How Do I Use My EBT Card On Instacart?

How Do I Use My EBT Card On Instacart?

How Do I Use My EBT Card On Instacart?

In the recent past, the online grocery shopping industry has realized unmatched growth.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many people avoided going out and heavily relied on online grocery shopping to get their groceries delivered to their homes.

Initially, Instacart did not accept EBT cardholders on their platform. However, EBT payments are now accepted in Instacart.

So you might be wondering, how do I use my EBT card on Instacart? Indeed, Instacart is accepting EBT payments in many states.

Consequently, you need not worry if you have limited income or are on a reduced income as long as you have your EBT card.

With home and grocery delivery considered a premium service, it is rewarding to know that Instacart takes EBT cards at Food Lion, Aldi, and Publix stores.

While this is not currently available in all states, it is a promising thing as we wait for Instacart to finish the piloting and accept EBT without any reservations.

Can I Add An EBT Card To My Instacart Account?

Yes, and it is easy. But, before we discuss how to go about it, let me delve a little into the EBT background.

 Peradventure you know the federal food assistance benefits as part of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

you know it is not easy to order groceries online.  

Luckily, most grocery stores accept Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards in person. However, it is a different story when it comes to ordering via an app.

Due to the magnitude of the problem, several grocery outlets, including Aldi, are participating in a pilot program funded by the government.

Allowing people to make purchases using their EBT cards. Indeed, you can use this service in most US states.

However, I would advise you to check it out first. Although Amazon and WalMart allow online EBT purchases.

Aldi is the only store available where you can make EBT purchases through Instacart.

Do I Need To Add My EBT Card To My Instacart Account?

Yes. Indeed, it is impossible to pay for your groceries using your benefits unless your EBT card is added to your Instacart account.

However, you will need to understand that although benefits can be used to pay for most groceries, there are costs that cannot be covered, like service fees, tips, and delivery.

Consequently, you might still need to use your credit or debit card for the completion of the payment.

As you try to use your EBT card in select Aldi stores, you might realize that there is no option to pay with EBT.

If this is the case, your app needs to be updated. Once you update your app to the latest option, you will realize an expansion of the program.

After this, you will need to open your Instacart app and then tap on the three dots at the far right top end.

If you visit the website, click the arrow near the “Hi…..” click “your account” and then tap “Your account settings.”

Click “Add” next to “EBT SNAP card.” After this, you will need to enter your name and EBT card number and then click “Save.”

Is It Easy To Check Out With Your EBT Card?

Yes. As long as you are in the US and your EBT card is valid, you will be able to use it to pay for online orders.

This payment can be either full or even in part from the grocery stores participating in the pilot program I mentioned above.  

This will include purchases from Publix, Aldi, and Food Lion.

How Do I Use My EBT Card On Instacart?

When you want to check out, you will only need to visit your cart and then tap the checkout button that should be green in color.

From there, you will be required to add your delivery address in addition to your payment information.

It will be the time to enter your debit or credit card information. Again, you will not leave out the address as indicated.

You will then proceed to enter your EBT card information.

If you wish to change or edit the amount, click Edit, and your adjustments will apply to your EBT card.

After this, click “Confirm payment method” and proceed to the place order page, where you will need to confirm the correctness of all information entered.

After this, you can then click “place order.” You will be requested to enter your EBT card pin for purchase verification.

Immediately, you will see a breakdown of all the charges that will be meted upon you on the Place Order page.

This page will be clear about what you will pay for with the EBT card and what you will pay for with your debit or credit card.

As I insinuated earlier, anything that is not covered by your EBT SNAP will be charged to your debit or credit card.

It is crucial to take particular notice when buying an item by weight.

Such products include meat or produce, whereby you need to make adjustments to the weight.

Since there might be slight weight addition due to the in-store availability, you will need to choose how you wish to be charged for the additional weight.

Are There Promotions For EBT Items?

Yes. Indeed, there is an order minimum that you will need to meet to attract your promotion.

However, this promotion is for non-EBT items included in your order.

Peradventure your total for non- EBT items is below the promotional threshold; your remaining promotional amount will go to your account as credit.

Let me break this down: let’s assume that you have placed an order of $80 for EBT items, $20 for non-EBT items, and promotion for $40 off your order of $70 or more.

Since your order subtotal is $100, you have met the $70 order minimum. The promotion will only apply to the $20 of non-EBT items.

Therefore, your remaining $20 will return to your account in the form of credit.

Concerning credits, these apply to all non-EBT items in your order.

Peradventure the value of the non-EBT items in your order is lower than your credit amount; your remaining credit amount will go to your account.

