Is Publix BOGO Half Price?( No! Important Tips)

Is Publix BOGO Half Price?

Is Publix BOGO Half Price?

Have you ever been to a grocery store and see something that catches your eye? Maybe it’s the latest yogurt flavor or the newest cake mix.

Then, as you look closer at the sign, you notice a little phrase: “BOGO.” What does this mean?

It means to buy one item and get another of equal or lesser value for free. This is an incredible promotion for those who enjoy saving money on groceries.

This way, you will save time because there are two items instead of one to purchase and save money, sometimes these products cost less than their single counterparts.

So, keep an eye out next time you’re at Publix.

Is Publix BOGO Half Price?

Not exactly. It does not mean the BOGO deal for customers who want to take advantage of the lower-cost item, but those willing to pay the total price for both items.

This is not a standard “buy one, get one free” (BOGO) sale.

Instead, it distinguishes itself in that the second item will be half price or less while still being equal to or more expensive than the lower-cost item.

Also, they only accept specific coupons at Publix BOGO deals, and they must both have the same amount of deductions.

This means if you have a $2 off coupon for Brand A and a $1 off coupon for Brand B, but your total before discounts is $3.50 on Brand A and $3.75 on Brand B.

Then you can’t do a BOGO deal with these items because you’re getting different amounts back in savings under each brand.

Also, there is a limit of one BOGO deal per customer. This means that you can’t buy two separate items and then ring them both up as a BOGO deal.

—You must do it in two separate transactions.

And finally, you need to buy the items from different departments within the store because BOGO deals cannot involve grocery items or pharmacy products.

The best example of a Publix BOGO would be for two groceries items—let’s say milk and eggs—where one costs $2.80 and the other costs $3.50.

You could pay the total price for the cheaper item ($2.80) plus the total price for the higher-cost item ($3.50).

But on the last transaction, they deduct the second item to $1.00 or less. So if you bought four of one item and two of another.

They would ring up as four at their regular price for the first transaction, but then on your next trip through, they would all be at half price or lower.

How does Bogo work at Publix?

This is how BOGO works at Publix.

At Publix, you can buy one item and get the second item free. They call this BOGO (“buy one, get one”). They exclude some items from this sale.

Excluded items include alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, lottery tickets, gift cards (except prepaid Visa or MasterCard & reloadable prepaid cards).

Subscriptions, passes or contracts for cell phone services, warranties, and protection agreements, physical goods, stamps, and other taxes and fees. This can change.

Is Publix BOGO Half Price?

All offers require the purchase of two items unless stated otherwise in the offer details.

You can only buy “like” items together to receive a discount – “like” means both items bear the same UPC code.

If you buy a mix of “like” and “unlike,” or over two items, you will not qualify to use the offer again.

Offers may be available in-store only or only online. To find offers that may apply at your local Publix store, enter your zip code on the Publix webpage.

You must redeem all advance offers for designated products by the expiration date shown on the offer, if applicable; otherwise.

The offer will expire at midnight EST before the date of issue. Leave it for 3 days after purchase to reflect of discount on receipt & weekly ads.

You cannot combine offers with other “buy one, get one free,” 25% off any item, 10¢ off per gallon of gas, or 5% back on purchases made with a Publix green card.

Is there a limit on BOGO at Publix?

There is no limit to the number of items you can buy when purchasing with this promotion code, but keep in mind that not all products are eligible for this promotion.

If you’re looking for a specific product and it’s not part of the BOGO offer, then they may still be available at your local location or through their online store.

You should also know that Publix has limits on any coupon stacking promotions – so make sure your total grocery bill doesn’t exceed 18% off.

Publix provides food, pharmacy, health, and wellness products to its customers. The grocery store chain oversees over 1,000 stores across the United States.

The companies headquarter is in Lakeland, Florida.

It’s also worth mentioning that all shoppers can subscribe to receive weekly flyers about discounts and coupons by mail or online.

In addition, Publix also has a Rewards Card program which allows you to earn savings of up to 30% on your purchase.

Regarding BOGO deals from Publix, there are some limitations on what qualifies for these types of offers:

For instance, you cannot use a reward card with a BO offer because it will invalidate the promotion.

Review your local ad for more details, but you can typically find these deals on their weekly flyer.

Can you use two coupons on BOGO at Publix?

Yes, but there are a few rules. The first coupon has to be for the total non-sale price of the item.

This means that if you’re buying two items, one of which is on sale.

Then one of those items needs the cashier to either adjust the price after the first coupon or not be on sale (if it’s cheap enough, to begin with).

So that you pay for both items at their regular, non-sale prices. You can still buy the other item BOGO free, but you must buy it at its regular price.

The second coupon should cover the difference in cost between what they charged you and the charge using no coupons at all. For example:

If your bill comes out to $10.00 for one item, pay $5.00 for the second at its regular price.

If your bill comes out to $8.00 without using coupons, then your total bill should be free if you use two coupons totaling an amount greater than or equal to $10.00.

The company allows you to use only 2 coupons per transaction total, regardless of how many items you purchase. If you have more coupons than that.

The cashier should adjust the price so that your “free” item gets paid for at its regular price and then calculate the amount due on any other required coupons.

