Who Delivers For Harris Teeter?(Guide)

Who Delivers For Harris Teeter?

Who Delivers For Harris Teeter?

Harris Teeter is a grocery store chain based in Matthews, North Carolina. The company, founded in the 1940s, is still owned by the family of founder Tom Teeter.

Harris Teeter started as a single store; today, there are over 160 stores, and many of them offer pharmacy and produce departments.

Charlotte Magazine has named Harris Teeter “Best Supermarket” every year since 2002.

The supermarket offers various services to its customers,including online shopping, mobile Apps for iPhone and Android, and a loyalty program that grants customers discounts for their shopping.

The company participates in many community service events around their stores.

They donate 10% of proceeds on several days each year to charities and sponsor a children’s reading program in all stores.

Harris Teeter also has partnerships with the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which help promote breast cancer awareness throughout the communities that they serve.

Who Delivers For Harris Teeter?

Instacart delivers for Harris Teeter. You can order fresh produce, meat, seafood, and pantry staples on demand from the Harris Teeter of your choice. Instacart sends an order to a nearby store for pickup ASAP. The shop experts then deliver that order to you in an hour or two.

Harris Teeter also has excellent tips on all the latest recipes so you can learn how to cook faster and better with ingredients you can find in your local Harris Teeter.

Harris Teeter believes that people of all ages can cook with confidence and taste every time.

When you sign up for a free trial, you’ll get first access to Instacart. This means that you’ll be able to order from any store in the Harris Teeter network, including those that Instacart doesn’t deliver.

(Though they will not be in the service’s pilot program.) It also means that INSTACART is still available to you after your trial ends.

Does Harris Teeter Deliver To Your Home?

Yes. Harris Teeter delivers right to your doorstep. Their delivery services will come right to you, with no hidden fees or surcharges.

The catch? You must order a minimum of $50 worth of groceries or more to qualify for home delivery. This is to help you get your order quickly and efficiently.

You can place your order via the Harris Teeter website or through the store’s mobile site.

If you use their mobile site, you can download it on your Android or Apple phone and place your order right from there.

Harris Teeter will even offer a $10 discount on your next visit if you decide to use a home delivery service. So it’s a pretty helpful and fun service to take advantage of.

Do You Tip On Harris Teeter Delivery?

No. You do not tip on Harris Teeter delivery. Although most people probably tip on Denny’s or Panera Bread delivery, those restaurants have set pricing. Harris Teeter does not charge a delivery fee.

But the store never charges tip fees either. So if someone is delivering your groceries just for the heck of it, do you have to give them cash?

While tipping some people is good practice and encouraged in certain places, Harris Teeter has elected not to include this culture into their business model.

Do You Tip At Harris Teeter Express Lane?

No. Harris Teeter express lane does not allow their employees to receive tips. They have a policy for all regular lanes and express lanes employees.

This information is important because some customers may not know that they can’t tip at Harris Teeter Express Lane,

Which can lead to an awkward moment when they hand an employee their change and the employee declines it.

However, this is bound to happen more often at Harris Teeter Express Lane.

Why doesn’t Harris Teeter allow tips? It’s a company policy. If an employee accepts a tip, the employee will probably receive some disciplinary action.

From what I heard, it can range from a verbal warning to termination, depending on the severity of the situation.

Is Harris Teeter More Expensive?

Yes. Harris Teeter is more expensive, on average. The chain grocery store has higher prices for most items but offers lower-priced items in its “Everyday Low Price” section.

For example, a dozen eggs at Harris Teeter costs $3.69 compared to $2.79 at Kroger or Walmart.

A gallon of whole milk costs about the same as at other stores ($2.09), but a bottle of Muller Yogurt breakfast drinks cost about 50 cents more ($1).

A bag of regular potato chips at Harris Teeter costs about the same as at other stores, but its reduced-fat potato chips cost more ($3.89 versus $2.49).

Below, I summarize some prices in Harris Teeter’s weekly ads:

Item–Cost per Unit–Store

Ground Beef (1 lb.)–$5.50–Walmart or Kroger

Chuck Roast (1 lb.)–$8.49/lb.–Walmart or Kroger

Boneless Pork Ribs (Family Pack)–$12.99/lb.–WalMart or Kroger

Gourmet Turkey Breast (1 lb.)–$6.99/lb.–WalMart or Kroger

Organic Bananas (1 lb.) – $1.39 – Walmart or Kroger

Blueberry Blue Box of Cereal (“Everyday Low Price”) -$3.99–Walmart or Kroger

Cheerios (“Everyday Low Price”)–$1.79–Walmart or Kroger

Ketchup (28 oz.) -$2.49 – Walmart or Kroger

Cucumber (1 lb.) -$0.99 – Walmart or Kroger

Bread Crumbs (8 oz.) -$2.99–Walmart or Kroger

Harris Teeter’s prices, on average, are usually more than other stores. But it also has some great deals.

For example, the store sells Red Delicious Apples for $0.99 a pound and Honeysuckle the sap (28 oz.) for $1.89, which are some of the best prices in Charlotte.

Is Trader Joe’s Or Harris Teeter Cheaper?

Trader Joe’s is cheaper compared to Harris Teeter. This is a fact, although it might not seem that way. You should weigh the cost of food to see which store is more affordable.

