Does The Instacart Card Have A Limit?(Yes! But…)

Instacart Card Have A Limit

Does The Instacart Card Have A Limit?

Instacart shoppers can use an Instacart card, a prepaid debit card that links directly to the shopper’s checking account.

The Instacart card allows shoppers to receive payment for their deliveries immediately after each order.

That is without having to wait until they have received payment from customers via cash or credit.

Does The Instacart Card Have A Limit?

Yes! Instacart does have a limit on how much you can spend in total on their card.

This isn’t to say that it has a hard-coded amount like “you can only use this card for $100” or anything like that.

Rather the maximum varies depending on what kind of Instacart account the user boasts subscription to.

Instacart Plus customers (the highest tier) get allowed to spend up to $500 per week before incurring any fees.

Instacart Express customers can spend up to $200 per week before incurring any costs. Instacart Shoppers get an allowance of $50 per week before they apply any extra charges.

The lowest possible tier. If you go over this limit, in all cases, you’ll get charged a fee that’s 1.5% of the total amount spent above your weekly allowance.

Is The Instacart Card Reloadable?

Yes! The Instacart card can boast easy reloading directly from an existing PayPal account.

This is like how the Amazon Flex App handles direct payments and tip donations for shoppers and delivery drivers.

There boasts no limitation on the number of times you can add funds to a customer’s shopping cart.

So long as they have room on their balance after each transaction, though it shouldn’t need much repeating if you think about it.

You can always ask your customer how much money they want to put onto their card as a tip before charging them.

This happens by tapping the green “+” button at the bottom of the order screen in Express Mode.

What Are The Fees Involved In Using An Instacart Card?

There is a $4.99 convenience fee for all transactions (including refunds) made with the Instacart card besides adding funds to the account.

This also includes your instacart shoppers’ tips if they choose to tip their drivers on Express mode after finishing their deliveries through the App.

Also, don’t forget that each transaction will need you to pay sales tax as well.

Can I Use My Instacart Card For Personal Use?

Yes, you can use it for personal use if you pay yourself out of your earnings rather than taking the whole amount.

Instacart shoppers are independent contractors; they do not work for Instacart. As such, there is no employer/employee relationship between them and Instacart.

To ensure compliance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines for independent contractors.

Instacart requires all shoppers to keep clear records of their business expenses.

This includes receipts for gas purchases made using the card associated with an active account that contains enough funds for any personal assets.”

This means that even if you bring both cards, you will not use them both simultaneously.If you try to make a purchase on Instacart with your card, it will decline.

This is because your account is set up so that only the Instacart Visa card boasts availability for personal purchases.

Using your Instacart Visa card for infrequent/personal use from now on should not have any negative impact as long as you have enough funds in your shopping account.

And no other defaults or issues exist with your account. For instance, if you receive a monthly statement but neglect sending payment before the next month’s statement.

This would get treated as late payment by default according to the terms of service.

The good news is that after making six consecutive timely payments, Instacart will remove the default from your account.

How Much Does Instacart Authorize Your Card For?

Instacart authorizes your card for $100 when you sign up.

If your order is $100 or less — say, a gallon of milk and some cereal — the entire purchase will go through.

But if it’s more than $100 (say, a week’s worth of groceries for a family), Instacart places an authorization hold on the total amount when you start shopping.

The hold won’t charge your account. In fact, it disappears within minutes and doesn’t show up as a pending charge.

According to customer service reps I spoke with at two different banks last week about these holds.

But that can be bad news because once that initial $100 authorization is in place, every item you add to your cart.

That is, whether it’s a baby formula or fresh vegetables, could get declined.

How Does An Instacart Debit Card Work?

Instacart debit card works by allowing customers to use their debit card without entering the information every time they plan an Instacart order.

When customers place their first Instacart order, the order information gets saved to their Instacart account.

When using an Instacart debit card, a customer can select a saved payment method or add a debit card as a new payment method to complete an Instacart order.

Instacart uses safe and secure processes to ensure that no individual has access to personal financial information.

Including those who work on the Instacart platform as shoppers or drivers. Personal details such as:

  • Social Security Number
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account numbers are never revealed to other users on the Instacart platform for security purposes.

In the future, Instacart plans to expand its debit card offering. In addition to personal checking accounts, customers may link their savings accounts or other financial products.

This feature will only be available in certain cities when it becomes available.

Can I Use My Instacart Costco Membership For Personal Use?

Yes, You can use your Instacart Costco membership for personal use. Your new Instacart update will be available within the next few days.

But you can still place orders with your current account at this link. You cannot transfer your prepaid credits on new Instacart accounts to existing accounts.

