Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel Room?

Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel Room?

Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel Room?

As you may be aware, Instacart is an American company operating grocery delivery as well as pick-up services.The services are offered in Canada and the United States. Many customers ask,Will Instacart Deliver to a hotel room?

The company’s main platform for offering the services is via a mobile app and a website. Through the mobile app and website, customers can order groceries from retailers. These retailers must be participants in Instacart.

Not long ago, Instacart extended its service to cover deliveries to hotel guests. As a result, hotel guests do not need to worry about buying their groceries since they can have them delivered to their hotel rooms through the platform.

Through the Instacart app, customers can order their groceries from the comfort of their hotel rooms and see them delivered to them. Customers will inform the front desk of their expectancy of the specific delivery.

When you press order from Instacart while in your hotel, you will have the order delivered to your room, however, it is important to make a mention of the number of your room as well as your contact details.

Additionally, it will not do any harm to make sure the front desk is fully aware of this development.

Due to Instacarts’ state-of-the-art professionalism, you will be allowed to specify if you will pick the delivery in person or if you want the delivery delivered to your hotel room by the hotel staff.

If you choose to have the shopper deliver the groceries in your room personally, you will need to be in the room when the staffs come.

Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel Room?

This is because they will have their hands barred from delivering to your room if you are not insider the room.

Do All Hotels Support Instacarts’ Grocery Delivery?

Many hotels have partnered with Instacart. Therefore, those who have partnered allow the service, but there are a few others who do not allow this.

An example of such hotels that have partnered with the shopper is Disney hotels to have essentials delivered to guests in their rooms.

In most instances, the hotels which are not willing to partner with Instacart in this venture are the ones that offer dining facilities.

Even from your hotel room, all you need is to have is your smart device. You will discover that it is easy to shop the aisles of your store using your phone.

After you make an order, there will be an Instacart shopper assigned that order for successful execution. This is the one who will go to the grocery store and do the shopping on your behalf.

After the task is executed, it will be time for the shopper to deliver the shopping to your hotel, according to the instructions available in the order details.

Many times, this will not take more than just one hour. Alternatively, deliveries can be scheduled for up to 6 days in advance.

Does It Cost More To Order Groceries From The Hotel?

The costs for Instacart delivery fluctuate occasionally. Ordering from different places attracts different delivery charges.

On occasions, this is that there are hotels that charge when deliveries are taken to guest rooms. This is not part of the delivery charge that Instacart charges.

You can order for delivery to your hotel room via Instacart. Some of the items include Fresh fruits, Juice boxes, beer and wine, breakfast food to eat from your room, cream for your coffee, snacks to take into the parks, sunscreen.

You can also order random items from your hotel through Instacart. For instance, you may develop some health complications while in your hotel room, and your best mate to help in such times will be Instacart.

Overall, the pricing in Instacart is comparatively reasonable. For instance, from Instacart, bananas cost $0.18 each, compared to $1.99 in other places like Disney food courts.

Astonishingly, they may be the same sales in the store. The pricing model is based on the quantity of purchases done and the time window of delivery. For instance, orders above $35 attract a delivery fee of $3.99.

Additionally, Instacart has a recommended tip of 5%. There are no other hidden charges. Due to the convenience of the service, you will find that the fees are very low.

It is important to note that if the same items are bought from the hotel, you are staying in, they will be far more costly.

How Do I Order From Instacart From My Hotel?

As you put up your Instacart order, there is a need to select a time window. This will be the period within which you wish to receive your order. Kindly note that this may affect the pricing since the delivery timespan affects the charges.

However, the variation in pricing is reasonable. After selecting your delivery time, you still have some time within which you can change your delivery window.

As long as the shopper has not started putting up your order together, you will be able to change the delivery window without any issue.

Will Instacart Delivery To Disney Resorts?

In the Disney world, there are many grocery delivery services. However, there are three that are outstanding, and Instacart is one of the top three.

Thanks to Instacart, guests in the hotel can easily continue to enjoy what they enjoy from their homes.

Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel Room?

This is possible by having the same deliveries delivered at your home delivered to your hotel room.  This way, a guest will have the peculiar feeling of being home but away.

Due to the cost implication incurred when you eat in Disney resort, you will find it cheaper to order your deliveries from instacart while still enjoying your stay in Disney.

As you may know, if your family is huge, your pockets will feel the effects in Disney resort, but not when you order deliveries from Instacart. There is a lot of cash and time to be saved in this matter.