For instance, you have $80 of EBT items, $20 of non-EBT items, and a credit of $40. Your credit will apply to the $20 of non-EBT items.

Therefore, the remaining $20 will go back to your account so that you can use it on your next order.

Can I Use EBT On Amazon?

Yes, this is my short answer here. As we have already seen, you can use SNAP EBT in select states. This includes Amazon customers.

Notably, this extends to Amazon Pantry, Amazon groceries, and Amazon Fresh.

Indeed, in addition to using EBT, you will even enjoy Amazon prime discounts if you are an EBT cardholder.

However, it is critical to understand that you need to first register your EBT card to successfully make purchases from Amazon.

Luckily, there are scores of cities where you will not need to be an Amazon Prime member to enable you to shop with your EBT card.

However, Amazon states that they accept SNAP EBT in all states apart from Hawaii, Alaska, Louisiana, Maine, Arkansas, and Montana.

Note that Amazon gives a 50% discount on Amazon Prime for both Medicaid and EBT cardholders.

I sometimes think that it is better to shop on Amazon than shopping with Instacart. This is because Instacart’s prices are 15% more than at the grocery store.

As long as you are making huger purchases, this will add up.

Can I Use My EBT Card To Pay Instacart Delivery And Service Fees?

No, not really. One thing you will need to remember is that the EBT card has its limitations.

One of these limitations is that it cannot be used for paying delivery and service fees.

Indeed, this is one reason why you will need to have your debit or credit card linked to your account to pay for what your EBT card cannot pay for.

SNAP guidelines state that you can only buy food items with your benefits. Therefore, Instacart service and delivery fees are not covered.

Even so, not all food items are covered since SNAP goes further to categorize some foods as eligible while others are categorized as not eligible.

Therefore, a secondary form of payment will always come in handy when using your EBT card.

When Is Instacart's Payday?

So you might be wondering, can I tip the Instacart driver with my EBT card? No, you can’t.

It is not possible to tip the Instacart driver with your EBT card since this is not an eligible food purchase.

Indeed, it is easy to know how you can use your EBT card and what you can pay for with it.

You only need to use a two-criteria method whereby you ask yourself, is it a food item, and is it eligible?

These two questions will save you from a lot of trouble and unneeded strain. This is the defining rule of thumb.

Therefore, to tip, the driver, use the debit or credit card linked to your Instacart account.

Alternatively, you can choose to give your tip in the form of cash when you receive the delivery.

Can I Save Money On Instacart Orders?

Yes, and it is easy. Instacart is a formidable force in the grocery delivery platform. They offer their services to both grocery stores and consumers.

From Instacart, consumers make orders and have their groceries delivered to their doorsteps.

On the other hand, grocery stores offer pickup and delivery services as they partner with Instacart.

However, it is critical to note that this convenience will cost you more.

For consumers who order from Instacart, they will pay more for their groceries to be delivered.

But you can’t complain, especially when you think of the convenience that this offer to you.

Additionally, Instacart will still add some fees on the delivery, making it even more costly.

If you are keen on numbers like me, you will notice that they add very quickly. But you can still save money on Instacart.

First, you can use digital coupons on Instacart. As soon as you log into your Instacart account, select your preferred store before you can start shopping.

This should direct you to your preferred store’s landing page. From there, it will not be hard to notice the coupons listed under different items.

These are coupons that will be added to your cart automatically.

Secondly, you can use Instacart promo codes.These promo codes are sent to customers.

When Instacart sends you such codes, you will be able to use them for your future orders.

As you place your Instacart order, redeem your codes by tapping “Credit and promo codes” from your mobile app, after which you will need to tap “redeem.”

You can also Google search to find additional coupons. It is not uncommon to find Instacart coupons on other coupon websites.

But a good way to make a real saving on Instacart is by use of advance order.

Just make your order way before you need the items so that Instacart plans your order ahead of time.

When Is Instacart's Payday?

This is possible by choosing a delivery time from your order page, where you can choose the “fast & flexible” delivery option that avoids any additional delivery charges.


You can use your EBT card in Instacart. This card might not cater for all your purchases as it is limited in making payments.

The reason behind the limitation is the regulations placed by SNAP where EBT card is only allowed to pay for legible food items.

Therefore, you will need to have a secondary payment option to ensure that you make your payments using your EBT card.

Some services like tipping and other service charges will require payment from your debit or credit card.

You can also cater for such by the use of cash. Suppose you want to save money with Instacart.

In that case, you can use strategies like ordering during off-peak hours, ordering ahead of time, and using digital coupons and other coupons from other websites.


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