Should You Tip HEB Curbside?(Guide)

Should You Tip HEB Curbside?

Should You Tip HEB Curbside?

HEB curbside is HEB’s new service that allows customers to order groceries online and then pick them up curbside in a designated parking lot.

The store offers curbside pickup four hours a day, seven days a week. During this time, HEB will only be accessible to customers who have ordered through the new App or website.

No. HEB curbside does not require you to tip. They use a system to collect the tips. You may still tip if you see fit or want to offer a special service. While HEB curbside occasionally participates in cash-out promotions, this is not guaranteed and should not be relied on as a dependable form of payment.

In addition, HEB curbside staff must also have tipped out employees to participate in cash-out promotions.

This is a service that the company offers to its employees, and the company believes that tipping continues to be an important part of the culture.

HEB curbside tip jar, you will still get dinged for not taking advantage of their cash-out promotion, but you won’t receive a tip.

Does HEB Charge More For Online Orders?

 Yes, HEB does charge more for online orders, and it can cost up to $15 or more. If you want your HEB orders delivered and paid for online, check the prices at before you order.

It’s no secret that pricing is often inconsistent in grocery stores and is usually limited by how many items are on sale that day.

What might be a small bargain right now may not always be so if what’s free- or discounted one day inevitably gets marked up the next.

That’s where HEB’s online grocery feature comes in.

If you’re already an HEB Rewards Club member, you’ve probably noticed that some of the numbers on the weekly ad scanned at your store haven’t matched the prices when you’ve tried to order those same items on the HEB website.

That’s because HEB has different retail and online pricing, unlike many other grocery stores.

This “price parity program” is a way for HEB to encourage online shoppers to make their online purchases at the store.

Offers, discounts, and specials vary based on which location you’re shopping in, but the biggest reason for shopping at a store may be that you don’t want your order delivered from an outside company.

You can shop and pick up your order from any HEB, even if you don’t have a rewards card.

Does HEB Markup Delivery Prices?

Yes. Although HEB’s website says that “HEB charges a flat rate of $5 per order,” that fee doesn’t cover your periodical deliveries from what I have been able to find out so far.

To get the best deal on your next delivery from HEB, you should use a service such as Amazon Prime.

Then you can get free two-day shipping on over a million items and save a significant number of pennies.

You need to pay a delivery fee if you have Prime Now, the limited-time subscription service that HEB recently launched.

Also, if you don’t subscribe to Prime Now or have any other service that offers free or discounted shipping, you may have to pay a delivery fee for each new order placed.

Target’s items aren’t sold in boxes, so you should set up your next delivery with a service like Amazon for the best possible package rates.

Can You Exchange Beer At H-E-B?

Yes, Provided the beer is in good condition. Enter the store with a bottle of beer, and you’ll be able to trade it for that day’s featured craft at no cost.

Carry in as many bottles as you want to trade, but remember, no bottle can be older than 30 days. The trade is only good with that day’s featured beer, and the swap is one bottle per guest.

H-E-B does not accept Budweiser, Miller, or Coors products for trade. H-E-B does not give refunds, credits, or replacements for beer damaged by improper handling after purchase.

Please refer to the weekly circulars and the online store listings to see if H-E-B has the beer you want to buy.

If your favorite brew is sold out and the store has one of the featured beers, you can trade-in your bottle for that day’s featured craft beer.

We suggest you check the store’s weekly circulars or online store listings before making a special trip to H-E-B.

For more information about beer, brew, and wineries, visit their website to find the latest news on craft and imports, beer trivia, events, and recipes.

Can You Use The HEB Gift Card For Delivery?

Yes, You can use your HEB gift card for delivery. You don’t need to bring in a purchase slip from the store.

HEB has partnered with Deliv to help make gifting easier for their customers. You can use a prepaid, digital or physical card for online and in-store deliveries at participating stores.

Both options offer free shipping and return delivery services so that you won’t worry about refunds or returns.

How to Use

Print the prepaid card and include it with the order. Save the digital card in your account to use it when placing orders online.

If you prefer to use a physical card, you can order one at or through your local HEB store.

Benefits of HEB Gift Cards

  • You’ll save money on your gift.
  • HEB gift cards are available in five denominations: $25, $50, $100, $200 and $500. Use the card to make purchases online or in-store.

Can You Get Cash Back From An HEB Gift Card?

No. The Walmart and Kroger gift cards do not offer cashback for purchases made with them.

As a note, the EB Games Gold cards do have the ability to be redeemed for cash.

