Is Sprouts Market All Organic?

Is Sprouts Market All Organic?

Is Sprouts Market All Organic?

Sprouts Market is a chain of supermarkets whose headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona, US.

There is a wide variety of both organic and natural foods that are offered in supermarkets. But, Is Sprouts Market All Organic?

No, 90% of all products in Sprouts are either organic or natural. The significance of this is that about 10% of the products are not covered in the brackets. Sprouts have a few indulgent items that fall in the mainstream products category.

Among the offered foods include vitamins and supplements, fresh farm produce, bulk foods, packaged groceries, deli, baked goods, natural body care, meat and seafood, dairy products, frozen foods, and household items.

There are over 35 000 employees working under the Sprouts Market. There are over 340 stores spread across 23 states. Generally, a store occupies an estimate of 30,000 square feet.

Is Everything You Buy In Sprouts Natural Or Organic?

Approximately, 90 percent of the products you can buy in Sprouts is either organic or natural.

There is a wide range of natural foods offered in Sprouts, and they are not necessarily pricey.

The pricing module for the market is quite competitive, and everyday shoppers can find solace in visiting them.

Is Sprouts Market All Organic?

The market has an operational website that helps customers to check out the products that are offered in their local store and make a price comparison with any competitor in the market.

There is a wide range of health products that are offered in Sprouts. These are health products that are free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and minimally processed.

The products are also free from synthetic ingredients. The stores carry over 200 different varieties of organic produce.

There is also a large vitamin supplements faculty that has over 7,500 products.

They have an option that caters to those who want to spend very little on some items like eggs so that those who want fully organic and natural and the few others who want mainstream products are catered for.

Are All Products Sold In Sprouts Frozen?

Sprouts markets have been lauded for their efforts in helping improve healthy lifestyles.

There is an evident commitment by the markets to offer products fresh from the farm and their natural state.

Their products reach beyond their farm-fresh produce.

The markets offer all everyday groceries, meat, and seafood, among other products that are scarcely found elsewhere.

For the customers who are on a relentless journey to a healthy-living destination; sprouts offer a wide range of natural products so that the customer may meet their healthy-living goals.

As such, some foods cannot be frozen and sold safely.  For instance, turkeys in Sprouts are not sold frozen. Fresh turkeys are known to be highly perishable.

As a result, most often have some ice in the cavity. This is not like the typical frozen ones that are put down to 30 degrees below zero.

Is Sprouts Market All Organic?

As the law requires, fresh turkeys shipped to Sprouts are between 26°F and 28°F, making them have some ice but not meat. The freshness of the turkeys is guaranteed.

What is organic?

Organic foods are produced following a strict set of agricultural standards. As such, they are arguably healthier and better than conventional foods.

Indeed, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are allowed to be used in the production of organic foods.

It is also impermissible to use genetically modified ingredients and antibiotics in the organic production of farm produce.

This will reduce global warming and preserve natural resources and the environment by using sustainable practices.

Is Organic the Best For Anyone?

Vegetables and organic foods have been shown to have a higher nutritional value than their conventional counterparts.

Again, when using organic foods, the expense of fertilizers, antibiotics, and synthetic pesticides will go down.

Additionally, when you buy organic foods, you are a partner in preserving the environment, including soil resources and water.

As you use organic foods, you are sure that the products have met the set standards and requirements and are safe for use.

How Do I Differentiate The Many Types Of Organic?

There are several terms used in the labeling of organic foods. For instance, you will come across the label “100% Organic”. The relevance of this is that the product must contain organic ingredients only.

Another common term for organic products is “organic.” When foods and products are labeled “organic,” they must contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients.

There is another term used to label organic products. This term is “made with organic ingredients.”

This term means that the product needs to have a minimum of 70% organic ingredients.

Does Sprouts Practice Environmental Sustainability?

Sprouts operate with a keen focus not only on the product quality but also on the natural environment. The surrounding communities are involved, and there is supply chain transparency.

Sprouts is committed to “zero waste.”  Therefore, the market participates in several food waste diversion programs.

These are meant to provide food to animals, feed people in need, and provide nutrients for sustainable agriculture.

In the event that any food becomes unfit for sale, it is immediately donated for cattle feed. There is also no longer fit for sale that is donated to agencies that help with hunger relief.

Anything else is donated manure or compost and comes in handy in helping enrich soils with the required nutrients.

Indeed, Sprouts has been recognized with multiple recognition’s due to their proactive activities to reduce their carbon footprint and their effect on the ozone layer.

Due to the global phenomenon of global warming, Sprouts is committed to environmentally sustainable practices. This is achieved through their Zero Food Waste initiative.

This initiative seeks to ensure that their overall environmental impact is reduced.

