Why does Tasker need my SSN?( 5 Reasons)

Why does Tasker need my SSN?

Why does Tasker need my SSN?

In the grocery store, you’re always on the lookout for a better deal. You might see some snacks that are cheaper than others and want to compare prices before buying them.

Let’s say you saw a bag of chips on sale at $2 but wanted to know how it compares with other brands. That’s where Tasker comes in.

It will allow you to scan barcodes or search for items by keyword so you can find out if what your store offers is a reasonable price or not.

If it turns out that the first chip was more expensive than most, then you’ll know what to do next time around.

Why does Tasker need my SSN?

Tasker needs your SSN for checking your identity and address.

This is part of the big data collection and selling process, which Google and its affiliates are generally very much in favor of.

Tasker does not need your SSN for anything other than checking if you’re a real person/resident at the address you provide it with.

The only reason Tasker needs your SSN is that Google’s services do.

Tasker is the central part of this method, but it’s perfectly possible to use Google Now without Tasker.

There are many chat Apps that you can use together with your Google account (I recommend Xabber).

Xposed has modules that allow you to record audio through the microphone and send SMSes with recipient phone numbers in international format.

You can also hook up Tasker with Pushbullet or Pushover for sending notifications (or use IFTTT), so you don’t need to unlock your device first if you’re not comfortable with that.

For editing text files on your SD card, I recommend using our beloved play.google.com site after installing its App through f-roid (it should work just fine on your Chromebook too).

If you want to go through with this, here’s how it works.

You make a new profile in Tasker. Leave the contexts empty for now, but name the task “Prism.” You need three actions in that task:

Say/Speak Text, set its contents to whatever you like (for example, “This is Tasker”),

And change the voice to Google’s standard text-to-speech engine (Settings > Sound & Notification > Text-to-Speech Output).

Variable Set, set %PRISMv to 1. This variable will keep track of whether Prism is active/on or not so you don’t have to turn it off every time you leave your house.

Net / HTTP Post, set the contents to http://prism.kr/api/v1/profile_load_status (or pick any domain you want).

You can send this to Tasker through your standard internet sharing method (e.g., Join or use Chrome’s Share menu).

Next comes the context for this profile. Leave them empty again, but name the first one “At Home.”

The other should read “Not at home” and should contain nothing except an exit task called “Prism Off” with only a Variable Clear action in it.

Now go back to Tasker’s main screen, long-press on your profile’s tab, click on “Add,” and select a time context.

The first one should be a time from 8:00 to 22:00, the next from midnight to 2:59,.

Then one for every 10 minutes from 3:00 on wards up till 23:59, and finally “Every minute” at 0 seconds.

Finally, you need an exit task for all these contexts – don’t forget it. Name the first task, “Prism Off,” as well, but leave its contents blank.

The other two also have nothing except variables called %PRISMv and %DATEv set to 1 and containing whatever you want (I usually put my initials).

Why does Tasker need my SSN?

Now save your profile and try triggering it with your normal App/task/profile/whatever. If it works, you have your first context ready.

Does Instacart Hire Felons?

Yes, Instacart hires felons. The day-to-day job requirements include: Delivering groceries to customers within the time limit.

-Maintaining good communication and cooperation with store and restaurant staff and customers.

-Maintaining a clean appearance and adherence to Instacart’s appearance guidelines, and being able to lift to 40 lbs. with or without assistance.

If interested in a specific market, an applicant has to find a hiring sign posted at the market they want to deliver groceries.

They have to fill out an application form on the website and text their name and email address.

Next is a 20-minute phone interview which includes questions about previous employment history, availability, reasons for leaving previous jobs, strengths, and weaknesses.

Applicants can expect a follow-up call from one of Instacart’s local store managers within 24 hours if they make it past this stage.

If selected for an in-person interview, candidates meet with the local store manager at designated times.

The in-person interview includes questions about availability, experience with customer service and the grocery industry, ability to lift heavy objects like bags of groceries.

And how well they work in a team environment. If selected for an onboarding shift (which is unpaid).

The candidate meets at the store to learn more about Instacart’s mission and complete training. Afterwards, they can start making deliveries.

The compensation depends on the market’s minimum pay rate, which varies by location. Customers get charged $5 per order + tips while drivers keep their tips.

You should note that Instacart does not hire individuals who have been recently incarcerated;

Or are still on probation or parole for criminal charges/convictions other than minor traffic offences, so felons may not be eligible.

What will disqualify you from Instacart?

Several things can disqualify you from Instacart.

They include criminal misdemeanor convictions within the last 7-10 years depending on the type of offense;

Certain major driving violations in the last three years (DUI, DWI, reckless driving), and having more than two accidents with damages over $500 in the past three years.

Some of these are not “until you fix it” – for example, if you have more than two accidents with injuries or damages over 500$, then you’re done until the time limit is up.

Instacart will not do a background check until after they’ve given an interview invitation.You must be at least 18 and legally allowed to work in the US.