Is BOGO at Publix a good deal?

BOGO deals can sound good, but they have their pros and cons.

BOGO Pros:

Saving money is always a plus. You can buy more for less money with this type of sale.

One person may not need that item, so it’s nice to share it with someone who would want it.

BOGO Cons:

  • You may not purchase a specific product on a BOGO deal, which can be a significant disadvantage for customers who need it and only buy it at Publix.
  • They usually reduce smaller packages by 50% but do not yield as many savings as if you bought the larger package, even with a BOGO coupon redemption issue.

Coupons sometimes don’t scan properly, and buyers end up paying the total price.

Despite the disadvantages, some customers still find BOGO deals helpful and purchase items they need at a reduced price.

You can use this kind of sale to buy more products you know you will use while saving money and effort.

Can you mix and match BOGO at Publix?

No! Buy one item from each department because you can’t buy two items in the same department to take advantage of the BOGO sales.

For example, you can’t purchase a jug of laundry detergent and a bag of dog food together because they are in different departments.

However, if you want to buy both an apple pie and an orange juice at the grocery store.

You can claim your BOGO deal for both items since they sell them at separate locations inside the store.

Beware that there are some exceptions to this rule when buying produce or meats at Publix, though.

If you’re purchasing over 1 meat or produce item (which includes cold cuts), you can buy both because their location is in the same department.

Suppose you want to buy a package of ground beef and a rack of pork ribs together at Publix.

In that case, it’s completely fine because they’re both considered meat items that fall under the same departmental store location.

However, if you want to buy a whole frozen chicken and some hot dogs.

You cannot claim your BOGO deal together because they fall under two different departments – produce and deli, respectively.

Does Publix match Winn Dixie Bogo?

No. Winn Dixie and Publix are two of the largest grocery retailers in the United States. They both offer a BOGO deal- buy one, get one free.

But there’s a difference between these two stores: Winn Dixie is privately owned, while Publix boasts public trading on the NASDAQ under PUSH.

Publix offers their BOGO for an entire week after it’s advertised, so if you’re planning to go shopping soon, keep this in mind.

However, if you want to shop at Winn Dixie, prepare yourself to immediately take advantage of their deal.

Winn Dixie, being privately owned, is not obligated to match any other grocery retailer’s BOGO offer- public or private.

Is Winn Dixie cheaper than Publix?

It all depends on what you are buying. Many factors determine whether Winn Dixie grocery stores offer lower prices than Publix.

Some of these include where you live, how much money you make, and what kinds of products you typically buy.

The prices of products offered at Winn Dixie can vary depending on the store location.

The price of milk, for example, can be 10 cents cheaper at one Winn Dixie and 2 cents more expensive at another.

However, this difference is not much, considering it costs around $4 per gallon in most locations (including Florida).

The prices listed by the official website are only from stores in Florida.

These stores are within 30 miles of major cities, including Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa Bay, and Orlando.

Driving across state lines to shop at the cheapest grocery chains may or may not be worth your time and gas money.

It would depend on how often you buy groceries and what savings you could expect to make.

For instance, if you make a weekly trip to the grocery store and can save $0.20 per gallon on milk (to use it as an example again).

It would only take three trips across state lines to make up for the gas money you spent driving there and back each time.

Of course, this is just one example; Winn Dixie prices vary from region to region and may or may not be cheaper than Publix, where you live.

Winn-Dixie offers lower prices on some items, such as canned vegetables, cereal, and cleaning products.

However, Publix offers lower prices on most fruits and vegetables and peanut butter, so it depends on what you need/regularly buy for which store offers the lowest price.

Can you get Bogo on Instacart?

Yes! you can get BOGO on Instacart. That means that when you order two of the same items, it costs the price for one.

They can combine Bogo with other offers on Instacart but cannot apply them to previous orders.

Bogo only applies to items in your basket, so make sure there are at least 2 items in your basket before clicking submit.

If you have never ordered through Instacart before, use our referral link here, so you get $10 off your first order.

When you sign up through a referral link, we both get $10 off our next orders.

To get BOGO on Instacart:

  • Make sure there are at least 2 items in your basket, then click submit.
  • Add whatever free item they are offering (usually something minimal, like a tissue pack) to your cart.
  • Make sure that the free item is something you will use.
  • Check out as usual and enter your payment information.
  • Add “Bogo” in the promo box under Payment Method. Your total should now be $0.

When you get to the checkout page, you might see an error message about not applying both coupons at once, but this is only because the system knows it is getting free.

Just click on “try again.” Sometimes if your order goes through, you will still see an error message but don’t worry – it’s probably just taking longer than usual to process the order.

We have had no problems receiving our groceries, even after seeing the error message. Bogo usually takes 1-2 days to process, so not too long of a wait.

Also, check out all of your past Instacart orders for BOGO opportunities. If you see something BOGO eligible and you don’t need it anymore, return it for free.


Publix is one of the most popular grocery stores in America, with locations across seven states.

One way they keep customers coming back for more is through their Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) deals.

There are limitations to what items qualify for this promotion, including alcohol and tobacco products and gift cards, lottery tickets, or other instant win games.


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