Does Safeway Charge More For Delivery? (No, Here’s How it works)

Does Safeway Charge More For Delivery?

Does Safeway Charge More For Delivery?

Novel Coronavirus has increased the number of customers shopping online for groceries.

Home delivery has become necessary for all the people who are keen to maintain social distance.

Customers are making comparisons in search of a grocery store that meets their lifestyle and their budget.

Some grocery offers free delivery while others deliver to customers at reduced prices. It would be best if you are looking for a grocer who is offering reliable delivery services.

It would be best to look at the current delivery schedule and fee changes following high demand due to COVID-19.

There are many companies delivering groceries to homes. Safeway has come a long way since its inception in 1915.

Today, it boasts of a robust mobile App and a website that allows you to filter as you browse through the products stocked.

Grocery delivery is convenient and has enabled most shoppers to remain on budget.

Perhaps you have had an instance of impulse buying just because you walked into a grocery store while hungry.

Does Safeway Charge More For Delivery?

No, Safeway charges range from $7 to $17, with the average delivery fee being $ 9.95. At times Safeway delivers through instacart.

In those cases, the delivery fee ranges from $3.95 to $9.95. For delivery, your order must be worth $30 or more.

The exact price is determined by the size of your order, your desired delivery time, and the distance between the store and your house.

From a comparison carried out in 2021, other major grocers are almost entirely more expensive than Safeway.

Shipt charges $7 for orders less than $35, while Walmart grocery charges $7.95 to $9.95. For express orders that need an urgent delivery, Walmart charges $10.

Safeway delivery is even better if you utilize online coupons. You will also use Safeway rewards and access the deals available.

Another way Safeway offers cheaper delivery fees is through their Freshpass subscriptions.

New pass subscription is an unlimited delivery club where members do not have to pay any delivery charges for orders worth $30 and above.

Free delivery is extended to customers for the duration of their subscription. The monthly subscription cost is $14.99, while the annual subscription is $99.

As you can see, the above subscriptions may favor you, especially if you order frequently.

For those who prefer very fresh produce, with a subscription, you can have your grocery delivered to you bi-weekly without worrying about the delivery fee.

Those who run a restaurant can also benefit substantially from the subscription.

If interested in Safeway’s Freshpass, you will be given a 30-day free trial with a $20 discount off your first order once you subscribe.

Are Safeway prices higher on Instacart?

Yes, they are. The difference ranges from 10-20%. Instacart is not a grocer but rather a delivery service provider for several grocery stores.

Nonetheless, the company has bills to pay as well as taxes. The markup is unavoidable in this case.

Instacart states that they are actively working to match the in-store prices to those on their App and website.

In some instances, Instacart defends itself by saying that the price on their website and App are as dictated by Safeway.

Customers who want to shop online from one of the Safeway stores need to conduct thorough research and decide which App to use when making an order.

Previous comparisons done by other customers found that the total grocery bill at Instacart is $20 more than that done at Safeway.

You pay higher for every product in your shopping cart. The delivery fee will be lower or even free for first-time shoppers whose order is more than $35.

Instacart delivery fee ranges from $3.99 to $9.99. If you shop through Safeway, prices for each item will be lower, but the delivery fee is relatively higher.

Safeway delivery charges average at $9.95. The markup is on produce prices.

Do You Tip For Grocery Pickup At Safeway?

Safeway’s grocery pickup and delivery drivers are not allowed to accept tips. They should not expect the tips.

The company policy states that any driver who takes tips will face disciplinary action. All companies under Albertsons’ umbrella follow this policy.

The mother company views tips as inappropriate.

Tipping is allowed for customers who buy from Safeway via instacart as instacart applies an automatic gratuity for every order at checkout.

When your grocery pickup personnel declines a tip, do not push them as they may end up facing the consequences.

If you really would like to show your appreciation, you can shop using the instacart App.

Safeway, through its website, appreciates the generosity of all its customers and politely tells them that they will not accept tips. 

You may be looking at your delivery driver or grocery pickup shopper as a service employee.

Tipping has evolved over the years, and today it is relatively safe to say that it is an American tradition. Not tipping seems rude.

According to an article published by, you should always tip a minimum of 20% as a show of appreciation. Congress formalized tipping in 1960.

Remember not to tip Safeway Staff as this will compromise them.

How Much Is Safeway Curbside Pickup?

It is free. The only requirement is to have placed an order worth $30 or more before taxes. You will go online and place the order via the App or the website.

Utilize all the digital promotions and coupons if available and at checkout, specify that you would like your order picked at a store.

You do this by selecting the “drive-up and go” option. You will specify the date and time you will be going to pick up your order.

Once you reach the grocery store, park your vehicle at the designated slot and call the Safeway staff with a number that you will find at the parking spot.