When shopping at Costco pharmacies, please note that some states need a valid prescription before you can pick up medicine at Costco.

Even if the treatment is available without a prescription in other countries like Canada or Mexico, this is true.

Customers who don’t bring in a valid prescription will not receive their medication from the pharmacy.

I encourage all customers to check with their local pharmacist before placing an order to determine which pharmacies in your area are open to non-prescription purchases.

When shopping at Costco gas stations, please note that the discount varies from station to station.

Some have a 5 percent discount while others offer 10 percent off on all orders.

Please be sure to check with your local Costco wholesale before placing an order if you want to know how much of a gas discount is currently being offered at that location.

Will Instacart Send Me 1099?

Yes, Instacart will generate a 1099-K form for your independent contractor.

The deadline for receiving this form is January 31 of the year following the tax year that you earned income.

For example, if you earned income in 2020 (the tax year ends December of 2018), then the deadline to receive your 1099-K is January 31, 2021.

Instacart does not provide an electronic copy of the 1099-K unless you did over $20,000 in total revenue during the previous calendar year.

If you hit or exceeded $20,000 in revenue last year and need access to your official 1099-K before Instacart releases it on 1/31/2020, don’t hesitate to contact Instacart support.

If you did not meet the $20,000 total revenue threshold in 2020.

Then Instacart does not provide a 1099-K form for independent contractors even if customers paid you during that calendar year.

How Many Times Can You Cash Out A Day On Instacart?

As many times as you want. There is no limitation. In the past, some customers have been able to cash out many times a day.

Instacart has no set limit on how often a customer can cash out. Many customers will receive a notification each time they cash out.

If the message says that you’ve reached your daily maximum, it’s possible that you could have cashed out more than one time.

There are rumors that once you reach your daily limit, your account may become closed if you attempt to order again within 24 hours of the last order.

When Can I Cash Out My Instacart?

You can cash out a day after delivery. The pay period for your Instacart Shopper account is Wednesday-Tuesday.

You will get paid on the next business day following each pay period and before noon Pacific Time.

For example, if you deliver with Instacart during the week of June 1, you can cash out by Tuesday, June 8 at midnight Pacific Time.

This means that when you cash out, you’ll receive payment in your bank account within one or two business days, depending on where you live.

If there are no deliveries to do on a given day, then that day does not count towards your earnings or toward your payout.

For example, if there were no deliveries to do on Tuesday, June 1, then you would not get paid for that day.

Do Instacart Cards Have A Pin?

Yes! the default pin is 5454 .When you sign up for instacart, your bank card gets registered with Instacart. Instacart will automatically fill in the default pin (5454) for it.

If you changed the tack on your bank card, make sure to change it in your instacart account as well.

Unmasking the box that says “Use this debit or credit card’s PIN” will not change whether 5454 gets used as a PIN.

Instacart can ask you to use your current location whenever you log into your instacart account.

You can deny their request whenever they ask by unchecking the box that says “Allow location access.”

This would only prevent them from using GPS data and not affect whether they can use your pin.

Does Instacart Take Taxes?

Yes. The tax situation for orders varies based on the type of product ordered and its destination.

For instance, sales tax does not apply to alcohol since it doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of DC excise taxes.

However, wine shipped directly to customers is subject to sales tax. This includes the 9.50% DC sales tax and a 30% liquor handling fee, resulting in an extra 10.75% tax.

“In Washington, Instacart shoppers get required to collect sales tax when they shop for you.

That is even if the food is being delivered in another state where Instacart has no obligation to collect sales tax.”

Instacart does not take out taxes at the time of purchase.

The total amount, including all applicable taxes, will become charged to your payment method on file when you receive your order.

If your order includes both taxable and non-taxable items, instacart consists of an estimated breakdown of the taxes included within your order total at checkout.

You can also find this information by viewing your receipt after checking out.

In instances where a customer doesn’t want to pay more taxes on non-taxable items such as alcohol or candy.

Please use promo code “DIY” during checkout so that we can send these orders through without taxes included.

Suppose an alcohol item gets delivered to a customer in a state or jurisdiction that requires the collection of tax on such alcohol purchases.

In that case, the customer gets required by law to self-report and pay any applicable excise taxes.

Instacart does not directly collect sales tax on orders placed using Instacart Services.


Instacart is a service that enables you to order groceries from your favourite stores and have them delivered. It’s easy- peasy, lemon squeezy!

With Instacart, you can shop as if it were any other day.

You browse the store for items like “chicken drumsticks” or “organic kale” and select how many of those products you want sending home with you.

When all of this checking out gets done, hit submit and wait for an Instacart shopper (or more than one) to deliver your goods straight to your doorsteps in no time at all.


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