Why Are There No Instacart Batches Lately?( Top 3 Reasons)

No Instacart Batches Lately

Why Are There No Instacart Batches Lately?

Instacart batches is a new and improved way to shop for groceries, which allows you to complete your order in one place.

With Instacart Batch, you can save time by shopping all of the items at once instead of going from store to store.

This App allows you to choose as many stores as needed within 30 minutes, and it will send an assigned shopper with everything you need.

Why Are There No Instacart Batches Lately?

Lately, there have been no batches on Instacart because of low ratings and bad behavior.

Last week, the Instacart workers received a survey asking how they felt about their shoppers.

The results showed that most people thought a lot of the shoppers were vulgar and didn’t care much about looking for items.

The Instacart workers also said that because of this, they had been giving lower ratings to shoppers.

The company has set up a way to prevent using one person too often to avoid “ghosting” or any other illegal activity from their shopper’s part.

They do this by distributing batches to different stores among all of their existing shoppers working at those particular stores.

It’s reasonable for there to be fewer batches because there are shoppers at other places ready and willing to do their jobs.

The Instacart workers have been telling customers that there are fewer batches lately due to low ratings from shoppers and bad behavior from customers.

Hopefully, this will change in the near future, making a comeback for more batches soon.

How Many Batches Can You Cancel On Instacart?

You can cancel from 1 to 4 Instacart regular list orders. The number depends on the shopper you are working with.

They have different rules about how many times you can cancel an order.

You may work it out when you first contact them by email or chat, but not guaranteed until you start working with them.

What Happens If Instacart Is Out Of Stock?

If Instacart runs out of stock, customers need to choose a replacement. Customer service representatives can help find a suitable alternative .

A customer service representative will also ask a couple of questions to try and figure out why the shopper didn’t have enough of an item available.

Instacart is always working on adding more items to its platform, which means that if an item runs out, they should add it back soon.

If there isn’t a replacement or there aren’t any substitutes for that item;

Then Instacart may talk with the retailer about adding it back into their list of products they offer on the app/website sometime in the future.

If you are melancholy with your substitute, please let your shopper know right away so they can make sure you get a better product next time around.

If a customer still isn’t satisfied with the substitute, they can reach out to Instacart’s support team at any time.

Why Is My Instacart Account Deactivated?

Your Instacart account boasts deactivation, and you’re wondering why. There could be several reasons for deactivation, such as:

– Failing to meet the minimum requirement of order deliveries in a given month (see Instacart’s Terms of Service)

– Getting suspended due to low customer ratings

– Violating the Terms of Service and Community Standards

– A history of fraud or abuse of an Instacart shopper account

 – Having multiple accounts associated with a single shopper

 – Failure to provide a valid form of photo identification when requested

It’s recommended that you practice the highest level of discretion online;

Especially on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, to prevent deactivation from occurring in the first place.

In case you’re wondering how to get your account reactivated after its deactivation or suspension, it’s suggested that you read up on this topic by reading a guide like:

“How to Get Instacart Account Reactivated.”

What Happens If You Don’t Replace Instacart?

If you don’t replace Instacart, not only will your grocery shopping experience be more difficult.

You might find yourself paying more for your groceries and missing out on some of the latest deals from your favorite stores.

Recently, Instacart workers have been protesting after they received news of reduced pay. 

This means that some customers may not rely on Instacart as heavily as they used to.

Still, it could also mean higher prices for the same quality of groceries and missing out on current deals each week from stores such as Ralph’s, which offer great deals for customers.

To replace Instacart and continue to get the same service you used to, it’s a good idea first to check your local grocery store’s website or App.

This may allow you to see what changes they may have recently made that would save you time shopping in-store. 

For example, Ralph’s recently announced an e-rewards program where members receive free delivery with a $35+ order.

If these aren’t enough savings for you on groceries already, perhaps ask yourself how much money you spend on Instacart each month. 

Suppose it’s more than what some stores are offering for buying groceries online.

In that case, you might consider cancelling your subscription to Instacart and sticking with your favorite store’s online service.

If neither of these options works for you, then the only thing left to do is prepare yourself for life without Instacart. 

While it’s easier at first to order groceries through an App than get in your car and go shopping, soon enough, you will get used to this new routine.

As well as the higher prices, missing out on deals offered by stores, and longer lines at check out.

If you are still unhappy about the changes made by Instacart due to their recent protests, perhaps take some time before placing another order through them;

So that they can experience what it’s like not to have orders for a few days or weeks. 

Perhaps this will give them an idea of how their workers feel about receiving reduced pay and motivate them to consider changing it back to the way it was before.

How Long Is The Instacart Waitlist?

Instacart waitlist takes 3-4 minutes to clear at the busiest time of day for me.

My average waitlist time is around 30 minutes, but today (Saturday evening after 7 pm), I waited around 40 minutes before the green checkmark showed up on my App.