Your shopper will bring out your carefully selected groceries to you. They will help you load them into your vehicle.

This pickup method is very convenient for those who would like to pick up their order while on their way home from work.

You do not have to run around the store from one isle to the other while tired and perhaps hungry. It also works perfectly well for parents with their kids.

For those of you who have been around children, you will understand how they behave. They want to pick every other thing, and you will be saying “no” countless times.

Curbside pickup is contactless as well. You can choose to remain in your vehicle and let the Safeway shopper load the groceries for you.

This is very helpful, especially for a parent with kids in the car.

How Do I Pick Up My Safeway Order?

Safeway pickup is also known as “drive up and go.” After completing your order on the website or App.

Keep tabs for order updates, and when it’s ready for collection, drive to the store. There are designated parking spots for drive-up and-go customers.

At the spot, you will find a sign with a phone number. Call the number so that your shopper can bring your order to you.

Note that each store has its phone number. They will assist you with loading the groceries into your car.

You will not have to step out of your vehicle or the grocery store, and remember not to tip them.

Safeway pickup enables you to have your delivery the same day without the hassle of picking the items yourself in a store.

Does Safeway Delivery Use Instacart?

Yes, Safeway allows its customers to purchase online via Instacart’s website or App. Before you buy, ensure there is a Safeway store new you.

You will order your grocers via Instacart by adding items to the cart.

In this case, a personal shopper is a staff of instacart who will pick you up at a store and keep updating you via the App.

The order will then be delivered to your door. You can choose a contactless delivery or a regular delivery. With Instacart, you are free to tip the staff.

To make your Safeway order through instacart, first, download the instacart App or visit their website and create a customer account.

Please search for the desired items through the search bar and add them to your cart. To adjust the quantities of a particular item:

  1. Do so by pressing the plus or minus button.
  2. Check your order by looking at the items in your cart and confirm the order.
  3. Select the delivery time you would want the order to be delivered to you.
  4. You can choose to have your order within one hour after checkout or later in the week on a specific day.

The faster the order is delivered, the more delivery fee you will pay. Instacart offers priority delivery in which your order is delivered in 60 minutes or less.

You can also choose the fast and flexible option where the next available driver picks your order.

There is also an option to specify the date and time you would like your order delivered shortly.

Do not forget to add your delivery address and any other notes that may guide the driver.

Can You Use Coupons with Safeway Delivery?

Yes, you can use digital coupons only.You will also have access to online promo codes to utilize when shopping with the Safeway App or website.

To clip and use the digital coupons, you need to sign up with Safeway’s reward program referred to as “Just for U.”

Just for you applies to both delivery and pickup orders placed online. To better enjoy frequent coupons and promo codes, ensure that you shop using one account consistently.

All purchased, including in-store orders, will increase your chances. For online shopping, you will be getting the promo code and coupon alerts via email.

Ensure that the email address you are getting notifications on is the same email used when opening the Safeway customer account.

Just for U reward can help you save up to $3400 weekly through the coupons and discounted deals.

Safeway per item accepts only one coupon. If you enter two or more coupons, the one with maximum saving for the customer will be utilized.

Acceptable coupons are the ones offered by Safeway or the respective product manufacturer. To utilize digital coupons, go to just for U and select “clip.”

Once you place your order, the clipped coupons will automatically be applied. Safeway’s promo codes are updated every week.

Be sure to check before you place an order. Always remember to use the coupons before you check out. Coupons without expiration dates are not accepted.

Does Safeway Delivery Accept EBT?

No, Safeway only accepts EBT payment for in-store and pickup orders.

If you really would like to enjoy the EBT benefits, do so by selecting the curbside pickup instead of home delivery.

If you choose pickup, be sure to double-check and see that Safeway is offering EBT payment in your state.

Does Safeway Charge More For Delivery?

Shop online as usual, and just before checkout, select the EBT/SNAP option as the mode of payment.

Once you get to the store for pickup, a shopper will bring you the order together with an EBT card reader so that you can swipe your card.

This is still convenient as it saves you time that would have been spent picking items from the store.


Safeway provides a safe way of grocery shopping. Both via delivery and curbside pickup, you can choose to remain contactless.

A provision that has been very useful during the Covid-19 pandemic. They are multiples ways that you can save money by shopping at Safeway’s.

Digital coupons, free delivery offers, and the availability of an EBT payment option for a pickup order.

You will also get to save time while enjoying fresh produce and other groceries professionally picked by either Safeway staff or Instacart’s shopper.

Safeway cannot be termed as an expensive grocer. This is because they offer several options for the customers to choose from.

First, check if Safeway has launched this service near you for those who would like Safeway delivery in Canada.

Safeway is still launching more stores in Canada. Currently, you can order from Calgary and Edmonton, among other provinces.


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