Does Sprouts Offer Home Delivery? (Yes, How it Works)

Does Sprouts Offer Home Delivery?

Does Sprouts Offer Home Delivery?

Sprouts is one of the largest grocers in the United States.

The grocer specializes in fresh, natural, and organic supplies, ranging from dairy products, meat, fresh vegetables, and fruits, among many others.

The chain has over 360 stores spread across 23 states and more than 35,000 employees. Sprouts started selling natural and fresh farm produce back in 2002.

Sprouts was founded in Arizona, and its headquarters is based there. The company operates with an intense focus on the environment and community around it.

Excess food that cannot be sold is donated to the hunger-relief organization. Food that is not edible is donated as animal feed, and the rest is donated to make compost.

Does Sprouts Offer Home Delivery?

Yes, sprouts offer home delivery through instacart.

You can place your order on the sprouts App or Instacarts App, and the order will be delivered to the specified address.

Sprouts partnered with instacart back in 2018. This was due to the increased demand of customers who wanted the convenience of their orders been delivered at their doorsteps.

The move proved brilliant as it has helped the grocer, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Note that sprouts deliver orders that are worth $10 and above.

If your first order is more than $35 in total, the delivery is free. The delivery fee ranges from $3.99 to $9.99.

Your order is delivered to you based on your specification, but delivery time ranges from 2 hours after order placement to a week.

Overall delivery cost will depend on the total value of your order, the distance, and how fast a customer would like the order to be delivered to them.

Can I Use My Instacart To Deliver Food For A Relative?

It is worth mentioning that the company provides curbside pickup as well.

You will proceed to order your groceries online, and an instacart personal shopper will pick the items up from the store and meet you at the parking to hand over your order.

When placing the order online, remember to specify the time and date you will be picking your order.

This works very well for parents who have young kids and no nanny to help. You will notify the personal shopper once at the parking.

You will notify them via the mobile App, and you will not leave your car at all.

Are You Supposed To Tip Sprout’s Pickup?

Tipping is optional but highly encouraged. Your shopper will be offering a service to you the same way a restaurant staff offers you.

Sprouts recommend a 15-20% tip.

You can do this on the App just before checkout or after your shopper has delivered your groceries via an SMS notification that will be sent to you.

You can send the tip up to 3 days after your order delivery date. 100% of the tip goes to your shopper.

The trip can go as high as 30% in some busy cities with heavy traffic, but it is entirely based on the customer’s willingness.

Remember that the bigger percentage of shoppers’ income comes from tips. The shoppers at times double up as delivery personnel.

Just like other employees in the service industry. Their wages are very minimum.

Can You Return Items To Sprouts?

Yes, sprouts accept returns and refunds the money based on the mode of payment used while purchasing.

Electronic checks and debit- refund is made in cash for those whose payment was made via cash.

For those whose payment was made via credit card or EBT- the refund is made to the respective card.

In both the situations mentioned above, a valid receipt must be produced.

For those who had used a gift card or a manual check as a form of payment, the refund will be processed in the form of a gift card.

For damaged or opened merchandise, a minimum of 10% deduction is made. All alcohol products cannot be returned.

The same applies to special orders- they can’t be returned or exchanged. All refunds should be made within 30 days after purchase.

If you have refrigerated your Vitamins and body care products, they will not be accepted when returned.

DVDs, Holiday Items, books, and magazines are not eligible for return or refunds.

For those who have misplaced or lost their receipts, you can get a copy of the receipt online through your online shopping sprouts account. To initiate a return:

  1. Walk into the sprout store where the item was purchased.
  2. Bring the item you would like to return or exchange.
  3. Do not forget to carry your original ID, the card used to make payment, and the original receipt.
  4. You can also contact sprout customer service to help you with guidance. 

Can You Get Cashback At Sprouts?

Yes, sprouts offer cashback to its customers if, for any reason, they are not happy with the groceries delivered to them.

The money is refunded either as cash, gift card, or bank and EBT card used when making the payment.

The refund mode depends on the mode of payment used.

As stated in Sprouts; return policy, the company is entitled to keeping some of the money if the goods returned for cash are damaged or opened.

The minimum deduction the company makes is 10%, based on the extend of the damage. 

Does Sprouts Accept EBT For Delivery?

Yes, Sprouts offers EBT delivery in all its stores across the country.

It’s worth noting that this is only applicable for walk-in/in-store customers and not those who shop online.

EBT allows you to transfer government benefits from the federal account to a given store’s account for the purchased products.

EBT card looks exactly like a credit or debit card, and it comes loaded with food stamps or cash benefits.

Products like alcohol sold in sprouts cannot be paid for using an EBT card as per government regulations. 

When you visit sprouts, swipe your EBT card through the card reader and put your pin so that you can successfully pay for your goods.

Like you would do with a credit card.

