How Much Is a McDonalds Smoothie?

How Much Is a McDonalds Smoothie?

How Much Is a McDonalds Smoothie?

A McDonalds Smoothie is a delicious mix of cold fruit and ice cream, which you can find in the restaurant’s McCafé.

The smoothie’s ingredients include frozen fruit, sweetened condensed milk, and a hint of vanilla.

The price of a Mcdonald’s smoothie ranges from $1.99-$2.99, depending on the flavor and the size of the cup. The cheaper option is the 20oz Original Fruit & Strawberry Smoothie which costs $2.00, while the more expensive option is the 32oz Superfoods Smoothie which costs $3.00.

The smoothie sizes of regular, large, and kids (12 oz.) are $1.99, $2.00, and $2.99, respectively, but both are sometimes on sale for $1.50.

I visited my local Mcdonald’s today to buy the 32oz Superfoods Smoothie which costs $3.00, and the price was as follows:

Price: $3.00 – I know the price of this smoothie is higher compared to most other smoothies as I’ve seen a lot of different Mcdonald’s smoothies selling for as low as $2.49,

And I’ve seen a few selling for up to $3.99, but the price listed on my receipt was $3.00 which was higher than what it should be.

The staff member who served me did not give me a discount or a deal, so it looks like I got ripped off by paying too much for this highly irritating drink.

I asked the staff member about this, and she said it was because Mcdonald’s has been releasing the new ‘Superfoods Smoothies’ range over the last few months.

They are sweet smoothies that taste like a mix of fruit juice and ice cream; to me, they are more like a dessert than a proper drink.

How Much Is A Large Mcdonald’s Strawberry Smoothie?

A large Mcdonald’s smoothie costs $2.99. A machine calculates the price, and the smoothie size can vary by location. The large strawberry smoothie size is 22oz. Other sizes are 12 pm and 16 ounces.

Mcdonald’s is located all over the United States. It is easy to find a Mcdonald’s near you. 

If you buy a smoothie at a Mcdonald’s, it may be worth the extra $1 to get a large size. The large size is much more smoothie than the small or medium sizes.

A large Can fills your cup, and you have enough for another drink later in the day. You won’t have to get something else like a 12-ounce soda because of hunger pangs at lunchtime.

The larger the smoothie, the more filling it is. If you buy a smoothie from Mcdonald’s regularly, you can save money . That way, you can get the 16-ounce size for $2.49 instead of $2.97. 

Sie Strawberry Shake

What Is a Mcdonald’s Smoothie Made Of?

Mcdonald’s smoothie comprises a mixture of fruit juices and carbohydrates. Mcdonald’s typically offers this smoothie as a breakfast menu item.

The most common smoothie flavors include:

Strawberry. This smoothie has a pinkish color and includes flavor. It also contains hidden red fruit pieces and orange slices or mandarin peels.

Banana. You can find this smoothie in many different tropical flavors. It is frequently served on a spoon if you order it from the hotline, and it comes in your size.

How Much Is a McDonalds Smoothie?

Apple juice. This smoothie falls into the red category, with apples and other fruits.

Açai. This combines different berries and natural juices that taste similar to strawberries.

It is not only used for breakfast. Mcdonald’s also uses it as a dessert menu item or a combination of an ice cream float combined with an orange or fruit punch of your choice.

The smoothies come from the same machines that mixes milkshakes, frappes, and ice cream floats.

The Mcdonald’s smoothie is available in many restaurants and is one of the most dominant breakfast menu items. It is also a favorite among adults who order ice cream floats.

Flavors range from tart to sweet, depending on your taste. They are inexpensive and don’t have an enormous number of calories.

Do Mcdonald’s smoothies have a lot of sugar?

According to Mcdonald’s, an order of smoothies at the fast food chain has at least three teaspoons of sugar.

But more than that, the recipe for their secret strawberry smoothie includes a quarter cup of frozen strawberries and two tablespoons of sugar.

In addition to weight gain and childhood obesity, high blood pressure is also caused by consuming too much-refined sugar in beverages such as sodas and fruit juices.

Smoothie sugar content

Sugar-laden smoothies may also be best for other nutrition.

According to the American Heart Association, fast food chain adds more sugar than the recommended daily intake of five to six teaspoons for most adults and children.

This can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, bad for heart health.

McDonald’s is large; the 32 ounces of large and small-sized smoothies are 860 and 590 calories, respectively. Most adults need only a maximum of 400 calories at each meal.

A small order of smoothies contains nearly the same amount of energy as a hamburger, which is almost the same amount of energy for a person.

How Much Is a McDonalds Smoothie?

Do They Put Potatoes in Mcdonald’s Milkshakes?

No! It’s a common rumor that Mcdonald’s put potatoes in their milkshakes to thicken them and make them seem more filling. There’s no truth behind this claim.

Potato does not affect the thickness and flavor of shakes, which they achieve by adding fat, sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and other ingredients.

Rumors about Mcdonald’s milkshakes have been around for decades. One popular theory claims that the company adds a mashed potato mixture made with water to give them a thicker consistency.

