When Is Instacart’s Payday?(Guide)

When Is Instacart's Payday?

When Is Instacart’s Payday?

You might be one of the people who, in spite of needing extra money, are still hesitant to consider taking up a typical 9-5 arrangement.

This is where some options like Instacart come in handy. You might be considering Instacart, although you might be wondering, When Is Instacart’s Payday?

Instacart pays every week, Wednesday being their preferred payment day. You are given the liberty to either choose a direct bank deposit or check payments. As an Instacart shopper, you will need to shop and deliver groceries to your customers.

But delivery is not compulsory for both shoppers and customers. After working for Instacart, you can always count on receiving payment on Wednesdays.

However, this payment covers the work done for the previous week.

However, you can also choose payment through their Instant cashout feature, where you are free to withdraw your earnings anytime within 30 minutes.

Will All Banks Process Instacart Payment Instantly?

No. Different banks will process your payment within different timelines. Some banks will take quite some time, while other banks will take a few hours.

However, it is essential to have a direct deposit to enhance the recovery of your funds.

However, peradventure you lack a dependable deposit system, there is no reason to worry as Instacart will pay you through a check sent to your mail.

The immediate and automatic feature where payments are made instantly is a limited feature.

Covering full-service shoppers instead of in-house shoppers who will get their payment weekly, as I have already pointed out.

Therefore, if you wish to become one of Instacart’s full-service shoppers and prefer to get your money right away, you will need to choose the instant cash-out feature.

While you can access your money through Instacart’s application, you will need to pay $0.50 per transaction made.

Should I Become An Instacart Shopper?

It will depend on what you want. Like the Uber driver options, it is unlikely that you will only get enough money from this type of engagement. 

It is unreasonable to do this for the money alone as you won’t find much money there- but you will make some money to do a few things here and there.

The good thing about the gig economy is that you are your boss, doing all you want to do anytime you want to do it.

Unfortunately, this comes with a cost. And you will discover that the cost is low pay.

Indeed, you will not make a fortune as a shopper.

But you will have a job, work outside, meet people, shop for a living, and most rewardingly, drive around your city if you love this.

However, this might not be appealing to you.

When Is Instacart's Payday?

When working as an Instacart shopper, I learned that pay is not the same for different places.

It might not seem sensible to you, but your pay will depend on where you live.

I can’t tell you why this is so, as I always wondered why I had to get lower pay than some guys who live in other places.

To me, acknowledge their payment that is pegged on the size and number of orders you deliver.

Therefore, before you commit to earning as little as $3 per hour, it is essential to know what you are getting yourself into.

Additionally, it is essential to understand that there is no such a thing as idle time in Instacart.

After signing up, the Instacart App presents you an order, what to earn from it, and the estimated time. This not only seems cool but sounds cool.

Unfortunately, if for any reason you will decline orders, you will be logged out as the app assumes that you are finished for the day.

If you do not log back within 30 minutes, you will be unable to sign back until the following day.

This is one of the strangest setups I have seen.

Does Instacart Pay Peanuts?

No. Not necessarily. While the $3 to $5 minimum might seem unrealistic, some shoppers make a decent earning.

For instance, full-service shoppers work independently as contractors and shop, delivering groceries.

On the other hand, in-store shoppers do not make any deliveries and are considered part-time shoppers.

This makes them earn relatively less compared to those who make deliveries.

If you are an in-store shopper, you should expect a fixed hourly rate dependent on the store’s location.

On the other hand, full-service shoppers have their money defined by the orders taken as they earn an average of $9 per order.

However, it is not rare to find yourself earning $15 to $17 per order when tips are factored in. The recommended tip rate is 5% per order.

Luckily, coaters will mostly tip more than the 5% recommendation, and you can keep all of your tips.

Although I would like to put figures relating to what Instacart pays authoritatively, it is not possible.

Indeed, there is a mystery surrounding this as independent employees are at liberty to choose preferred work hours.

Consequently, it is not easy to put any number on Instacart’s hourly wage figure.

Additionally, other factors influence the salaries relating to Instacart shoppers.

For instance, we have already mentioned the store location, which plays a vital role in determining how much you will take home as a shopper.

Other factors will include how many hours you’ve worked, operating times, driving distance, among other factors.

Again, the effort you put into your job as an Instacart shopper influences your income as well.

Since transparency is rare in the gig economy, you will not be getting any transparency on Instacart’s payments.

But if you are extremely efficient, you might make as much as $45 per hour.

Does Instacart Pay My Mileage?

Not always. Although Instacart will say that they cover mileage, this is not a true statement in its entirety.