A point in the case was in the year 2017 when Sprouts markets recovered well over 155 million pounds of produce and other items that were recyclable from the market’s waste streams.

This led to a 55% diversion rate. The relevance of this is that 25 million pounds of food waste were delivered to animal feed.

The meaning of this is that there was a lesser amount of new crops that were needed to feed animals.

This also made it possible for 5 million pounds of food waste to be composted, enriching about 100 acres of land.

Is Sprouts Market Cheap?

Sprouts has been classified as one of the cheapest grocery stores around the world. In the U.S, for instance, it is classified as among the six cheap grocery stores that lead the pack.

Its primary focus is on bringing fresh and affordable farm produce to consumers. They actively ensure that their flow of supply is perfect.

As a consequence, they frequently enjoy producing shipments and deliveries.

Their focus on focus on quality and freshness cannot be overemphasized. As a result, Sprouts markets have an adorable selection of high-quality and reasonably priced farm produce.

What Is Unique About Sprouts Markets?


Sprout markets stand out as a place to go shopping when you want to ensure healthy living.

The suppliers who are given preference by Sprouts are the ones who practice fair treatment of animal welfare standards as well as humane treatment of people.

As mentioned above, Sprouts has 90% of the products, either natural or organic. When buying seafood, it is sourced from responsibly managed fisheries.

Due to their focus on local produce, Sprouts absorbs farm produce generally from the local area or neighboring area. By doing this, the local economy is boosted.

Additionally, the microbes that end up being ingested by people are from the local soil and fresh.

Consequently, as transport fuel emissions are reduced sourcing for products, there is a reduced impact on the environment.


Sprouts markets offer weekly deals. These are specially tailored deals running from Wednesday to Wednesday.

If you do your shopping on that particular day, you are assured of shopping at discounted rates as there is an overlap of the ads.

When two ads appear on the same day, the deals are doubled.  In addition to the weekly deals, you will be amazed to know that there are monthly deals as well in Sprouts that you can take advantage of as you do your shopping.

Another exciting thing in Sprout is that if you can buy in bulk, you automatically qualify for a 10% discount.

This happens as long as you buy an entire case of any particular product.

However, when it comes to wines, buying a mere six bottles qualifies you for a 10% discount.

On the other hand, when buying vitamins and supplements, you will qualify for a discount as long as you buy $100 worth of such.

If you are considering non-perishables like beans and other grains, you can opt to visit the bulk section to enjoy bulk buying.

Sprouts offer occasional promotions. Some of these are the 72-hour sales, Frozen Frenzies, Vitamin Extravaganzas, and Sprouts Brand Sales.

An update of the list of the promos can be accessed through their mailing list that gives updates on all offers and deals.

Sprouts Give Back

There is an importance in giving back. While some companies want to rip you and leave you, Sprouts markets are different.

As such, Sprouts have founded the Healthy Communities Foundation. This was founded way back in 2015.

This is a foundation that is meant to empower people to live healthier lives, and this is achieved by the provision of education as well as access to healthy food and nutrition education.

Since the year that it was founded, the foundation has been able to donate over $5.1 million.

This has been spread to over 120 health and wellness societies and grouped organizations that are non-profit making.

Among the key partners is Real School Gardens. This is an organization that specializes in helping children to get healthier.

Is Sprouts Market All Organic?

This is achieved by their partnering with schools through the development of in-school nutrition curriculum as well as setting up and running school gardens.

Due to their efforts to combine experiential outdoor learning with combining academics, Real School Gardens has increased standardized test scores among the students.

From their statistics, this has gone up by 12-15%. On the other hand, teacher effectiveness, as well as job satisfaction, have been positively impacted by 50%.

What Can You Expect In The Future In Sprouts Markets?

Sprouts seek to advance its innovation to cater to the needs of their customers in a very personalized manner. They have purposed to cater to health enthusiastic and innovation seekers as well.

Targeting this group is that they are a good percentage of the retailer’s consumer base. This may come at a cost to Sprouts, but the cost is worth the gain.

Plans are underway to assess the needs to ensure the customer needs are the priority in the innovation. The year 2020 saw the launching of over 3,500 new unique products in Sprouts.

Such products are focused on taste and innovation. Underway are plans for the development of a meal program.


From what we have shared in the article, it is evident that Sprouts markets are a good place to consider when going for your shopping.

This is a place you are sure of the proceeds from your purchase being channeled properly where the investor does not use all on his needs.

Part of the proceeds is channeled into making the world a better place to live, to educate children in the neighborhood.

Buying from Sprouts Markets makes you a partner in this good cause.

Finally, you know how reckless many investors are, ignoring their impact on the environment.

Sprouts are proactive in reducing the carbon footprint and reduce the effect on the ozone layer.


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