Is Meijer Home Delivery The Same As Shipt?(Guide)

Is Meijer Home Delivery The Same As Shipt?

Is Meijer Home Delivery The Same As Shipt?

Meijer is a grocery store that has been in business since 1934. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they have over 200 stores.

The company’s website offers online shopping for customers to order groceries from their own homes.

Meijer also partners with Shipt to offer same-day delivery of orders placed by noon on weekdays or 10 a.m. on weekends.

You can enjoy the easiness of home delivery without having to step foot outside your front door from the two service providers.

No. They are both grocery delivery services, but they are not the same. They have differences that include: Meijer is an entire grocery store, while Shipt is an App that provides grocery shopping and delivery services and it’s more expensive to use Shipt, Meijer prices are currently lower than Shipt.

Meijer has over 240 locations across Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, while Shipt only operates in the following cities:

  • Birmingham
  • Bloomfield Township/Pontiac/Rochester Hills
  • Chicago Loop & Near North Side
  • Downtown Chicago (Loop)
  • Decatur
  • East Moline & Rock Island County
  • Edwardsville/Hampton/O’Fallon/St. Charles County IL Metro Area Only)
  • Fort Wayne IN Metro Area Only), Frankfort IN Metro Area Only)
  • Indianapolis Interstate 465 Corridor & Northeast side Indy Only) Grosse Pointe Woods/St. Clair Shores/Grosse Pointe/Troy.
  • Lansing
  • Macomb County & Flint areas of Michigan Only)
  • Madison WI Metro Area Only)
  • Milwaukee
  • Near West Side Chicago Only)
  • Nashville TN Metro Area Only)
  • New Albany IN Metro Area Only)
  • Northern KY Corridor (I-71 North & South of I-275 ONLY) – Louisville KY Metro Area Only
  • Peoria IL Metro Area Only), Quad Cities IA/IL
  • Rochester MN Metro Area & NW Wisconsin only) Roseville MI Metro Area Only)

They deliver the same products so that you can buy your groceries from either service. However, they have different payment options.

Shipt has a membership fee of $99 per year, which has a discount of up to $49 through the end of August, but it does not have any other fees.

Meijer charges 7% for service fees and then an extra surcharge on some products, including alcohol.

Overall, there are similar services with different pricing models. Some people prefer some over others because of their preference for grocery shopping or delivery services.

Is Meijer Curbside Pickup Free?

It depends on the location of the store, as Meijer offers curbside pickup for free to customers who shop at the following locations:

  • Ann Arbor
  • Michigan
  • Bowling Green
  • Kentucky
  • Canton
  • Ohio
  • Chesterfield Township
  • Michigan (Macomb County)
  • Columbus
  • Ohio (Easton Town Center)
  • Findlay Township
  • Pennsylvania
  • Gainesville
  • Florida
  • Holland Township and Zeeland Township
  • Michigan

In all other locations across the country where Meijer stores are, curbside pickup costs $4.95.

To use this service, a customer must spend a minimum of $30 per visit. Besides this, a delivery fee based on location is $5 or 5% of the total order. (whichever is greater).

Customers need to place their orders by 10 p.m. for a next-day pickup time.

Is Meijer Home Delivery The Same As Shipt?

If the customer places the order after this time, Meijer will contact them within a one-hour window to pick up their order.

Meijer advises its customers to call the store at least 24 hours before placing an order to ensure the availability of items ordered.

Are You Supposed To Tip Meijer Curbside?

The answer is up to your discretion, but it might be worth considering if you appreciate their service.

After all, they carry your orders into the store for you and place them in one of the many available shopping carts inside.

Of course, there are other ways to handle this situation – a smile and a thank you may do just fine.

How Does Meijer Pickup Work?

Meijer’s pickup service allows online orders and then picks up items at one of their stores.

Here’s how it works:

Customers shop online and choose their pickup location. They can also select a date and time for the pickup transaction to take place.

Once they place their order, customers receive an email confirmation and a reminder email before the scheduled pickup time.

The items get pulled from inventory by store employees and placed in a secure designated area near the front of the store.

When customers arrive at Meijer for their scheduled pickup, all they have to do is provide a valid state ID or driver’s license with an address linked to them on file with Meijer.

Let the cashier know they are there to pick up an order. The customer can then grab their items and go.

Customers who want to cancel a pick up transaction must do so at least 24 hours before the scheduled time.

Can You Use Coupons With Meijer Curbside?

Yes! We have a list of the top 10 most popular coupons available to help you save time and money on your next grocery trip.

Check them out below:

Chex Mix, $1 off when you buy any eight boxes or bags (exp. 6/2/19) – Coca-Cola 12 pack cans, 2 for $6 (exp. 5/5/19)

Dove body washes 18 oz., $2 off when you buy any two (exp. 5/5/19) – Dunkin’ Donuts coffee 12oz bag or K-Cups Box, $1.

Cheerios cereal, $1 off when you buy any nine boxes or bags (exp. 6/9/19) – Frito Lay snack or crackers, 2 for $5 (exp. 5/12/19).

Gatorade drink mix ten pk., $2 off when you buy any three (exp. 6/9/19) – Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 30 oz or 24oz jar.