And if you’re planning on buying a game with your card, that purchase will trigger 1% of your card value in rewards points based on the total price of the game at checkout.

If you’re still confused about how the points system works, or if you’re looking for more details on some of the specific terms and conditions of the cards.

Should You Tip HEB Curbside?

One thing to keep in mind is that even though this is the case at the moment, all of these policies are subject to change.

So just because one card does not allow for cashback doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t in the future.

Can You Remove Items From The H-E-B Curbside?

Yes, But items in certain categories may be excluded and must be purchased inside the store.

H-E-B curbside is excited to announce that you can now purchase produce, bakery goods, and meat at their store.

You can also order Pharmacy items through Curbside Express and take your prescriptions home.

I encourage customers to be mindful of their surroundings while selecting products, as other shoppers may be passing by and waiting in line.

To ensure these items are available for the next customer, please have your payment ready when selecting them.

A few important things to note:

  • Fresh Meat/Seafood items must boast placement into a bag you have brought from home. Please refrain from placing these products directly onto the rolling cart.
  • Bagged pieces of bread will get placed in bags that fit, depending on the bagged bread; this may include large trash bags.
  • All bakery items are subject to availability, and the decision to offer bakery items outside of our stores is based on or most capable stores at any given time.
  • Certain produce items, such as Whole Fruit and Whole Vegetables, will be placed in a bag before arriving at the customer’s vehicle.
  • Some produce items, such as bananas and oranges, may be considered too delicate for curbside service and will not be available for purchase through Curbside Express.

I encourage you to check your local store for details on which you cannot buy items through Curbside Express.

Is Central Market More Expensive Than H-E-B?

Yes, The price is significantly higher at Central Market. One of the most expensive items in its grocery section is a jar of Folgers coffee.

You can find organic coffee for $10.99 at H-E-B, cheaper options like Pacifico or Kona blend, or Lilydale Roast for less than $5 each. A gallon of whole milk is $3.99 at Central Market, while $2.79 at H-E-B.

Many other items are more expensive than H-E-B too. For example, a tub of butter is $8.99 at Central Market while only $4.50 at H-E-B.

A can of chopped tomatoes is $1 more at Central Market than at H-E-B, and the organic version is about $1 more.

Yes, overall, Central Market is a bit more expensive than H-E-B. Here are 5 ways Central Market justifies its higher prices:

  • Quality – Central Market gives you top-quality merchandise for a higher price. They do this because they want to ensure you get what you paid for.
  • Selection – Central Market has a wider selection of products they afford by incorporating the higher prices into their cost of doing business.
  • Location – Central Market is much easier to get to than H-E-B, and most people don’t mind driving.
  • Branding and Promotion – This may not be a factor, but as you know, Central Market is owned by Whole Foods, which uses its branding power on products that are unlikely to see much from other retailers but do lose market share from them.

For example, it didn’t take long for Central Market’s organic milk to sell out in Austin, Texas.

  • Community Involvement – Central Market has sponsored several community events, including Pet Fest.
  • The Heart of Austin Awards, Zilker Garden Rocks, and the Cancer Survivors Tribute Event, to name a few.
  • They also set up “Community Spaces” in their stores where people can use wireless internet and plug in their devices to charge while enjoying complimentary snacks.

Is H-E-B Better Than Wegmans?

Yes . H-E-B is better than Wegmans. There are many different food items at Wegmans that H-E-B does not offer.

To mention a few, these include fresh seafood, organic frozen vegetables, artisan bread, and pizza dough. H-E-B also has more choices in terms of style and price.

The company also offers lower prices on ingredients like ground beef and specialty cheese creamers.

The store has various items, including seasonal specialties like sausage fresh off the smoker and peaches in the summer.

Also, H-E-B has a wider range of ethnic foods, including items from Latin America, Asia, and Africa.    

H-E-B is also very convenient for parking, with plenty of spaces in their lot. They also offer free delivery on orders that exceed $35.00.

The free delivery includes orders placed online and via telephone or Mobile. The service is only available in certain zip codes, but it’s a great convenience for those who don’t have any grocery stores nearby.

Wegman’s also provides a wide variety of items, but many are not as fresh as H-E-B offers. They offer foods that are organic and natural, but many of their items come from other countries.

They sell many organic and natural products, like fresh produce and meats. They also offer various fruits and desserts, like nuts and chocolate.    

How Do HEB Delivery Drivers Get Paid?

HEB delivery drivers get paid by completing routes and working hours. They are paid for their time on the route and work each hour.