Consider location and amenities. Sometimes Harris Teeter has better prices on meat products, and they have a more extensive selection of products.

Still, Trader Joe’s has a fantastic variety of fresh flowers and house plants both inside the store and in their many outside gardens.

All grocery stores are different. They may have different price points for similar items.

For example, Walmart might sell a can of tuna for $2.99, and Harris Teeter might sell the same can for $3.49.

The same goes for meat prices. Likewise, it would be best if you considered which store has more sales and promotions where you live since most stores double coupons up to a particular value.

They offer discounts on certain items during certain times of the year (such as 10% off frozen foods during the winter).

Does Harris Teeter Have Alcohol?

Yes. Harris Teeter carries alcoholic beverages. You can find everything from fruity sweet wines to dark black beers and liquors, the latter of which are available in the beer cooler.

For more information on Harris Teeter’s alcohol offerings, ask one of the customer service associates at your local store.

They’re delighted to help you find a great selection and answer questions you may have.

What Are Harris Teeter’s Hours?

Many Harris Teeter stores are open 24/7. This is something they do to serve their customers’ needs better, and as a result, you can shop any time of the day or night.

This includes 2 am when you’re craving ice cream but need it before 4 am when the produce trucks come in.

In addition, some Harris Teeter businesses operate on a shorter schedule.

If you want to be sure your Harris Teeter is open, check the hours of operation listed in the stores’ respective local newspapers.

What Are The Differences Between Harris Teeter And Whole Foods?

People have traditionally known whole foods for their plentiful organic produce, whereas Harris Teeter is commonly known for its wide selection of grocery products, including food and non-food items.

In addition, Harris Teeter and Whole Foods are very different in pricing and size.

While both grocery stores offer a variety of organic products, Harris Teeter’s selection is not as broad as Whole Foods.

All product prices depend on market conditions and the customers’ perception of value; Harris Teeter does not artificially inflate prices for any product.

Most people know Harris Teeter for their extensive selection of products and offering high-quality food and excellent service.

They are gratified of their reputation as a grocery store that cares about freshness, product quality, and the needs of their customers.

I am pleased that Harris Teeter has received a rank in the top five percent of grocers by Consumer Reports on two different occasions for their dedication to serving the needs of consumers.

Which Is Cheaper, Food Lion Or Harris Teeter?

Food lion is cheaper than Harris Teeter because it has a broader selection of produce and meats.

Harris Teeter is more pricey than Food Lion because it offers more organic produce and imported foods, such as wines from France and olive oils from Italy.

Besides being more expensive, Harris Teeter is smaller than Food Lion, so there is not as much variety in the products it offers.

Shelves at Food Lion are far more extensive and stocked with many foods that Harris Teeter does not carry.

However, Harris Teeter has a broader selection of meats and produce. For example, Harris Teeter’s meats include Berkshire pork chops and ground lamb.

Harris Teeter also has an extensive selection of nectarines, more than Food Lion.

There are no set prices at Harris Teeter. The store might increase its costs or decrease the discount they offer.

The number of products and services provided at both stores are similar.

Both stores offer organic products and avocados, but Harris Teeter has a broader selection of organic avocados than Food Lion does.

The cost for avocados depends on what size the avocado is and whether or not it’s organic.

The prices for avocados at Harris Teeter range from $1.99 to $2.99, depending on the avocado size and whether or not it’s organic.

Does Kroger own Harris Teeter?

Yes. Kroger is the mother company of Harris Teeter. They acquired it back in 2013 to increase their footprint in the Southeast.

Kroger offers Harris Teeter on a franchise basis so that each Harris Teeter will operate independently.

However, they can still access their more popular products and services, like Giant Eagle’s gas stations and Cub Foods brand stores. They offered Harris Teeter to the public since the acquisition date.

Do Harris Teeter Employees Get A Discount?

Yes. Harris Teeter employees get a 10% discount on groceries. All you have to do is present your Harris Teeter employee discount card.

If you are new to Harris Teeter, this card will be a part of your benefits package when you start with the company.

The Harris Teeter Rewards Card card comes in all flavors: blue, green, purple, and gold. If you are an employee of any grocery chain owned by Harris Teeter, you will receive a discount card.

This includes Giant Eagle, Walgreen’s, Aldi’s, Bi-Lo, and Winn-Dixie. The card entitles you to 10% off your purchases at the store where they issue the card.

I encourage everyone to apply for one to save money and help the environment. Harris Teeter stores are incredibly efficient.

Not only do they have reasonable prices on their merchandise, but they can process up to 15,000 transactions per hour.

The average supermarket in the United States processes roughly 8,000 transactions per hour during peak times.

If you work at any of these grocery chains, by all means, stop by their stores and ask them where you can get your card.

Since the company issues these cards, employees of each store must have a certain amount in their account before getting one.

There exist designated windows that employees must pass through to get their cards.

Also, you must schedule an appointment with a manager at your local store to pick up your card. I’ve been going through this process for the last three years, and it’s not challenging at all.


Harris Teeter has an extensive selection of products and offers high-quality food and excellent service.

They are proud of their reputation as a grocery store that cares about freshness, product quality, and the needs of their customers.

Harris Teeter is particularly proud that Consumer Reports has ranked Harris Teeter in the top five percent on two different occasions for their dedication to serving the needs of consumers.


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