$0.75 off when you buy one jar of mayonnaise plus two taking part products (exp. 8/4/19).

Lays chips, 5 for $5 (exp. 5/26/19)–OR—3 for $6 WYB (3) (exp. 5/26/19) – L’Oreal Sublime Sun product, $2 off when you buy any two (exp. 5/5/19)

Minute Maid Juice Drink or Lemonade, 2 for $5 (exp. 6/30/19)–OR—ONE FREE when you buy one (exp. 6/30/19).

Bounty paper towels, 2 for $6 (exp. 6/16/19) — OR–$0.25 off ONE Bounty Paper Towels Product (exp. 6/16/19)–OR–$0.25 off ONE Bounty Basic Paper Towel Roll (exp. 6/1619)–

OR–$0.25 off ONE Bounty Paper Towel (exp. 6/1619) – Lay’s Chips, 10 for $10 (exp. 5/26/19)–OR—2 for $5 WYB (2) (exp. 5/26/19).

Pringles chips, 2 for $5 (exp. 6/2/19)–OR–$0.50 off WHEN YOU BUY TWO PRINGLES Full-Size Cans or Specialty Flavor Big Stack Cans (exp. 8/31/19)

Starbucks 12oz bag coffee, $1 off when you buy any one bag of coffee beans or ground coffee (exp. 930) – Starbucks Frappuccino, 4 for $4 (exp. 5/5/19).

Welch’s 100% grape juice or concord grape juice, 2 for $3 (exp. 7/24/19)–OR–$0.75 off TWO CANS of Welch’s 100% Juice (exp. 7/24/19).

There you have it, the list of active coupons to help you save money on your next grocery trip.

Is Meijer On Instacart?

Yes. This retailer has partnered with the App to help customers order their groceries online and have them delivered to their doorsteps within minutes.

The whole process takes 10 minutes to finish, which makes shopping at Meijer easy.

The benefits of using the App are plentiful. Customers will never have to worry about running out of milk or eggs ever again.

They can also use it to order household essentials or Meijer gift cards for friends or family members.

Here’s how it works:

First, download the Instacart App on your smartphone and create an account with your email address and password.

Next, you’ll get a prompt to enter a credit card number so that you can pay for your groceries.

Finally, select Meijer as your store of choice. Find what you need by scanning items’ barcodes or searching through the store’s categories.

Check out the App when you have done shopping. It takes less than 10 minutes for Instacart to deliver all your groceries to your doorstep.

When you go shopping at Meijer in the future, remember that Instacart is available.

So many customers are using this App for their convenience, and more people are learning about it every day.

The benefits of using Instacart include:

  • Buying staple items like milk or eggs.
  • Ordering household supplies or gift cards for friends or family members.
  • Never having to worry about running out of staples again.
  • Customers scan barcodes on items they wish to buy or search through categories on the store’s website.
  • The process typically takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish, which makes shopping at Meijer easy.

Who Delivers Meijer Groceries?

Meijer Inc., a Michigan-based retailer, provides delivery service for some of its goods by partnering with Shipt

(a delivery company that works only with Meijer) and Instacart (a grocery delivery service that partners with retailers like Meijer).

Shipt is an online platform that allows users to buy discounted items from their store. It’s only available in specific regions.

Instacart’s website states you can get your groceries delivered “in as little as one hour.”

There are six different membership tiers, including the perks of the lower-level memberships and added benefits according to each level.

Can I Shop At Meijer Without A Membership?

Yes. If you are searching for a store to grab groceries without signing up for a membership, Meijer is the store for you.

You can still shop at this grocery chain without getting a membership card and save money every time.

According to the Meijer website, all you have to do is drive to your local Meijer grocery store and buy a shopping cart for $0.25.

You can then shop at any of their locations around the country.

You will only need to pay for the shopping carts if you plan to bring them back inside with you or if someone leaves them outside.

But don’t worry because it’s only 25 cents! If you wonder how often this has happened before, Meijer states they lose less than one percent of all carts each year.

If you want to ensure no one forgets their cart by accident, another option would be for customers buying a shopping cart to take an oath promising to return the cart after use.

Customer service representatives will ask customers if they have forgotten their carts because it is one of the main reasons people forget them.

Sometimes, these work because customers get so excited about saving money than they’ll forget their carts before leaving the parking lot.

Still, Meijer would rather people remember to take their shopping carts back with them. Otherwise, other shoppers cannot transport their groceries home.

If you’re still wondering whether to join Meijer, members receive many other benefits besides free grocery shopping.

If you sign up for an annual membership card, you can save 10% on prescriptions at pharmacies in all stores.

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Also, check out Meijer’s coupons or sign up for their mailing list if you’re interested in learning more about all the magnificent offers they have available.


For customers, the convenience of Meijer curbside pickup is a major plus. You can shop for groceries while driving past the store or on your way home from work.

But if you want to use coupons with Meijer curbside, there’s something important we should tell you first: the team members won’t accept them.

They load up your cart when it’s time to check out at the end of this online grocery shopping experience.

This means that if you’re looking for coupon savings, then ordering through an app like Instacart may boast a better estimate for what you’re after, and sometimes, even cheaper.


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