Why Does Mcdonald’s Coffee Taste Different?

Why Does Mcdonald's Coffee Taste Different?

Why Does Mcdonald’s Coffee Taste Different?

McDonald’s uses a medium-roasted blend rather than dark-roasted coffee beans. They partially low roast to withstand high heat and high roast to reduce bitter taste. This way, McDonald’s creates a drinkable coffee with low acidity. They roast the beans at around 175 degrees Celsius to create a “balanced flavor.”

McDonald’s also changes the grind size of their beans depending on what type of cup they intend to use.

If you’ve ever sipped a McDonald’s drink and noticed that it tasted different from one day to another, this is why. They use a finer grind for Hot-Top machines, which have a hot plate at the top of the cup.

By using this machine, they can distribute heat more evenly and make the coffee less bitter.

Another thing that makes McDonald’s coffee taste different is its use of vanilla flavoring. They add this flavoring to the coffee after it’s brewed to give it a sweeter taste.

Without these small changes, McDonald’s coffee would taste much different from the average cup of coffee you can buy at the local grocery store.

You must know how your favorite drink tastes before you head out for breakfast and sip down that extra time saver any time of day.

How Much Is an Iced Coffee at Mcdonalds’?

Iced coffee is very popular in the US, especially during the hot summer. The drink comes from cold brewed coffee and ice cubes, sometimes with added ingredients like chocolate or cream.

However, finding a good place to make iced coffee is not always easy. Iced coffee at Mcdonald’s is roughly $2.39-$3.39, depending on the type.

There are three simple variations: McCafe Iced Caramel Mocha, McCafe Iced Mocha with Caramel Syrup, and McCafe Iced Mocha. Each varies in size depending on the amount of ice used, so the prices vary accordingly.

Why Does Mcdonald's Coffee Taste Different?

The first is the McCafe Iced Caramel Mocha, priced at $2.39 for small and medium sizes. It has 12 ounces of coffee and comprises syrup, milk, ice, and mocha flavoring.

It’s very sweet, but it’s still a great alternative to some other drinks that Mcdonald’s offers.

The second variation is McCafe Iced Mocha. It has a similar price, and it has the same ingredients.

The difference between this drink and the first one is that it omits the caramel flavoring, making it less sweet.

I’m not a fan of this variation because if you’re ordering an iced coffee/mocha, there’s no reason not to have the caramel flavoring.

The third variation is McCafe Iced Mocha with Caramel Syrup, priced at $3.39 for small and medium sizes. The caramel is an optional feature, but it’s still very sweet.

I think it would be good if they just cut out the caramel and added more mocha flavoring.

How Much Is a Mcdonalds’ Coffee?

The price of a coffee depends on the quality, type, and size of the coffee drink you purchase.

But often, people order a large coffee drink by default, which can still be fairly costly for an average joe.

If you are trying to shave some dollars off your coffee budget or are budget conscious, it’s important to know how much a coffee costs at Mcdonald’s.

OzHot CoffeeIced coffee

The price of a large coffee at Mcdonald’s is a record high of $3.29 for a regular non-flavored coffee across the board.

A small coffee will cost you $2.09, which is quite a bit cheaper than the $3.29 you would pay for a large coffee.

What Is the Difference Between Mcdonald’s Iced Coffee and An Iced Latte?

McDonald’s Iced coffeeMcDonald’s Iced Latte
Made with brewed coffee, ice, and waterMade with espresso, milk, ice, and water
Contains more caffeineContains less caffeine
Thick and milky liquidThin, milky liquid
 Bitter and acidic because of the ice and waterSweet, milky, and slightly acidic
Chunky because of the ice cubes in itSmooth and creamy.
Cheap and around £3.50 to £5.00A little bit more expensive and around £5.50 to £6.50

Did Mcdonald’s Change Its Iced Coffee Size?

Yes, Per corporate standard, iced coffees (and only iced coffees) get served in a cup that is one cup size large than the nominal size offered.

With the release of their all-day breakfast menu, McDonald’s made several changes to their coffee offerings.

In addition to switching from whole milk to 1% or skim milk and adding a new flavor, McDonald’s also increased the size of its iced coffee cup. The large, 16-ounce cup became the new standard size for iced coffee.

Ironically, the medium cup went to 12 ounces when the change took effect. McDonald’s made no formal announcement about the change in sizes.

Most customers will not notice a difference since the cups look identical to the previous cups.

However, eagle-eyed coffee enthusiasts might have noticed something different when they ordered iced coffee while switching to the all-day breakfast menu.

The new cups measure 7.875 inches from handle to spout, whereas the old cups measured 8 inches from handle to spout.

The additional ¼ inch of height translates into a cup that is 1 cup (8 ounces) larger in capacity than the old cup.

The change in size likely came about because McDonald’s wanted their iced coffee offerings to be consistent across all their locations, whether or not they were making any changes to their menus.

