Does Superstore Do Price Match?

Does Superstore Do Price Match?

Does Superstore Do Price Match?

No. Superstore does not do price match they do not match prices with any other online retailer regarding price matching.Your order will be comparable to brand items they may not stock. If you do not see the item, they will check for your availability to purchase it.

But they are happy to price match a competitor’s printed ad or flyer in-store, providing you meet the following criteria:

1) The product they will price match must be identical in brand, size, and quantity.

2) The product must be available at the store location where you want to buy it.

3) The product must be currently in stock at the store location where you want to buy it.

If available at their store, they will honor the competitor’s printed ad or flyer price.

However, if the item is not in stock at their store location, they will contact you with a revised offer to purchase the item from a competing retailer.

Please note that they will only price match a competitor’s item if you are in-store and present a printed ad or flyer from that competitor’s website to your sales associate.

Does Albertson’s Price Match?

Albertsons is a chain of supermarkets that Kroger owns.

It provides a wide variety of grocery items with a focus on health and wellness, including organic produce, fresh meats and seafood, natural foods and free-range poultry, healthy;

Natural sugars including fruits like mangos, and fresh herbs such as basil plant or mint leaves and even gluten-free items like rice crackers and rice noodles.

It also provides other products, such as pets, paper, and household necessities.

Does Albertson’s Price Match?

No. Albertsons does not price match with any other grocery store. But,there are some limited exceptions to this,during the first 90 days of a new store opening, Albertsons will match prices on individual items if they match a competitor’s sale price.

In addition, Albertsons offers private-label brands you can purchase for the same or lower price as the national brand equivalent.

Store brands include Buyer’s Choice (Kroger Co.), Balance and Better Balance, O Organics, and World’s Best Cat Foods (Supervalu Inc. & Supervalu Inc.).

If you have certain discrepancies with your local Albertsons, you can contact them and ask them to price-match.

You may find certain items excluded from Albertsons’ price-match allowance during certain times of the year.

The store can offer more information in the event of a price match inquiry by calling their customer care.

Albertsons does not use a price scanner, so it’s suitable to always verify prices before purchasing.

Albertsons is not responsible for any price discrepancies. Even if the item you would like to buy is on sale, it does not guarantee that Albertsons will price-match.

The store adheres to all applicable state and federal laws regarding price comparisons.

Note that Albertsons does not price match items from competitors’ websites, such as or, and other websites.

Can I Use Albertsons Coupons At Safeway?

You can use Albertsons coupons at Safeway, so long as you have a PIN. Albertsons is a Safeway division, so they sell all their products in both locations, which means they will honor the coupon.

The coupon will receive a 5-cent PIN fee charge, which will get pooled into the total of your order (and which both locations will pay).

There are no coupons that specifically mention Albertsons. So, you take a Safeway coupon and put it at the top of your shopping list.

At checkout, you choose “use a coupon” and then enter the code, which will pull up the Albertsons coupon on the screen. There is no way to know that this coupon is for Albertsons at purchase.

However, they will charge a PIN only once every three months. So, you’ll receive credit for any Albertsons coupons you’ve used in the past three months.

Does Superstore Do Price Match?

So, if you like to use coupons regularly, this can be a very good benefit.

But on a small order (such as a bottle of milk), it’s not worth the trouble to fight with your cashier over the PIN. It’s easier to pay cash and get your order with no coupons.

So that is the good news. The bad news is that you can’t stack Albertsons coupons with Safeway coupons or Albertsons Register Rewards.

Your Albertsons coupon will not apply at checkout if you check out with any of those.

How Do I Use My Digital Coupons At Albertsons?

If you’re new to shopping at Albertsons, consider a few things before using your digital coupons. Here’s a quick rundown on how to use these convenient digital coupons.

-First, You’ll have to have downloaded the Albertsons App from either the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.

Once you’ve done that, make sure you have connected your phone to the internet for the digital coupons to work correctly.

-If you choose to use your Albertsons card, the menu option will be “Coupons,” then “Digital Coupons.”