HEB does not pay drivers by how many deliveries they make, how much quality produce or groceries they deliver, or any other metrics around the efficiency or productivity of the driver.

Drivers are paid based on incomplete routes with allowable deductions ranging from 30% to 50%.

If an HEB delivery driver receives a route that has been partially fulfilled, he is allowed to complete it within the allotted time left in his shift.

For example, if a driver has a route that takes two hours, he is allowed two hours to complete his route once the first hour is done.

In addition to the allowable deductions you can make on a route, HEB also considers traffic issues out of the driver’s control.

Weather can delay routes, and there are times when accidents occur on the roads preventing drivers from getting their routes done on time.

Regardless of these occurrences, HEB will still pay drivers for their entire shift but with deductions for incomplete routes.

HEB delivery drivers must also attend mandatory meetings throughout the day to discuss new products, customer concerns, and other mandatory issues.

During these meetings, the driver takes a break from his duties but is still paid for his time.

HEB delivery drivers are also assigned to specific stores throughout the day. They have set routes that they must follow to complete them as efficiently as possible.

A lot of hard work and dedication is put into these routes to complete them quickly and effectively. These factors contribute to HEB delivery drivers getting paid for their time and abilities.

Can You Pay At HEB With The App?

Yes! You can. Here is how you do it:

  1. Download the HEB App
  2. Search for your closest store
  3. Scan the barcode on your phone when you enter the store
  4. Pay with your HEB Plus Card
  5. Leave the store and check your email.
  6. And you’re done

You might notice a small charge on your credit card from HEB, but that’s just the pre-authorization for when you purchase items later in the app.

One thing to remember is that your phone must be on , for these transactions to work correctly. If you walk around the store without it and make a purchase, it may not work.

You only need to keep it on  when you first scan the barcode at the entrance to the store and when you check out with your pre-approved credit card.

HEB also has a shopping list feature in the App that allows you to create your shopping list whenever you have time.

Why Is Postmates So Expensive?

You can add items to the list as you see them, search the barcode of an item at HEB, or take a picture of a receipt and they’ll be added to your account automatically.

These lists can be sorted by aisle and will notify you when an item is running low.

A great time-saving feature of the App is that all your account information is stored on your phone, so you don’t have to create a new account for each new device.

So, as you can see, you can use the HEB App to pay for items at HEB stores with the default credit card on your phone.

Some store locations don’t accept this yet but suggest it to them if you want the closest location to accept it, and they’ll eventually get around to it.

You can also use this with other credit cards attached to your phone.

How Much Does HEB Charge For Delivery?

HEB, the grocery and convenience store chain based in San Antonio, Texas, has a fee of $4.95 for all orders to be delivered or picked up at the store.

This fee applies to all food items ordered online or by HEB’s shopper service.

To factor this in before ordering online, HEB’s website breaks down the cost per item, excluding delivery fees. HEB also considers the order’s total weight to determine how much will be charged.

HEB offers many foods, drinks, meats, and produce for delivery or curbside pickup at their Austin and Central Texas stores. These include items from the in-store bakery, deli, meat cooler, and dairy cases.

Selection varies by location based on demand. Another way HEB saves its customers time is by offering curbside pickup for orders placed online.

HEB charges a $3.95 fee to its customers who choose this option. Free delivery is also available for any order of at least $25 (plus tax).

To add items to a shopping cart on the HEB website, go to “My Account” in the top right-hand corner of the screen, which is a drop-down menu with three tabs:

“Shopping Cart,” “Order Notes/Instructions,” and “My Orders.” Click on the tab you are ordering from, and enter your items in the form.

There will be a box on the right-hand side of the screen to verify your order that states “Total” with little food pictures.

Click on the check-mark icon to view your cart and click “View Basket” to add more items.

To remove an item, click on the little white X in the corner of each item you want to remove. Once all items are added, click “Go to Check Out.

When you are ready to check out, click on the tab below “Customer Login” and then click on “Payment Options.” At the top of this page, there is a drop-down menu.

Choose your payment option and then enter your information in the available boxes. To recheck your order, go to “Basket” in the top left-hand corner of the screen and look at the products listed there.

Click on each product’s picture to read the details. If you still have questions regarding your order, contact HEB customer service.


HEB has a relatively simple website, but they make it easy to add items to your online grocery shopping cart in a few clicks.

The only thing I don’t like about the website is that the shipping options are too numerous. They offer flat-rate and click-and-collect shipping and options for same-day or next-day delivery.

You can also have your order delivered for free or picked up at the store with no additional fee.


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