What Does No Couriers Nearby Mean On Uber Eats?

What Do No Couriers Nearby Mean On Uber Eats?

What Does No Couriers Nearby Mean On Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is an online and mobile food delivery service available in cities worldwide.

With Uber Eats, you can order food from restaurants that rarely offer takeout or delivery services through the Uber Eats website or on the free Uber Eats App for iOS and Android.

You only have to enter your address, choose what you want to eat, submit your payment information, and wait for your delivery straight to you from your neighbourhood restaurants.

Customer ratings and reviews help you find an excellent place to order food from.

You might want to check out the restaurant’s past customers on Google, Yelp, and Facebook, who all share a lot of helpful information and feedback on them.

And don’t forget to check out user photos once your order is confirmed! That way, you can see what they look like in the restaurant while you wait for your food to arrive.

What Do No Couriers Nearby Mean On Uber Eats?

No couriers nearby mean that you are in a location with no Uber EATS couriers. When you create an order, couriers receive a notification to pick up your order. If there are no couriers nearby, you cannot track the status of your order.

If this happened to you before, note your specific location and try ordering from a closer restaurant or requesting instructions on how to change the pickup spot in the App.

Navigate to the ‘My trips’ tab to change your pickup spot. A green notification should be visible, saying, “Your location is set as the delivery address.”

Click the next arrow and choose ‘Change.’ A map will appear, and you can then click on the location you want to change to.

Instead of adjusting your pickup spot, there is also an option for you to let Uber EATS know about your exact location using their App.

When getting an order from a restaurant, click on “pickup.” It should then prompt you to enter your location.

After entering your location, click on the camera icon and select the address from here.

Do note that if you cannot change the pickup spot in the App, you will still track your order in most cases.

Do take note, though, that if a courier has picked up your order and there is an issue with your location, tracking is not possible.

Why Are There No Postmates Nearby?

There are no Postmates nearby because they are busy or not available for deliveries in that place. Postmates serves over 5 million customers in the United States and Canada.

The company is growing rapidly, intending to serve 65 million customers nationwide by 2022.

Postmates offers a way to get any item delivered to your door in less than one hour from multiple local stores, restaurants, and other merchants within the App’s coverage area.

To help deliver groceries and haul items around town, Postmates employs riders who accept jobs through their platform for cash or other rewards like miles on their platform.

What Happens If Nobody Picks Up My Uber Eats?

If no one picks your Uber eats order, the company will refund the cost (minus the service fee) for your order. No need to file a claim with Uber for this refund.

Remember that you may need to call them, not just use their App, and make sure it’s been at least 24 hours since your last order.

If nobody picks up your Uber eats order after three days, Uber eats will contact the driver and try to fix the order.

However, if it’s outside of Uber eats control or they refuse, they will automatically refund you the cost of your food with no service fees applied.

Who Delivers For Harris Teeter?

What To Do If Uber Eats Is Taking Too Long?

If your Uber eats take too long, track your order or contact customer service.

Between 45-60 minutes is the average delivery time for Uber eats, but sometimes there can be delays or issues with the App, and it may take upwards of 90 minutes before you receive your food.

You might get an option to cancel if it’s been way too long, or you can always reschedule for a later time if you don’t mind waiting and want your dinner that bad.

If you decide to reschedule, make sure you let your driver know when you’re going to order.

Uber Eats allows drivers to change the spots they are doing, but once your food arrives at that spot, it may differ from where you told them.

If all else fails, email a description of your food, and if the driver isn’t able to locate it, they can mark it as not delivered.

If that doesn’t work, they need to contact Uber Eats and inform them of this problem within 24 hours.

If Uber Eats does not respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, you can contact Uber Customer service.

The number may differ depending on which country you live in, but it’s always good to get a hold of them at least once or twice per month so they know any issues that arise.

Who Pays For Uber Eats Refunds?

Uber Eats will usually pay the money back when a rider gets dissatisfied with an order, and it handles notifications and complaints quickly and efficiently.

Still, it has been relying on restaurants to refund people themselves sometimes. It’s still unclear whether the restaurant will get reimbursed for those costs.

It’s also unclear whether Uber Eats will reimburse restaurants for issued refunds because of problems at the restaurant end (delivery issues, incorrect or incomplete orders, and order cancellations).

Personally, it’s only fair that restaurants should pay for refunds following their own mistakes, but it appears Uber Eats has not been reimbursing restaurants for refunds.

I have sympathy because Uber Eats does not want to get stuck with the blame for issues outside their control, but this is a big issue.

Restaurants should not be happy about this and look to hold Uber Eats responsible.