-Once you have scanned the coupon, it will appear in your cart. It will deduct the cost from your total. For it to work on the next transaction, you’ll have to reset it.

-If you choose not to use the Albertsons card, you can manually enter the promo code at checkout. The menu option will be “Promo Codes,” then “Enter Code.”

-After entering the promo code, it will deduct the cost from your total price. For it to work on the next transaction, you’ll have to reset it.

-If you are using the Albertsons App, there is a barcode scanner. Once you’ve scanned your coupon, it’ll appear in your cart. For it to work on the next transaction, you’ll have to reset it.

How Do I Use Albertsons Just For Coupons?

If you like to save money with coupons, check out the Albertsons just for coupons website.

The company posts them on this page and shows you how much they have saved, which is especially helpful for grocery shopping.

You can view deals based on different items or use the filters to search by brand or store location. The Albertsons just for coupons page is a great way to find good deals on what you need.

The company also posts deals on its many social media accounts.

Since Albertsons is part of the “Albertsons Companies,” you can look for promotions and new products for all its brands on these accounts, including Acme, Safeway, and Vons.

You can sign up for text notifications whenever the company posts a new deal on its just for coupons page.

When you get new offers, you can take advantage of them by using the coupon codes.

How Do Albertsons Just For Coupons Work?

When you first use the page, you receive a prompt to create an account. If you want to use the site as an Albertsons customer, create your login credentials and check out all the company’s offers.

This page receives regular updates, so you can always find new coupons.

You can also search through the deals based on price or brand, which can be helpful if you are shopping for an item that you want to buy in a particular store.

The page also offers deals based on your “weekly” schedule and by item. To use these filters, look at the box that says “Filter.

“You can confirm that you want to use the Filter displayed in the box. Then, select a price range or a particular brand or item to search for deals.

After you make your selection, you notice the page displays several offers from the company.

The offers include printable coupons, rebates, and other promotional materials, such as flyers and flyers for in-store freebies.

Every offer has a “Get it” button that you can use to display the coupon on your browser’s screen. Go to your favorite Albertsons store once you have the coupon code to shop.

When you get to the store, search for the item mentioned in the offer. You can find it by looking at the barcode, as some deals are for particular brands or items.

For each item, write its UPC and then tell an employee that you want to redeem this coupon with it.

You may need to show a second form of ID and also have your account with the company, which you may log into your smartphone.

Some coupons are for specific quantities, so you may have to buy the required number of items.

Does No Frill’s Price Match Fortinos?

Yes. No-frills price matches Fortinos only when they advertise or within a week of the receipt date.

No-frills will not price match Fortinos when the date on the receipt is more than a week old.

Fortinos will price match from no-frills, but they have to be within a week of the purchase date, and one cannot advertise them.

Also, they have to be items that Fortinos sell, and no-frills can’t price match items that Fortinos don’t carry.

So if you buy something that is on sale at Fortinos a week after you purchase it, no-frills will not make the difference when they price match.

And they don’t price match advertised specials as well. So no frills will not take $10 off a purchase of $90 (on sale) if you went to Fortinos and got that same item for $80, even if they advertised it.

But no-frills will price match everything, even when they are not in stock and you cannot advertise them.

They will price-match items they rarely carry at no extra charge, and Fortinos doesn’t do this.

So if you went to Fortinos and paid the total price for something on sale and then bought the same item at No Frills a couple of weeks later, then no-frills would price match that item at $90.

And not only that, the date on the receipt at No Frills within a week of the purchase date to get a price match, and it has to be for something that Fortinos doesn’t carry.

And it has to be a sale item that’s advertised or sale price none of which applies in your case.

Again, if you show up and buy something on an advertised special, they will not honor the price match.

Does Albertsons Allow Coupon Stacking?

Yes. Albertsons allows coupon stacking for items intended for the same customer.

If one of your Albertsons coupons (including a coupon for a specific item) is for $4, then two of them combined end up as $8 total.

They also offer an in-store coupon you can use once per transaction and any store-wide promotions or coupons, so this won’t void your final checkout price.