It is, however, essential to note that there have been some policy changes in Disney since 2019. The policy does not allow third parties to deliver items to the front desk or the rooms.

Being a third party, Instacart has been affected by this policy. As a consequence, groceries must be picked from outside the resort.

This should not discourage you from using Instacart since tons of people order through the app and have their groceries delivered within 1-2 hours. This is faster than what  Garden Grocer can offer.

The policy has taken away some convenience, but it is still a great way to order through Instacart.

 How Can I Reduce The Cost Of Instacart Delivery In Disney?

Disney world, as already mentioned, is currently charging for third-party deliveries. Disney has barred all third parties from personally delivering in their hotel rooms.

The avenue for delivery is through bell services which deliver to the guests in the rooms. They have pegged the charge at $6 per delivery. Advantageously, if you pick your deliveries from bell services, there will be no charges that you will be expected to meet.

However, if bell services bring the order to your room, you will not avoid the $6 charge per grocery order. Consequently, you can save money by meeting your Instacart shopper or personally pick the order from bell services.

Can I Get Free Instacart Delivery?

From time to time, you will find that Instacart runs many promotions that cater for free delivery. Often, there is a spending criteria set that must be fulfilled or met to qualify for such freed deliveries.

Sometimes, it may be by meeting a spending threshold or buying specific brands. You will need to check on the offers to take advantage of them regularly.

When you are shopping, you will get a notification from Instacart informing you of the items on sale or deals of the day. This is important if you are concerned about making some good household savings, and indeed everyone would love such an offer.

From your mobile device, you may notice the presence of a promo code section. Many times, such promo codes are meant for your first order. By default, you will find that Instacart delivers your first order for free.

You may, however, save as much as $10 by use of Instacart promo codes. You will need to copy the promo code from the Instacart app and then redeem it under your account settings. After redemption, you will have earned $10.00 in credits as you shop online.

Another way you can make some saving is through the Instacart Referral Code. By inviting new shoppers, you become eligible for bonuses every other time.

What’s So Special about Instacart?

There are very many grocery delivery services that you can choose from. Some of them include Shipt, FreshDirect, Amazon Fresh, Walmart Grocery, and DoorDash.

What then is so special with Instacart? Before you do any shopping there, it is expedient to know much about Instacart.

The first good thing about Instacart is free membership. In addition to this, you have a full 14-day free delivery offer. With a shipping fee of $3.99, users can cut costs by getting a premium membership called Instart Express for ​$99/year.

This offers free delivery for orders over $35, has reduced service fees, lacks busy pricing fees, and you can shop at the same time from different stores.

Additionally, Instacart boasts of a wide range of food variety. In Washington, D.C, there are 40 states in which Instacart services are available.

One astounding thing about this service provider is that they hire locals who pick up your items from the stores around you. This is advantageous since there is no need to keep stuff in the warehouse. This means that your deliveries are fresh.

Again, by the use of GPS, you can easily track your shopper’s progress. This is made possible by the live updates. There is an option of “leave at my door” that works well as a safety precaution.

Lastly, the pricing module at Instacart is low since products are offered at retail store prices. This is handy since you can be sure that you have a good bargain.

Although you may not get products at a lower price than in an actual store, when you factor in the convenience it gives you, Instacart is the way to go.

Does Instacart Offer Phone Delivery Notifications?

To keep you updated on the status of your order, Instacart will regularly send notifications via your mobile phone. Notifications will be sent during the entire process of your order.

Will Instacart Deliver To A Hotel Room?

When a shopper begins shopping regarding your order, there will be a notification sent to you. If there are some items in your order that are not available or are out of the stick, you will still receive notification for the same.

You will be notified when your shopper begins shopping and if any of the items you have ordered are out of stock.

In such notification, there may be a replacement, and you are free to accept the replacement or decline, depending on your preference. However, this is in real-time hence the need to act immediately after being prompted.

If you are collecting your order outside a hotel that does not support Instacart delivery service, you will be notified via SMS so that you are all set when the shopper arrives.


Many service providers can deliver your groceries in a hotel. However, there is much to consider when ordering your items from such. A good service provider must have the interests of the customer at heart.

Apart from merely making a profit from the business, they need to ensure customer satisfaction, and that at a reasonable price.

There is also a need for flexibility if a customer should want to change their order. Additionally, such a service provider needs to be ready to work with other outlets to ensure the success that the customer requires.

These are just a few of the many things you have on your side when you shop with Instacart.


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