Will Instacart Deactivate You For Missing Items?(Guide)

Are Instacart Shoppers And Drivers The Same?

Will Instacart Deactivate You For Missing Items?

Yes. If Instacart finds that an individual is consistently missing items or not showing up to scheduled shifts without notice, they will remove them from their App. They use this as a way to ensure the quality of service for their customers.

They do not want someone who is not reliable enough to follow through on orders and deliveries each week.

A spokesperson states that “It’s important for shoppers to maintain availability, show up on time, and complete their orders on time.”

The company is well known for the commitment it has to quality service and delivering orders as expected.

When shoppers finally do become deactivated, Instacart says they encourage them to reapply once they figure out whatever the reason may have been.

Of course, you will get questions regarding any unprofessional behavior or past experiences regarding your previous position affecting your App review.

Will Instacart Deactivate You For Missing Items?

Instacart knows that there is a serious shortage of employment opportunities in America.

They want people to know that if you didn’t work out for this particular job, Instacart encourages you to apply again at some point down the line.

Just make sure you’re able to meet all expectations of service before applying.

Of course, like with most jobs, if you are not punctual or do not meet the requirements for your position at any time, you can lose your job.

So you must remain punctual with your jobs as well.

Do Instacart Shoppers Pay For Missing Items?

On-demand grocery delivery is a growing industry and one that has been successful for Instacart.

The company partners with local supermarkets to offer its customers same-day deliveries of groceries from their favorite stores at the touch of a button.

It also provides a convenient alternative for people who don’t have time to shop for themselves.

The service works by having shoppers pick out items in person, then delivering them right to your door within an hour or two.

However, for this business model to function correctly, it requires many part-time workers willing to do the hard work of shopping and delivering groceries on-demand.

Do Instacart Shoppers Pay For Missing Items?

Yes. They do refund for missing items. Instacart shoppers are responsible for the items they put in shopper bags.

If an item is not scanned or included in a bag, Instacart cannot reimburse that item after delivery to the customer.

Also, if an item is missing in your bag when you go in to fill orders in the afternoon/evening;

Instacart will ask you to pick that item up if it’s available at the store when you’re picking up your next order.

Do Instacart Shoppers Get Reimbursed?

There’s no simple answer for this since it’s up to the store. Shoppers are not compensated until an order is complete, and then they’re paid every week.

Shoppers work as independent contractors, meaning that Instacart does not control their schedule or where they go while working for them.

This also means that Instacart provides no training nor knows anything about how the shopper works during their shift;

They can choose whether to follow the rules set by the store.

Instacart shoppers work directly with customers who need their groceries delivered.

These orders get received through the Instacart online ordering system or the Instacart mobile App.

The shopper does all the grocery shopping and then delivers it to the customer.

Shoppers get paid per order, so payments depend on how many deliveries they have available. There are no minimum or maximum payments that you can make.

Instacart shoppers are not required to work any specific number of hours every week, but they will need to take orders when they are available.

What Happens If Instacart Forgets An Item?

Here’s what happens when they forget an item:There are many reasons a customer asks for one specific item, but you can’t find it on their list.

This is especially common when customers have produced or prepared foods, and they want their delivery.

Such as rotisserie chicken or sushi rolls, and they write the brand name.

When this happens, drop what you’re doing and go to the back of the store to pick up that exact item for them.

You’ll be faster than if they were to order it online themselves because you already know which aisle it’s in.

If shoppers make an honest mistake by forgetting an item, they should put an asterisk next to its corresponding quantity on the list.

So customers will know there was a change. At the end of the order, Instacart calculates the total cost, including any items that are now out-of-stock or back-ordered.

So, customers only pay for what they’re getting.If an item is not in stock to begin with, shoppers should still try to get it for you.

When this happens, put an asterisk next to its corresponding quantity on the list, so customers know there was a change.

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Then use your Instacart shopper App to let them know what’s happening and apologize for any inconvenience.

Make sure they understand why their groceries aren’t ready yet and offer alternatives to compensate.

like sending another shopper if-else is available now or apologizing with a $10 credit on future orders. Instacart may even give the customer a full refund.

If you’re unable to find an item after multiple tries and can’t successfully order it from the store’s website either;

Shoppers should let customers know what’s going on by using their shopper App or sending them a note.

Do Customers Often Falsely Report Items Missing?

Yes. Sometimes a customer will go up to a person behind a cash register and report an item missing from their purchase.

This often happens enough that some people believe this is a common problem.

In the study, researchers checked almost 200 purchases at grocery stores for items not inside the bags or containers used to transport them to the researcher’s car.

In total, 133 of these purchases went as expected: all the food products purchased were in the containers they came in.