You must purchase the discounted item. If you only have one coupon for a free product, you will receive your product free and not have to buy anything additional.

That implies that other combinations may not be worth it as far as getting your money’s worth, though this doesn’t have verification.

You can’t mix two coupons, but you can use one of the three coupons as a single coupon (in any combination) and the other two as separate coupons.

Do Any Restaurants Take Venmo?

You must also meet the requirements above. For example, I have a $2 Albertsons coupon and two $1 Albertsons coupons.

The cashier will take my $2 coupon first, and then she will allow me to use the other two as separate coupons.

Also, remember that you must pay sales tax on any item not explicitly identified as exempt by Albertsons. Items such as alcohol count towards your total even if purchased with a coupon.

Are Albertsons And Vons The Same?

Yes, They are the same. Albertsons and Vons are two of many supermarket stores under the same umbrella corporation, Safeway, Inc.

Albertsons mostly operates in the Western United States. In contrast, Vons operates in Southern states.

They offer customers an extensive selection of food, household goods, clothing items, and other differentiating products.

Some of their products include a selection of goods from their national brands.

Although both stores offer food items, toys, and household/grocery items, other items vary between the two stores. These include beauty products and over-the-counter medications.

If you need to return something, returning to one store will allow you to return it at any location in the western region, while returning an item purchased at a Vons specifically will allow you to return it at any Vons store.

Since Safeway is a large corporation that can either operate its store or run the entire store operation through a franchisee, different policies apply to each type of store.

The company can decide to own the supermarket directly under their name or sell it to a third party who will then operate it for them (franchisee).

Some stores may sell national brands, while others only offer their family of brands.

For example, Safeway operates Albertsons and Safeway Stores, which offers general grocery items and different products like beauty products.

Vons does the same with their Vons name, Vons and Vons Supermarkets with locally branded stores, Big V’s, and Big V Fresh Grocery Stores.

As mentioned above, each store offers different items that vary from region to region.

Does Albertsons Do Rain Checks?

Yes, Albertsons does rain checks should they experience a weather-related disruption of their store’s power supply.

They will honor rain checks while supplies last and not accept any rain checks after 10 pm on the same day as the storm event.

They will accept copies of your receipts received dated by the date of the storm event for purchases made on/after the date of the storm event until the closing of business that day.

Albertsons will not offer rain checks with any other promotion or coupon.

Rain checks are available only when a customer presents their receipt from the date of the storm-related interruption to purchase.

A rain check is not an alternative to a regular store credit card or a cash refund.

Albertsons will honor the terms of a rain check for merchandise only; it does not apply to store credit or cash refund.

They will also reserve the right to end or modify a rain check offer at any time, without notification. Then store will not issue rain checks for items without a product code.

Can I Use Vons Card At Albertsons?

Yes. Albertsons and Vons are both owned by Safeway. The two grocery stores share a parent company, but they have different financial cards.

When you shop at Vons using your Safeway card, the cash gets drawn from your cash or debit card and credited to your Vons Visa account.

You can spend this money at Albertsons without increasing your limit at Vons.

There is a small service charge associated with this system. Every time you use your Safeway card at Vons, you pay a small fee of 1%.

For example, if you spend $50 at Vons, a $0.50 fee gets deducted from your account.

As long as you don’t have a negative balance on your account, this fee does not apply to your credit or debit card.

If you have a balance from previous purchases on your credit or debit card, the fee doesn’t get charged to your account.

When you shop at Albertson’s with your Safeway card, the cash gets loaded directly onto your account, and the money is available for spending at Albertsons.

This can save you money on purchases because you can use your Vons discount at Albertsons rather than walking out of the store with less money in your pocket.

You will also earn Safeway Club card rewards at both stores. If a product is on sale at Albertsons, you can use your savings at Vons and still get the best sale price.

Both accounts are under the same account number, and you can use either without affecting your cash or credit limit.

The only distinction between the two cards is that when you use your Vons card at Albertson’s, you pay 1% extra per swipe.