This change in their cups’ size has also affected how customers receive refills. Customers who order a refill on their iced coffee will get 1 cup larger, no matter what size they ordered before.

Those who order large refills will get a 20-ounce cup filled with ice and coffee. Customers who order medium refills will get a 16-ounce cup filled with ice and coffee.

How Does Mcdonald’s Make Their Iced Coffee? -Steps

First, They brew a very strong coffee concentrate and add ice and milk. Next, they top the mixture with whipped cream and mix it all up together.

Finally, they place it in a plastic cup with thin walls and use a blowtorch to heat the mixture.

When drinking this, the iced coffee travels through a straw to get the full effect. And once it heats up, it’s only good for 45 seconds.

The most effective way to enjoy this drink is to let it sit on a table for 15-20 minutes and then drink slowly.

This way, it would be able to start melting, and then you could enjoy the flavor of coffee and cream better as they slowly combine in your mouth.

Why Does Mcdonald's Coffee Taste Different?

Once you finish the drink, try drinking it through a filter if you want the full effect of coffee.

This was my experience drinking McDonald’s coffee on a hot summer night in Chicago. I did not have any problems, although I was not expecting it to taste so great.

What Syrup Does Mcdonald’s Use In Coffee? -5 Other Alternatives

Torani vanillaPure Cane Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Sodium Benzoate (to preserve freshness), Potassium Sorbate (to preserve freshness), and Citric Acid.
Vanilla BeansVanillin and ethyl vanillin
Maple SyrupSucrose, water, monosaccharides, glucose, and fructose from the invert sugar created in the boiling process.

Does Mcdonald’s Use Real Coffee for Iced Coffee?

Yes! McDonald’s uses 100% Arabica beans, the world’s highest quality coffee beans, to make iced coffee.

This includes their Mocha Iced Coffee and Vanilla Iced Caramel Latte, made with espresso shots, milk, and flavored syrup.

McDonald’s uses specially formulated syrup for these two drinks that contain real chocolate and caramel flavorings for a delicious taste.

McDonald’s Mocha Iced Coffee comes with espresso shots, milk, and flavored syrup. It has no artificial ingredients or flavors.

Espresso shots come from fresh roasted beans, ground and brewed to produce a robust cup of coffee.

The McDonald’s Signature Mocha Iced Coffee comprises espresso shots, milk, and flavored syrup. It has no artificial ingredients or flavors.

They serve their iced coffees chilled and with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and caramel drizzle on top.

What Kind of Cream Does Mcdonald’s Use in An Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s uses half and half kinds of cream in iced coffee. Other options are milk and cream.

The Frappuccino has cream, chocolate, and syrup in it. McDonald’s uses whole milk for the grande-sized Iced Coffee with Walnuts.

-They use Half & Half for their iced coffee. -They use milk from a large size Iced coffee with walnuts. -They use milk & cream for their Frappuccino.

It is creamy and gives it a little sweetness. Milk is not creamy, but it has a fresh taste. The cream is a little bitter but gives a more creamy taste to the drink. Half & half are creamy and give a little sweetness to the drink.

Why Does Mcdonald's Coffee Taste Different?

It’s nice for a sweet coffee drink like their Frappuccino. It’s not a good taste for iced coffee because it doesn’t have cream to give that more creamy taste.

I think milk is the best choice for iced coffee because it has a fresh taste and is a little bitter. I can’t drink the Frapuccino with milk because it tastes weird.

If you add milk to it, you can’t taste the sweetness and bitterness of chocolate syrup.

It’s like adding cream to your fruit juice; you can’t taste that flavor anymore. It’s good with smoothies but not to have with iced coffee.

Do McDonald’s shakes contain pig fat?

No, McDonald’s Milkshakes do not contain pork fat. The most popular McDonald’s shake is their strawberry milkshake, which has had many variations over the years.

However, every iteration of this popular treat has been vegan, except for the chocolate milkshake. Beyond this thin veil of deception is the truth: this shake contains a non-vegan ingredient, pig fat.

Eating McDonald’s Local and Organic products is an excellent choice since they do not use animal-based ingredients in most of their menu items.

While McDonald’s is a major player in the fast food industry and has an extensive ingredient list most people (including vegans) have become accustomed to, they have still managed to release vegan products.

The strawberry milkshake is available in most locations across the country.

While it’s not yet possible to buy a vegan McDonald’s hamburger at either the national or international level, there are now vegetarian and vegan options at some of their restaurants.

In addition, many sustainable fish products are on their menu. For example, McDonald’s has introduced a new fishless alternative to their popular Filet-O-Fish sandwich option.


Iced coffee is a summer staple, as well as something that you can enjoy throughout the year.

It’s a simple way to add a little more flavor to your hot coffee from home, and if you enjoy this cold version, there is a wide range of ways to make iced coffee.


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