“Potato-in-the-shake” hoaxes have been around since the early 1990s, but most of the online information about them has some dating and inaccuracy. Moreover, there’s no official source to confirm any of these claims.

Some variations to this rumor claim that Mcdonald’s has used different ingredients in their shakes or that they use potato flakes in a granulated form.

However, these claims are false. The company has never used any potato-related product in its milkshakes.

The company is guilty of not revealing the ingredients of their signature menu items, so many people incorrectly assume that potato, or another secret ingredient, makes the shakes more filling.

However, the shakes are thick because of the ingredients used to make them: fat, sugar, and salt. These items make the shakes creamy, so there’s no need for a secret ingredient.

If the company changed how it made its shakes, it would affect the texture of the milkshake and negatively impact its taste.

Is There Chicken Fat in A Mcdonald’s Milkshake?

No! Mcdonald’s milkshake does not contain chicken fat. Many people think it does because of the wording on the Mcdonald’s milkshake canister.

The canister says, “milk and egg. flavor with chicken fat”.

You might assume that this refers to a pun of “milk and egg flavoring” or simply a flavoring, but when you look closely at the ingredients list, you will see that there is no such thing as chicken fat listed anywhere.

Confusion may arise because they use a chicken fat emulsion in the milkshake’s preparation. However, that would not be an ingredient because it is not a substance separate from the actual product.

Mcdonald’s can make milkshakes with either real ice cream or non-dairy substitutes.

These non-dairy substitutes have similar ingredients to regular milkshakes, so you cannot substitute chicken fat for coconut oil in this recipe.

The most common non-dairy substitutes comprise soy milk or other plant-based milk, sugar, vegetable oil, and some emulsifier such as soy lecithin.

The ingredients for these shakes are almost identical to traditional milkshakes. Sugar, milk, ice cream, and flavorings make up a Mcdonald’s shake just as well as a milkshake from any other restaurant.

Mcdonald’s can make their shake with ice cream from any brand. The only difference is that the shake is not blended as well as a milkshake.

Is There Real Fruit In McDonald’s Smoothies?

Yes! McDonald’s Smoothies comprise real fruit. They blend the smoothie mix and sweetener with the fruit.

The ingredients include fresh or frozen strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apple juice concentrate, peach puree, and other natural flavors. Contains 15% fruit juice by weight.

It has more natural fruit juice than many other kids’ drinks, which often contain artificial colors and flavors and no nutritional value.

The USDA’s – National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference) suggests that”

“Treating fruit juice as a normal food may provide adequate vitamins and minerals to maintain the health of children who consume large amounts of fruit juice.”

If a child eats a smoothie from McDonald’s once in a while, she receives enough essential vitamins and minerals to support her body.

McDonald’s blends their fruit smoothies with sugar-free or sugar-free frozen yogurt to make them creamy and delicious. The sugar-free ingredient makes the smoothie low in fat, with only 120 calories.

How Much Is a McDonalds Smoothie?

In addition, it contains 15 percent real fruit juice and less than 60 calories from sugar.

McDonald’s also offers a full range of milk options, including chocolate and nonfat milk smoothies.

It’s not common for kids’ meals to provide a choice of milk so that kids can make their own healthy choices. All dairy products at McDonald’s have no artificial growth hormones.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Prices in The US States

Strawberry banana smoothies are a refreshing, tasty way to beat the heat. But which state is your best bet for a discounted drink?

Here’s our list of the top smoothie prices in the US states:

NY $ 2 to $ 3.79
IL$ 2 to $ 3.79

Smoothies boast a great way to start the day and get a huge dose of vitamins and antioxidants. Everyone loves a good smoothie, but not everyone knows the best place to buy them.

Smoothie shops typically sell fruit smoothies, and they have a reputation for being a bit on the expensive side.

And while they are worth paying more for than your average fruit smoothie, they can also be a bit rich and sugary.

What’s The Healthiest Dessert at Mcdonald’s?

McDonald’s desserts are often looked down upon and seen as unhealthy.

Still, unless you’re purchasing a sugary soda or indulging in some fries- it’s hard to beat the dessert options at Mcdonald’s for the calorie and sugar content.

Let’s take a look at the healthiest dessert options at Mcdonald’s.

Healthiest Dessert at McDonald’s
DessertCaloriesFat/ gramsSugar/ gramsSaturated fat/grams
Baked Hot Apple Pie22513137
Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream Come1704.5203
Chocolate Chip Cookie1608153.5
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie1506132.5
Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait1502231
Maple Oatmeal Pancake®1054.585

The Apple Pie is not what it used to be. It’s now made with 100% American-grown apples. It can also be ordered without whipped cream or ice cream and is safe for diabetics since it’s low in sugar.

Two slices of chocolate pie and a cup of coffee will leave little room in your daily calorie intake since the entire dessert comes to just under 450 calories.

You can also order two hot fudge sundaes and spend a little more than 500 calories. However, this may not be the best choice, given the caloric content in just one hot fudge sundae.


Mcdonald’s Smoothie is one of the fast food industry’s most famous breakfast items. If you’re not a fan of their famous breakfast sandwiches, you can try this healthy option that is also affordable.


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