Can You Get A Refund For Late Uber Eats?

Yes. If your Uber Eats order gets delivered over two hours late, the company will give you a 100% refund to use towards the next order.

They offer a $5 credit on your account if they deliver your order within an hour of its scheduled time.

Plus, if you have issues with the quality of food or delivery, there’s a dedicated hotline for Eats customers to call that will assist you in resolving such matters.

If it’s been over two hours and you still haven’t received your food, don’t worry — Uber Eats offers liability coverage up to $100,000 in case anything goes wrong.

Keep in mind that you can only make one refund request per day.

If you do this, it’s best to get your request in as soon as possible and provide information on where you placed your order and its estimated arrival time.

Once they get all the information they need, they’ll review your claim and decide within 48 hours.

Can I Complain About Cold Food At Uber Eats?

Yes. You can complain about the cold food Uber eats delivered by their drivers to the customer service email address.

Uber EATS has several ways to contact them, but it’s not always clear where or who you should contact to resolve your problem.

It might be as straightforward as a missing ingredient or more serious, like food poisoning from harmful ingredients.

Either way, Uber EATS is happy to help, and their customer service team usually responds within 24 hours of someone sending in a complaint.

Do Uber Eats Drivers Make Multiple Stops?

Yes. With the new feature “Batch ordering,” Uber Eats drivers are now allowed to work up to 4 deliveries in different locations, a massive improvement over their previous single delivery limit.

A driver can now go from picking up food near one location and delivering it near another,

With no need for you to worry about scheduling your lunch break or finding parking near your destination to pick up food and then go on to your next location.

According to Uber EATS, “the new Batching feature enables a driver with multiple deliveries in one area to pick up their first delivery, drop it off, and then take on the rest of their deliveries.”

This is a substantial improvement over the previous system, where drivers had a limit of 1 delivery per hour and had only an hour between deliveries.

Can I Drive For Uber And Uber Eats At The Same Time?

Yes. You can often use Uber and Uber Eats together. For example, if you have a car always available to you, you can drive for Uber on the side while driving passengers around in your vehicle.

You can also apply to drive for Uber and Lyft simultaneously. If you have a car that isn’t always available, you can drive for Uber Eats on the side while still driving for Uber.

Why would someone want to do this? Well, because it’s a lot of fun. You get to meet new people and make money at the same time.

The best part about Uber Eats is that your earnings directly depend on how many orders you serve. So the more you work, the more you earn.

Plus, with Uber Eats, there are no minimum hours to drive. You only drive when you want to drive.

So, if you wish to pick up an extra $10 or $20 on the weekends, that’s possible as well.

How Much Money Can Accumulate With These Two Services Together?

Well, here’s a quick breakdown of what it would look like for you. If you’re currently making $20/hour driving for Uber, and you have a car that isn’t always available.

You can make about $10-50/hour driving for Uber Eats on the side.

However, if your vehicle is always available and you don’t mind working weekends and evenings (peak times for Uber Eats), you can make more like $30-125/hour.

What Does “No Couriers Nearby” Mean?

No couriers nearby mean that Uber EATS have already sent out your delivery order. If your order is not one of the closest for delivery, you cannot see any couriers nearby on your App.

It just means that the Uber Eats service does not have any vehicles in your area at that time.

You can check if it’s fixed by refreshing or reloading the page where you view this information with this message.

If you have refreshed the page, you are still seeing this message; they will probably deliver the order later than all other Uber Eats orders delivered at that time; they will send it out in the next minute.

Note that if there are no orders near yours, it will show you a message that says “no orders nearby” and an estimate of how long it might take for your order to arrive.

It means the same thing as ‘no couriers’ does: Uber Eats vehicles may still be moving around your area, but there are no orders for those services for now.

If you see this message on your app, try waiting a couple of minutes. If there are still no orders in the area and no couriers are coming, they may deliver your order than all other orders.

Note that if there are no orders near yours, it will show you a message that says ‘no orders nearby’ and an estimate of how long it might take for your order to arrive.

It means the same thing as ‘no couriers’ does: Uber Eats vehicles may still be moving around your area, but there are no orders for those services for now.

If you see this message on your App, try waiting a couple of minutes. If there are still no orders in the area and no couriers are coming, they may deliver later than all other orders.


Uber Eats is a widely known online food delivery platform owned by Uber, which owns Uber taxis.

Uber Eats delivers food from over 1000 restaurants around town, and these restaurants are worldwide based. But there is more to it than that.

With the ability to make money not just from delivering food but also from hands-on delivery (in your car), there are several benefits for you to use Uber Eats and other services jointly with each other.


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