Does Target Sell Cream Of Tartar? (Yes! How to Locate)

Does Target Sell Cream Of Tartar?

Does Target Sell Cream Of Tartar?

Cream of tartar boasts a fine white powder that you can find in most traditional kitchens.

People have used it for many centuries to make custards, meringues, and other delicate desserts.

The cream of tartar doesn’t contain dairy products or eggs, but it has some natural acidity that stabilizes egg whites when whipped into stiff peaks.

This makes cream of tartar an essential ingredient in creating many delicious dishes.

Does Target Sell Cream Of Tartar?

Yes. There are a few different locations in Target where you can find it. You can check to see if they have the cream of tartar in their cooking ingredients section.

Or you can look for it in aisle 35, where most other spices and flavorings are.

It may also be under the vitamin & supplement section on an end-cap by the pharmacy department.

They also have it close to that same area in aerosol cans, BPA-free water bottles, candy & gumball machines, ice pop makers and trays, ketchup and mustard dispensers.

And soaps & candles, all along with the front-end displays.

Last, head over to the dairy department, where they have it in the baking ingredients section and other cheese products.

If you haven’t found it yet, if you type “cream of tartar” into Target’s search bar, a drop-down should appear that allows you to see all locations for the cream of tartar.

You can also try using a zip code at their website.

A list of stores near specific zip code will come up along with their addresses and phone numbers which you can then use to contact them about inventory or ask questions.

Does Cream Of Tartar Have A Taste?

Cream of tartar has a very subtle taste that is not typically detectable when mixed with other ingredients in recipes.

However, a cream of tartar has a slightly sour taste you can detect in some recipes. I typically add cream of tartar to recipes as a leavening agent and for stabilization.

Cream of tartar/ potassium bitartrate is a by-product of winemaking, and you can find them in some household pantries.

Does Target Sell Cream Of Tartar?

It can react with certain acidic ingredients in cooking, such as lemon juice or cream of tartar.

Once mixed with these acidic ingredients, it creates carbon dioxide that will help leaven baked goods such as cakes and cookies.

But it will not impart any sour taste on those items once cooked.

Besides its usage as a leavening agent, you can also use cream of tartar to prevent sugar from crystallizing.

When added to egg whites, the cream of tartar also acts as a stabilizer and ensures that they will beat up to maximum volume.

Although cream of tartar can add some slightly sour notes in some recipes, this ingredient rarely has a discernible taste on its own.

I mainly used it for its functional purposes rather than for any flavor enhancement.

Is Cream Of Tartar The Same As Bicarbonate Of Soda?

No .Cream of tartar and bicarbonate of soda are two peculiar substances, despite their similar-sounding names.

The first, cream of tartar, is a by-product of the winemaking process and has no culinary uses.

Bicarbonate of soda is a leavening agent, and one can use it to make cookies or cakes rise and clean an oven before use.

There are chemical differences between the two substances. Cream of tartar is an acid salt, so when put into a solution with water, it releases a few hydrogen ions.

When this happens, the cream of tartar can chemically change compounds around it.

The most notable change that cream of tartar causes is turning egg whites into stiff peaks for meringues or frosting.

The bicarbonate of soda similarly produces carbon dioxide gas to yeast during bread making.

This allows cakes and bread to rise and traps air bubbles within cookie dough, which rises during baking.

The extra gas produced by the bicarbonate of soda affects various proteins in doughs and batters, which trap air bubbles and allow cakes to rise.

Baking soda is a stronger base than cream of tartar, so you’ll need a larger amount in a recipe to affect the finished product.

Conversely, you’ll need less baking soda when combined with other acidic ingredients, such as buttermilk or yogurt, because it can react with acids before heating.

Cream of tartar does not react at all with other chemicals, so you need more of it in recipes containing no acidic ingredients.

This makes substitution difficult because you cannot swap one substance without changing the whole recipe.

However, some guidelines allow bakers to experiment when they run out of cream of tartar or want to try using another leavening agent.

Is Cream Of Tartar Good For Cleaning?

Yes. It’s mixed with water to make a paste which you can use to clean your home. How does it work?

The cream of tartar reacts with the water that you mix it with and creates a great cleaning product for removing stains and scrubbing surfaces without scratching them or leaving behind any residue.

This paste is good for polishing metals, cleaning coffee pots, and brushing your teeth. Some people use it instead of toothpaste because it doesn’t contain fluoride.

Although adding cream of tartar to water is the best way to clean it with something with a high level of acidity, you can also buy specialty cleaners made with cream of tartar.

Does Cream Of Tartar Get Too Old To Use?

It does not spoil or go bad like other acidic ingredients such as vinegar so that you can store cream of tartar indefinitely without worry.

The only time cream of tartar will lose its effectiveness is when it becomes exposed to heat for too long.

The best way to avoid this is by storing your cream of tartar in an airtight container at room temperature away from sunlight.

When you need your cream of tartar, measure out as much as you need and return the rest to its airtight container.

Because it’s so hard to mess up, many cooks see no reason not to have a large supply on hand.

Where Is Cream Of Tartar In The Grocery Store?

If you’re lucky enough to find some, look for a cream of tartar near other baking ingredients like vanilla extract or cinnamon sticks.