When you get your paycheck, there is nowhere you will see any indication that mileage is covered.

This statement from Instacart might be an ambiguous statement that is nothing but hot air.

But remember, you are a driver working independently. This means that you are in charge of all your expenses as an employee.

Specifically, you will be paying your car’s gas, insurance, auto insurance, and car maintenance.

This is not necessarily bad, as you can list all these as business-related expenses as you file your taxes.

Additionally, it is not illegal to even add miles made doing deliveries when filing returns.

However, I take no responsibility for what you have just read as I am not a professional in taxes.

Consequently, I suggest you consult a tax professional to know what exactly you can include when filing your returns.

Can I Make Over $15 Make Per Day With Instacart?

Yes. And it is easy. But wait a minute, what can you do with $15 a day? Overlaps, the best question should be relating to that same amount per hour.

Let me confine myself to responding to the question in relation to an hourly rate.

With Instacart, it is not hard to make an average of about $14.50 every hour.

Since the job will not go in the same direction every day, the figure might vary significantly from time to time and from day to day.

For instance, a state driver can make $100 every day to earn $25 per hour. But if you are lucky and rack five to eight orders daily, it is not hard to make up to $200 that day.

However, it is more realistic to expect $ 11 to 15$ per order in Instacart.

However, this wage will be more than $80 if you are fortunate with the tips.

If you want to make more money in Instacart, I would suggest that you become a driver to deliver the orders to the customers.

Drivers enjoy a better base rate of $13 per hour. If you factor in the tips you will be getting from your customers.

Sometimes to the tune of 100%, it is a new addition to your pay structure.

To get this type of tipping, ensure that you offer excellent service to your customers.

On the other hand, if you choose to be an Instacart in-store shopper, you will be limited to the partner stores meaning you will exclusively work there.

Since they don’t handle any deliveries, tipping is not part of their vocabulary as they have no way of interacting with the customers directly.

While they are entitled to higher wages than the minimal.

Their average income will still want compared to what the other shoppers get as a consequence of tips and other incentives.

Do Instacart Shoppers Use Their Debit Card Paying For Their Customer’s Groceries?

No. Instacart uses a debit card to pay for the groceries their customers need.

However, this is not their debit or credit card since the company provides it for that sole purpose.

As soon as you become an employee as an Instacart shopper, you will be provided with this card.

Therefore, there should be no worry that you might need to pay for other people’s groceries with your debit or credit card.

As the card is a controlled PEX card, it is not possible to use it beyond your work hours.

Once a customer’s order is assigned to you, your card preloads with their funds in a seamlessly automatic manner.

These are the funds you will use to buy their groceries. This is an enjoyable event as all you have to do is pack their things and then swipe the card at the checkout.

Will Instacart Pay Me If I Don’t Get Any Orders?

No. When I was working in Instacart, they were paying me an hourly rate since my Batch Acceptance Rate was above 90%.

Unfortunately, this has been phased out, and there is no hourly guarantee.

Despite lacking an hourly guarantee, I would recommend that you take your Batch Acceptance Rate seriously.

You might have a high overall rating, but I wouldn’t ignore the Batch Acceptance Rate if I still worked for Instacart.

Do you know why? Well, it plays a vital role in getting assignments for delivery. Therefore, you will not want to ignore positive customer feedback.

Let me give you a top tip: for you to get consistent and large orders, never allow your Batch Acceptance Rate to drop below 80%.

Does Instacart Take Out Taxes For All Employees?

No. Indeed, if your earnings in Instacart is above $600 per tax year, you will receive a 1099-MISC tax form.

This form works for all contract workers.

While you do not need to send the form with your taxes, it is an excellent guide to help you in figuring out how you will be reporting as you file your taxes.

Since Instacart doesn’t withhold the taxes, it is your responsibility when it comes to paying them.

When Is Instacart's Payday?

I would advise you to pay your taxes quarterly to avoid attracting late penalties from the IRS.

And you know how stressful it is to deal with these guys.


Instacart, a great addition to the gig economy, pays every week.

However, it is possible to get an instant payment if you are using the Instant cash-out feature.

When using these feature, payments get to you debit card automatically.

The other form of payment is done on Wednesdays, where all past week’s work is paid through the employee’s bank or a check.

While Instacart will not make you rich, it is a good place to work, especially as a side hustle.

The pay rate will depend upon several factors like your location and the type of employee you are.

If you are a driver, you will earn more, especially from the tips, as they positively impact your overall pay.

Therefore, if you want to make more money in Instacart, it is advisable to work harder and maintain a good Batch Acceptance Rate.


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