However, out of 66 transactions, where no one was standing behind a counter, only three contained all the food products reported on the receipt.

Six others had four, but not all five items listed, and 40 had less than half of the receipt. Thus, the overall failure rate to find all the items listed on a receipt was only 6.2%.

These results show that many customers falsely report missing items, but this is an uncommon practice.

Customers are more likely to do this if they do not have assistance at checkout or pay with cash.

Even for purchases where no one was standing behind the counter, most customers will still check their receipts and report discrepancies when they occur.

Why Was My Instacart Order Canceled?

Your Instacart order gets canceled because one or more of your ordered products are not eligible for delivery.

Canceled orders are typical because of one or more of the following reasons:

The store is out of stock on at least one product in your order. The store has restricted online sales.

These products are hazardous materials by Instacart’s shipper. These products have a short shelf-life outside refrigeration.

Shippers will occasionally hold an order if even just one product in that order gets restricted because if they deliver that item.

Their entire truckload of groceries may get confiscated.

This happens for several reasons, including transporting produce without proper documentation.

Sending nuts with dry ice (which can explode), and violations that could become very costly for Instacart.

Since Instacart typically works with local stores, shoppers will add any restricted items in stock to their next order– or return them to the store if possible.

If there is no availability for a product, Instacart will remove it from your order and cancel. The company does its best to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.

Still, they also want to make sure they’re not delivering an unsafe or unsatisfactory shopping experience for you and your Instacart shoppers.

Do Instacart Shoppers Steal Food?

No, Instacart Shoppers do not steal food, although it has taken place.

There is no reason for an Instacart Shopper to steal food with the payment system in place.

Instacart Shoppers get paid for each order they deliver, not per hour or with minimum wage or salary.

If anything gets stolen, Instacart charges the customer for it and sends money back to the shopper after taking their 30% cut.

Many customers cheat this system by saying that their food is missing when it’s still in their fridge or pantry.

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For example, a customer could say there’s only one apple in a bag of 4 apples (giving them three extra apples) when they already ate one but didn’t want to pay for it.

They would attempt to take advantage of the Instacart system that only checks the contents of an order after its delivery.

Instacart Shoppers get $5 per hour during training but can go up to $15 or more depending on demand and location, with the average being around $10/hr.

The potential for earning money is why Instacart Shoppers choose to work there rather than doing other odd jobs like babysitting or housecleaning.

They get a set schedule that they can adapt to if their car breaks down or another emergency that needs their attention.

This makes this job so great. You’re able to be your boss and work whenever you want, as long as you deliver all of your orders by the end of your shift.

How Do Instacart Shoppers Get Compensated?

Instacart shoppers boast weekly compensations of $20+/hr. Instacart has a compensation structure that varies by market.

Shoppers get $4.99 per delivery plus tips on any order.

Instacart also offers weekly bonuses ranging from $50-$500 for performance on key metrics.

Such as customer ratings, on-time deliveries, and even new customers acquired through referrals.

Suppose you’re not familiar with how they pay their shoppers. In that case, Instacart looks at several different factors to determine your earnings: Delivery and fulfillment payment.

– This is the standard base rate of $5.00 per delivery plus tips. You must deliver all your orders in one trip whenever possible.

You can use your bags, or they’ll provide them for you. Bonus opportunities – Instacart may offer extra bonuses from time to time that is performance-based;

Such as a customer acquisition bounty when referring new customers to Instacart via a specific referral code.

Holiday payouts – During certain holidays (including Thanksgiving and the upcoming winter holiday season), Instacart offers higher earnings in select cities.

Do Instacart Shoppers Get Reimbursed For Gas?

No, Instacart shoppers do not get reimbursed for gas. Instacart gets paid a flat fee per order plus a delivery fee, and the cost of gas is the Instacart shopper’s responsibility.

Though Instacart does not reimburse shoppers for gas, they do offer an incentive – a $10 bonus – to those who shop at Whole Foods and order by the cutoff time (2:00 pm, 3:00 pm, or 4:00 pm).

Shoppers need to pick up orders before 5:30 pm to receive their $10 bonus;

You must pick up orders placed after 2:00 pm before 7:30 pm to qualify for the bonus (customers can schedule their orders up until 8 pm).

There are some cases when you do NOT get paid your guaranteed rate if delivery is late due to traffic other factors outside of your control.

Here is an excerpt from the official Instacart shopper compensation policy on gas:

 “Instacart shoppers are not reimbursed for the cost of personal transportation (e.g., fuel costs, wear and tear on your car).”


As a customer, you have an option to report missing items from your order. This will help Instacart re-deliver what they’ve forgotten and compensate them for their mistake.

In most cases, if there is an item reported left behind by the shopper, they will replace it with something of comparable value at no extra cost to you.


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