Cream of tartar will usually be next to the spices section or on an aisle where yeast products are (like active dry yeast).

Some stores might place cream of tartar near the egg aisle, but it’s more common for baking ingredients to be together.

If you can’t find cream of tartar, look for another ingredient called potassium bitartrate. This is the anhydrous form of cream of tartar.

So it’s easier to measure and doesn’t have a strong flavor like cream of tartar does since it loses two hydrogen ions and turns into water (H 2 O).

So even if you don’t see “cream of tartar” on the label, check the ingredients list for words that sound like “cream of Tartar,”

Such as Potassium bitartrate, tartar sauce, mono-calcium phosphate, monosodium phosphate, Monophysism phosphate.

Keep in mind that some store-bought baking powder might already include cream of tartar or another alternative like calcium acid phosphate, but it’s best to check the label.

Individuals with a potassium deficiency should not use cream of tartar as a replacement for potassium chloride since it contains high amounts of potassium.

Buy the amount you need, so there’s no leftover cream of tartar that will expire and go to waste.

They usually sell cream of tartar in bottles weighing around four ounces (118 grams).

So, if you’re looking for half an ounce, buy one bottle and then pour out half the cream of tartar into another container, so you don’t contaminate the rest.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Cream Of Tartar? -Where Can I Locate It?

Trader Joe’s sells cream of tartar by the jar for $3-$5 depending on their price. Many online retailers sell cream of tartar with the jar.

Trader Joe’s also sells cream of tartar in a 1-pound bag for $4-$6.

FDA defines a cream of tartar as “an acid salt. Its make is from the deposit on the inside of wine barrels, which consists mainly of potassium bitartrate.”

Trader Joe’s carries many other spices, and you can find them at almost any grocery store or retailer that specializes in spices.

To locate a nearby one, try using this tool: Where to buy spices.

Where is the cream of tartar in Walmart?

You can usually find it next to other baking supplies at your local Walmart store. You can buy a 16 oz—jar with a plastic lid for about $1.80.

Also, you can buy it in bulk in a cardboard box at most grocery stores in the spice section. Ensure you buy the one specifically made for cooking.

There are other types, but they may not be as potent, so check the label before buying.

The only place I have been able to find the cream of tartar is where all my baking supplies come from Walmart.

So that’s a cool thing about this store – if you need something, you can probably find it there.

Can I Use Citric Acid Instead Of Cream Of Tartar?

No.You cannot use one instead of the other because both are essential ingredients for different recipes.

If you’re looking to substitute one for another, you won’t get the same results, and it can compromise your dish.

Citric acid is the crystalline powder of a weak organic acid, also called citrate or sour salt.

It adds an acidic flavor to dishes and sometimes lemon juice or white vinegar because it has a milder taste.

Cream of tartar is milk-white and occurs naturally when tartaric acid separates from potassium bitartrate within wine casks.

As a baking powder, cream of tartar helps leaven baked goods by combining with baking soda when moistened.

How are they made?

Manufacturers make citric acid in a laboratory by fermenting cornstarch or molasses with Aspergillus Niger, a fungus.

The fungus produces citric acid when exposed to sucrose.

They make cream of tartar when tartaric acid in wine casks reacts with potassium hydroxide or carbonate.

It crystallizes into powdery cream of tartar, which is then purified and packaged.

How are they used?

Both have acidic properties, so in most cases, both are interchangeable, but there are differences between their uses. For one, they have different pH values.

While pure citric acid is more acidic than the cream of tartar (with a 1% solution), it has a pH range of 2-3, while the cream of tartar has a pH of 4.4-5.6.

You can use citric acid in lighter flavored dishes like fruit salads because it doesn’t overpower the tastes of other foods.

It can also substitute lemon juice or vinegar, which is usually more acidic than citric acid. It’s added to baked goods, too, for that sour taste.

Still, you should not substitute it completely for tartar cream because it will compromise leavening properties, especially in recipes requiring yeast, like pizza dough and bread.

Cream of tartar is usually mixed with baking soda to neutralize its mild flavor while still allowing its acidic properties to increase leavening action when doing so.

Cream of tartar can also stabilize egg whites to reach their maximum volume without completely collapsing.

Where Is The Cream Of Tartar In ALDI?

You can find it right near the spices at your local ALDI store.

ALDI to your pantry. It’s a great time to replace all the spices in your kitchen with ALDI store-brand equivalents.

And the cream of tartar is no exception. It’s really simple. Pick up some ALDI-brand cream of tartar while you’re shopping for spices at your local ALDI store.

“Cream of tartar” is the powdered by-product of winemaking, helping to stabilize egg whites in cake mixtures. You can find many other uses for it listed on our website.

ALDI replaces common baking ingredients with their brand equivalents, like this cream of tartar available for $0.59 / 0.55 oz sachet.


You can use many products for cleaning, but the cream of tartar is not one of them. Cream of Tartar does not have a taste, and humans or animals cannot eat.

People use it to make food acidic, so they would last longer without spoiling and chemically altering the pH balance in some foods like meringue.

It also acts as an emulsifier in baking powder, which helps with browning on baked goods such as pie crusts and pastries.


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