t allow purchasing once the pickup date has passed.

They typically charge customers a service fee of $5 to $10 for this service.

Curbside delivery services do not have any extra charges beyond what you pay when you purchase your groceries since it does not include picking up your order at the store.

Only delivering it to you at home or work.

You can also pre-plan by using websites that map grocery stores in your area and display their weekly sales so you can create a custom shopping list.

This way, the store displays what is on sale for each aisle if it’s not already pre-packaged or in a carton.

The customer requires less time spent at the store because they only pick up items on sale instead of gaining everything they need to spend more money.

After all, advertisements have influenced them into believing that certain products are much cheaper when.

In fact, if they wait until that item goes on sale, then they would save more money than purchasing it outside of its sale cycle.

Online delivery services rarely charge an additional service fee over the price of the groceries, although their prices may be higher than other grocery stores in your area.

What Does Publix Charge For Delivery?

Publix offers home delivery services for a flat fee of $5.99 within a 15-mile radius from the store or free delivery if you spend over $50.

This is perfect for busy families who need convenience without the hassle.

Ordering groceries online is so easy – log onto their website, place your order, select the pickup date and then pick it up at checkout in-store.

If you have questions about how to use this service or what they charge for delivery.

The Basics

Publix offers two distinct orders – standard and custom. A standard order is when they have the items in stock that you have ordered.

While a custom order means they have to get your groceries from their warehouse or another store.

Standard orders come with a $9.99 delivery fee, while a custom order has a flat rate of 0.35 per item.

To minimize your total cost, be sure to place your orders online at least 24 hours before you want them delivered.

This way, if they run out of an item or it’s going to take longer than expected, they will know by then and can adjust accordingly.

Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive an email confirmation.

The email will include what time they expect to deliver your groceries, so you know to stay home and wait for the deliverer.

Does Publix Curbside Pickup Cost More?

They oblige a $50 minimum purchase for free delivery but if you’re looking to use their services more than once, remember that they include every 5th routinely priced item.

Is Publix Instacart free?

No. It’s not free, but with just $99 for an annual membership and $0.99 per order, it delivers on its promise to save you time and money.

Publix Instacart is not free to use. However, if you are careful to avoid the pricey options, it can be cheaper than doing your shopping in-store.

You pay a flat fee of $99 per year for an Instacart account, plus delivery fees that vary depending on the size of your order and how quickly you want your groceries delivered.

The typical order costs around $5 to $8, but before any savings from coupons or weekly sales at Publix.

You cannot apply coupons through Instacart, so you’ll need to clip those first.

If you’re spending $100 at Publix and save 10%, then using Instacart will cost about $8 more than just going to the store.

But if you’re planning a shopping spree and find many extra savings, Instacart can be a lifesaver.

If you have a big family or often shop for hosting parties, using Instacart will save you tons of time going back and forth from the aisle to the checkout line.

Publix is a home-delivery service that makes grocery shopping more accessible by bringing groceries straight to your house.

You order up to 3 hours before they come to your door, and they deliver everything in reusable containers (you get one once you sign up).

It’s effortless, but it costs money & isn’t free like Amazon prime.

There are some promotions where Publix offers gift cards with enrollment or a free delivery credit to try it out for free, but you have to pay after that.

A year of service costs $99, and then the first order is $5.99 unless you use “Publix Plus Card,” which has discounts up to 30% off on some items.

How to Order Groceries at Pick Up Curbside

This is how you order groceries at Pick Up Curbside.

You enter the store as you normally would, filling your cart with all the groceries you need.

Instead of going to a cashier or a self-checkout line during checkout, head outside and approach the grocer’s vehicle.

They will roll down their window and ask how they can help you.

Let them know you are “ordering groceries” and inform them what time slot is best for them to deliver your order.

The store employee will then print off a ticket from their computer system, which lists the contents of your grocery order.

The morning slots run from 7 AM – 12 PM, while the afternoon slots run from 1 PM – 6 PM.

Be sure to check the schedule before placing your order.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, please have your payment ready for the employee. This is how they will receive their tip.

The store and time slot selected to determine how much it will cost you:

– Smaller stores ( e.g. , Kroger) – $5.00 + tax for AM slots, $7.50 + tax for PM slots

– Larger stores (e.g., Walmart, Meijer) – $6.00 + tax for AM slots, $9.00 + tax for PM slots

– Superstores (e.g., Sam’s Club, Costco) – $8.00 + tax for AM slots, $12.00 + tax for PM slots

Additional fees may apply depending on store location and other factors.

You should receive a text from the grocer an hour before they arrive with your order. For example: “Your groceries will be ready for pick up in 30 minutes.”

This is not a confirmation that you have successfully submitted your order. You will still need to pay and pick up your groceries at the designated time slot.

If you cannot do so, you risk losing your money and having to reorder everything.

Once you’ve paid and picked up your groceries at the designated time, enjoy them. Then, be sure to spread the word about this service.

If you know anyone who lives in an area where Pick Up Curbside is available, inform them that this is how they should order groceries.

The more people who are aware of this system, the better it will become for everyone.

Is Publix Curbside Pickup free?

Publix curbside pickup is free and allows customers to order online and pick up their groceries without leaving home or work.

The service is available for all Publix home delivery customers.

It costs nothing to use Publix curbside pickup because your weekly home delivery order includes the pickup fee.

Does Publix Curbside Pickup Cost More?

However, if you want to reduce shopping time, it will cost you an extra $4.99 to deliver groceries instead of waiting for them curbside.

To use a curbside pickup, follow these steps:

1) Shop online at your convenience and select your preferred store location

2) Choose Curbside Pickup when prompted by the virtual checkout assistant

3) Drive to the designated area in front of the store when your name appears on the screen next to “Curbside Pickup.”

4) When you arrive at your designated curbside pickup area, call the number listed to notify store staff of your arrival.

Store staff will be ready with your groceries when you arrive, and they’ll load them into your car.

Note: There is usually a limit of 100 pounds per order, but this can vary by location.

A customer registers for a home delivery service and then receives an email when their order is ready.

The customer can select a time frame to pick up the groceries at the store of their choice. From there, they will give the user curbside pickup instructions.

Customers can choose curbside pickup even if they do not have a home delivery service.

Publix’s curbside pickups are available in most locations throughout:

  • Florida
  • Georgia (outside Atlanta)
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Parts of Alabama and Louisiana

This is not an offer on all prescriptions or services.

At some locations, shoppers who use this service may pay slightly higher prices than those using other checkout options, as Publix does not subsidize the service.

Publix does not charge any additional fees for curbside pickup, regardless of the customer’s age or location.

The only cost is that of the groceries themselves.

Currently, curbside pickup is available for specific prescriptions and over-the-counter items.

They may expand this service in future updates. Curbside pickup is also only available to Publix home delivery customers.

Customers who do not subscribe to home delivery can still use a curbside pickup but must purchase the groceries online before arriving at the store to pick them up.

Publix offers multiple services designed to make shopping easier for all of its customers.

Curbside pickup provides another alternative for these customers while increasing convenience and savings at their local Publix stores.


The verdict is still out on whether curbside pickup at Publix costs more than the regular grocery store.

There are some factors to consider, such as if you tip your driver and how much it would cost for delivery.

Plus, there’s always the convenience factor of picking up groceries from right outside your home or office door.

If you want to take advantage of this service without worrying about any hidden charges.

Be sure to ask specific questions before ordering anything online so that you can get all the details straight ahead of time.


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