I have not experienced any waitlist times greater than 10 minutes in 3 months of using Instacart.

I live in a small town with slow grocery store selections, so that probably factors into that.

It typically takes 5-10 minutes to shop and checkout at our local stores here, but then another 20+ mins waiting for Instacart orders to arrive sometimes.

That’s well within Instacarts stated delivery window, though, which can be as late as 2 hours later. Sometimes they deliver my orders close to the intended time.

But most of the time, I get my groceries almost 2 hours after I place my Instacart order.

I have noticed that during peak times and higher traffic grocery stores, wait times do extend out to at least 1 hour.

But I got a $10 credit for every hour over the delivery window.

So if you don’t mind waiting around for your groceries or can schedule it so that you will be home when they arrive (and not needing those groceries as soon as possible).

Instacart is great to try. Most of our groceries come from Walmart, and they occasionally use Kroger if there’s no Walmart nearby.

Only tried one local store so far – but just once – because it was a total rip-off.

What Is The Peak Boost On Instacart?

Peak boost is when there is high demand during rush hour;

And Instacart uses this as an opportunity to match you with a higher-earning shopper so that they can complete your deliveries faster.

**It’s also possible for Instacart to not use peak boost during certain hours and instead match shoppers with lower price points so they can pick up more items.**

If there is no peak boost, the App may tell you that it’s activated but will show a lower rate than advertised. Peak boost only applies when all of the following are true:

-There is heavy demand at specific times on specific delivery routes

-Instacart matches you with shoppers who have similar prices and availability to yourself

-You deliver the total order within the allotted delivery window

For example, if both you and another shopper have a $15 base price and the other shopper is available while you aren’t.

Instacart may choose to match the shopper with the $15 base price instead of matching you.

**Peak boost can also change based on how many items you add to your list.

For example, if you add an item that is close by and therefore offers a higher delivery fee than usual;

There is an increased chance for Instacart to use peak boost so they can offer a higher earning opportunity for shoppers in your area.**

“Peak times” are commonly defined as weekdays from 5 pm-9 pm and weekends from noon – 6 pm in most cities.

If your city doesn’t have “peak times,” then this will not apply to you.

Peak boost is not guaranteed, and Instacart reserves the right to change this anytime without notice.

This can be either activated or deactivated at any time, and it’s up to Instacart’s discretion at what times they choose to activate it.

How Do I Skip The Waitlist On Instacart?

You can skip the waitlist on Instacart by paying for your groceries.

Here’s how to do it:

1) On the Instacart homepage, click on “Place your order” in the top right corner of the screen.

This will divert you to a page with three options: view all items in your cart, remove items from your cart or skip the waitlist by paying now. Click on this last option.

You can also find this “Skip Waitlist” option by clicking on “Cart,” then clicking on “Review.”  There is an option under that saying, “I’m ready to Check Out.

2) Once you’ve clicked on “Skip Waitlist,” it will direct you to a page with your Billing Address.

If this is not the same address as the one listed in your Instacart account, please update it so there are no issues later.

3) Next, enter your Credit Card and contact information.

4) Click on “Place Order.” This will bring you to a page where you can review everything:

Your Shopping Cart, Delivery Time Frame, and Fine Print (license and terms of service). Make sure what’s reflected here is correct before continuing.

Then click “Confirm & Submit Order.”

5) Congratulations. You have successfully paid for groceries on Instacart without having to wait in line at the grocery store.

6) Please note, if you have a Promotion Code you would like to use on your order, please enter the code in the Promo Code box before you “Confirm & Submit Order,”

Then click on “Update.” This will reduce the amount of your total due.

Enter your Payment Information and Shipping Address. If this is not the same address as the one listed in your Instacart account, please update it so there are no issues later.

Click on “Place Order.” You’ve successfully paid for groceries on Instacart without having to wait in line at the grocery store.

Congratulations. You don’t have to wait in line.

Please note, if you have a Promotion Code you’d like to use on your order, please enter the code in the Promo Code box before you “Confirm & Submit Order,” then click on “Update.”

This will reduce the amount of your total due.

You may also get this promo code at checkout after clicking “Place Your Order” and enter your information for Billing Address and Delivery Date.

Make sure everything is accurate before submitting the order. After submitting, look at the bottom of the page, then click “Apply Promo Code.”

This will update your total if you have a valid promo code.

NOTE: This is only available on the web App within 3 hours of placing an order.


You might have noted that there have been fewer Instacart batches lately. If you’ve been wondering what the deal is, they can help shed some light on it for you.

This service change is because of a lack of availability among Instacarts drivers due to other jobs and commitments outside their deliveries with Instacart.

If customers want an order delivered quickly or need to replace their driver (who may be out sick).

They will likely not get one until the next batch comes through around 2 pm-3 pm EST each day.


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