If the benefits in the EBT card are not enough to cover your entire purchase, swipe the EBT card first and then settle the balance with cash or any other mode of payment.

The EBT program was founded in Year 2004 and is funded by the federal government. It is available in all 50 states.

It is helping out families that are financially constrained.

For a family of four people whose total household income does not exceed $2839, such a family is offered a maximum EBT government food benefit of $782.

This is as of 2021 . According to the Department of Agriculture, through an article published on January 2021.

EBT benefits have been increased by 15% to help children lacking proper nutrients due to the harsh economic times following the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are about 29 million adults and 12 million children who live in households that are struggling to put food on the table.

EBT has been extended to children who receive free lunch in schools.

Is Sprouts More Expensive Than Whole Foods?

No, from comparisons carried out back in 2019 by CBC News and back in 2018 by Be Well Philly Magazine, Sprouts prices were much lower than those at whole foods.

Customers who frequent sprouts say that the non-organic items are way cheaper than any other grocery store in the country.

Both sprouts and whole foods are healthy food chain stores that most sell organic and natural products. In sprouts, about 30% of their stock is discounted.

There are few comparisons that independent shoppers have carried out. In those few instances and for the products sampled, Whole Food was cheaper than Sprout.

It’s thus fair to say that carrying out an accurate comparison is not that easy.

In some instances, a product like an apple may be priced based on its weight in one store, and in the other, the same apples are priced based on quantity in terms of numbers.

When this happens, the person or organization making the price comparison must be cautious not to misrepresent any store.

 As of 2021, studies show that sprouts is now 1.3% more expensive than whole food.

Since whole food was purchased in 2017 by Amazon, the prices have been coming down gradually.

This has posed a significant risk to sprouts. Sprout founded its business by selling the idea that fresh, natural foods are available cheaply at their store. 

Why Is Sprouts Produce So Cheap?

What differentiates sprouts from other grocers is the pricing strategy they employ. Sprouts use a competitive pricing model.

In this model- aggressive advertising of low-priced produce is done, and huge discounts are offered in all the stores.

Discounts go up to 30% below the prices offered by their competitors. This means that the store will move a lot of produce as it attracts more customers.

In return, the turnover is high, less produce wasted as it remains fresh by the time it’s bought, thus lowering the costs.

Sprouts make profits despite the competitively priced items. The fact that sprout produce is cheaply priced does not in any way imply low quality of produce.

On the contrary, since goods move fast, fresh produce is ordered frequently to re-stock.

This guarantees an all-year-round supply of fresh products at a very affordable price for all.

As more and more people shop online, the need for competitive pricing is going higher.

According to, 92% of shoppers compare prices before deciding where to purchase.

Shoppers will visit up to 3 different websites before they can decide on where they can buy.

Keeping an eye on your competitors’ prices gives you an edge when pricing your item.

Sprouts has maintained a balance to ensure that the store doesn’t go bankrupt while at the same time offering handsome discounts to customers throughout the year.

Is Sprouts Owned By Trader Joe’s?

No, Sprouts was founded back in 2002 in Chandler, Arizona, by the Boney family members.

In 2011, Sprout merged with Henry’s Sun Harvest Sun, and harvest was thus rebranded.

Sprouts name was maintained, but the business started operating under Apollo Global management. In 2012, Sunflower was acquired and rebranded sprouts.

There is no mentioning of Traders Joe’s business dealings with Sprouts. No acquisition or transfer of ownership has been made public.

With this, it’s relatively fair to conclude that traders Joe’s does not own Sprouts.

Trader Joe’s, on the other hand, was founded by Joe Coulombe in 1958. At that time, it was trading under the name Pronto Market Convenience Stores.

Does Sprouts Offer Home Delivery?

In 1967, it rebranded to Traders Joe’s, with its first store to bear the name being opened in Pasadena in California.

In 1979, the business was purchased by Theo Albrecht. Theo’s family still owns trader Joe’s to date.

Bottom Line

Sprouts represent affordability, health, and sustainability.

The produce sold in these stores is responsibly sourced from farmers who care for the environment and the animals in their farms.

Sprouts has a constant supply of fresh produce that allows you to serve a portion of healthy, tasty food at a lower price.

As mentioned before, sprouts ensure that produce that is not fit for human consumption does not end up in a pile of waste somewhere.

Sprouts ensure that pollution is minimized by donating this waste to make compost and some as animal feed.

No foul odor coming from a pile of rotten produce and other wasted. The store has several deals that will help save more dollars for you.

Buying in Bulk deals where you enjoy a 10% discount. Monthly deals and weekly deals are offered regularly.

There are vitamin extravaganzas as well as free delivery for your first online purchase that is worth more than $35. 

The Sprouts Mobile App is very robust and reliable. You can narrow your search by looking for the particular category of products you want to shop for.

On the App, you will have access to digital coupons and promo codes. The App saves time for many shoppers. 


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