You pay a small credit card fee when using your Vons card at Albertsons. They charge this extra fee whenever you use your Safeway car.

Can I Return Food To Albertsons?

Yes, If you bought groceries from Albertsons and believe that the food is not good or even wasn’t what you expected to receive, this is your chance to get a refund.

There are numerous reasons a customer might want to return their food, such as if it was not in the advertised condition or if it froze when they were expecting fresh.

With this in mind, it’s essential to know that if you bought food from Albertsons and decide to return the product, you may be eligible for a refund of a portion of the purchase price.

Refunds are available for items such as produce, meat, and dairy products.

The amount of money they will refund depends on the item purchased and its return circumstances.

However, in most cases, the grocer can give you a refund in full or an adjustment to your account.

If they give a refund, they may also expect you to return the item to the store or another private location.

The exemption to this rule is if they damaged the product while in your possession. However, even in that case, you have a refund entitlement.

To make the process easier, these are the steps that you must take when returning an item:

The first step is to decide whether you have a problem with your purchase.

If your purchase doesn’t satisfy you, and you don’t have a problem with the item, take the product back to the store.

The next step is to ensure that you have a receipt or other proof of the purchase. If you did not take your receipt, ask for it from the store or third-party retailer where you purchased it.

If you have an electronic version of your receipt, send it to Albertsons as an email attachment.

After ensuring that you don’t need the receipt or other proof of purchase, it’s time to contact Albertsons through the customer service line.

Call the number provided on the website or return anything by email. Please do not send a postcard to Albertsons unless they request it.

Always keep a record of all phone calls and emails sent, as they may require them in an administrative review process.

After you have contacted the customer service number, wait a few days.

If there is no immediate response to your complaint, you must keep all your documentation, including a copy of the complaint letter.

Also, remember that Albertsons has the right to contact you by mail if they feel they should do their initial investigation over the phone.

Can You Get Cashback At Albertsons?

Yes, You can get cashback at Albertsons. But  when shopping anywhere, be sure to keep your details secure. Keep your card out of sight to avoid any potentially fraudulent charges.

Here is a list of the stores’ in-store policies toward using cards, which will help you know how they’ll treat you if something goes wrong:


-They will accept no card transactions without the presentation of photo identification and the cardholder’s signature.

-They will accept no PIN transactions.

-No return of purchase made with a card (in-store or online) for cash, except for damaged or defective merchandise.

-All purchases at Albertson’s stores are subject to an in-store non-return policy;

Which allows the return of particular merchandise within seven days of your receipt of the item if you change your mind and haven’t used it yet.

-All purchases made with a card (in-store or online) will be subject to terms and conditions set by the issuing bank.

What Is Albertsons’ Price Match Guarantee Policy?

When you purchase your groceries at Albertsons, you might find that their prices are lower than those at your local grocery store.

Now there’s no need to pay a price that should have been lower in the first place. The Price Match Guarantee Policy covers just about anything you can imagine.

The policy can be pretty complex, so it helps if you have someone available to help you. To help you work out the details, I have included a simple explanation of the policy. The Basics

The principle of the Price Match Guarantee is that if you find a lower-priced item at a competing retailer;

Albertsons will match the price and give you a 25% refund when you present your receipt showing that the price is less than Albertsons’s.

Second, the policy has limitations. For example, the policy doesn’t apply to a few categories of products and services like fuel surcharges, cigarettes and tobacco products, lottery tickets, and gift cards.

The Price Match Guarantee also doesn’t apply to special promotions (like weekly sales or specials) or when you find multiple items at a lower price than Albertsons’s posted price.

The exclusions notwithstanding, you can find out if the product is eligible for the Price Match Guarantee by looking to see if it has a green dot.

If it does, they will adjust the price within ten days after Albertsons gets the information, and they’ll give you a refund of 25% of the difference.


Albertsons’ Price Match Guarantee is a pretty exceptional feature, especially considering that the chain carries many products.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to get an item at a lower price, and if you do, Albertsons will let you know how much they’ll be charging for it and give you a 25% refund for the difference.


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