Does Instacart check your credit?

No. In my experience, they don’t check your credit. I have been using Instacart for a little over two years now.

At no point did they ever run any background check on me, either through checking my social security number, driver’s license information (i.e., current address), or anything like that.

This is true even if you are “an established shopper with good ratings” – this is what I am currently labeled as by Instacart and still not checked.

If you want to find out if they are checking your credit report or any other information about you as a shopper, there is a way to check yourself.

However, this method only applies if the company uses the free trial service offered by one of the big three credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax.

This does NOT apply if the company plans on doing a total pull of your credit score – in which case you should use your credit instead 😉 In any case, here goes:

Step 1: Apply for the free trial, usually around ten days. Make sure you use the same name and address as shown on your credit report when you do this.

Step 2: After ten or so days, go to TransUnion’s website, create an account with them using the same information you used in Step 1, and request a full credit report.

If Instacart is checking your personal information, it should show up here in this report – be sure to use the same info you used when signing up for Instacart in your test subject’s App.

Can a felon work for Grubhub?

No. Sorry to inform you that Grubhub is not an option for you. The reason is that the company has a stringent hiring policy when it comes to felons.

According to Career Builder, “Most companies don’t have any qualms about hiring felons who’ve paid their debt to society.

But some small businesses might feel uncomfortable employing convicted criminals.

If you get turned down as a result of your criminal history, ask what you can do to convince them it won’t be an issue.”

You may want to look for more ‘human-friendly jobs without background checks in the customer service industry. Work with the people, not against the people.

Does target hire felons?

Yes. Target does not hire felons. They claim they do everything possible to ensure their vendors aren’t breaking any laws.

Including not renting to people with felony convictions or recent misdemeanor convictions. If you get caught lying about having a felony conviction, Target will fire you, and they will call the police.

“Our goal is to ensure everyone who works at Target is current on all local/state licenses and has no history of violent offenses (domestic violence included),”

Said Molly Snyder of Target spokeswoman in an email statement.”

Does Target do background checks for employment?

Yes. According to Target’s website, “Target is fully committed to providing a secure working environment for our team members.

All individuals who potentially have access to cash or merchandise as part of their job role are subject to a criminal background check.”

Therefore, you will need to submit a Background Check as part of your employment package.

The cost of the Background Check varies by state, as does the process itself.

In some states, it can take as little as three days from start to finish, while others need that the “consumer reporting agency”

(The company doing the actual background checking) has up to 30 days to complete the investigation.

In some states, these costs will be borne by Target, while others you may have to pay for. Inquire about this with the state in which you would like to work.

Target Corporation does not discriminate against applicants or employees because they have taken part in a criminal background check pursuant to Federal law.

A criminal record of any kind is subject to review on a case-by-case basis, and decisions get based on facts specific to each applicant’s background.

Can a felon work for Grubhub?

Grubhub can not hire past convicts. The company values the law and obeys it to the best of its ability; criminals are difficult to reintegrate into society.

Past convicts often need more help than jail to get back on their feet: Grubhub doesn’t want them on its team.

People convicted of a felony or misdemeanor related to theft, violence, drugs, or destruction of property will get banned from working with Grubhub for life.

If you’re caught lying about your criminal history during an interview, you’ll get a termination without warning.

The only way for a felon to work at Grubhub is to have complete honesty about past crimes and improve behavior.

If you’ve committed a crime, worked hard to make up for it, and came to be the perfect employee in terms of behavior, you will be welcome to work with Grubhub.

No felon can legally work at Grubhub.

If you’re ever interviewed by a job counselor and provided false information about your past criminal history, any interview that follows will be like evidence against you.

Can you work for TaskRabbit with a felony?

Yes. If you already have a felony, you won’t be legally excluded from working as an “errand runner” for TaskRabbit.

You may still want to check with your local government before applying because some discrimination laws vary from state to state.

There are also strict privacy policies on the website that forbid applicants from clicking on another user’s profile unless they mutually request each other to do so.

This is to prevent discrimination or harassment based on things like race, disability, or appearance.

So if you have a felony conviction and live in a state where it’s legal for you to work for a company like TaskRabbit.

There’s no reason someone shouldn’t hire you – as long as they’re aware of your record, of course.

TaskRabbit’s Terms of Service does not discriminate “for any reason whatsoever.” A felony will not prevent you from creating an account or working as an errand runner for them.


If you wonder why Tasker needs your social security number, what will disqualify you from Instacart, or if felons can work for Grubhub, read the following post.

Criminal background checks are common in many job applications today, and having a felony is one of those things that could make it challenging to find employment.

Grocery shoppers with criminal backgrounds should know these potential hurdles before shopping on the Instacarts platform.

Grocery shoppers with criminal histories may want to think about how their past might affect their future when signing up for any service providers;

Who require extensive personal information like SSNs or credit reports as part of the onboarding process.


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